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How to choose a storage unit?

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During a move, it’s really easy to just run out of space. Trust us, we’ve all been there at some point. When you have to objectively measure how much stuff you have, it isn’t easy. And most people tend to underestimate how much space they’ll need while they’re moving. But don’t worry – that’s why companies offer storage options! Once you’ve figured out that a lack of space is your problem, all that’s left is to choose a storage unit. But how to choose from so many options? Well, that’s precisely why we’re here – Number 1 Movers Ontario will give you all the tips you’ll need to make an informed decision!

Things to do before you choose a storage unit

Okay, let’s call things what they are – you’ve got a bit of a problem on your hands. You’ve badly underestimated the number of stuff you have to move, and here you are – needing extra space. Going out to choose a storage unit is only natural – but before you do that, are there other things you could do? If you lessen the load of items, you may be able to satisfy your needs with a much smaller storage unit. After all, why not save some money if you’ve got the opportunity? That’s why we first recommend these being at the top of your moving checklist:

  • Getting rid of the clutter
  • Making donations
  • Selling the rest

Reducing the clutter

We get it, really – people get attached to places and things. Yeah, it can get really hard to get rid of something if you’ve had it for a while. That’s why we end up with piles of unnecessary things in the first place. And that’s why it gets tough to throw anything away. We understand. But still, if you’re going to complete your move before you choose a storage unit, you’ll have to do some decluttering.

You really can’t be wasting any more space. If you’ve got something that’s not working, or it’s broken – throw it away. Or if you’ve got something that’s no longer usable for any other reason.

Donating things

If you’re still torn up about throwing away any of your things – there are other options out there! For example, you could donate things you don’t need anymore to a local charity. Maybe you’ll feel better about parting with your stuff once you realize it will do some good to others? So before you set out to choose a storage unit, get rid of your old things while making someone’s life much better!

Two piles of weathered books.
Perhaps you can donate some of your old books?

Selling the rest

And on the other hand, if you’ve got any stuff that’s still practically brand new or very valuable – why not sell it? Trust us, we know expensive a relocation is, especially if you’re doing a long distance move. You could really use some money with all the moving costs piling up lately.  That’s why we think this is a very reasonable option as well. On one hand, you’re reducing the amount of storage space you’ll need – and on the other, you’re earning money by selling your extra items! It’s really a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one. And even if you’re not strapped for cash, you could always use a few extra bucks.

A pile of one dollar bills, made by selling unused things before you choose a storage unit.
If you sell some of your old stuff, you’ll even make some money before you choose a storage unit!

Finding the best storage company

Even if you’ve reduced the number of items you have, chances are you still need to choose a storage unit. Now all you have to do is find a good storage company. You don’t just want to leave your stuff to anyone, right? Of course not! You want your items to be handled by professionals. And don’t worry – we’ll help you do just that. But the problem remains – there are just too many storage companies out there. And their offers are all mostly in the same ballpark – so how do you pick the best one? It’s not easy, because everything seems so similar – but the devil is in the details. That’s where storage companies really differ. And remember – this is a meaningful choice!

Shabby wooden doors locked with a metal bar.
Choose a storage company carefully – you don’t want someone with ancient equipment!

Why? Well, once you find the firm you were looking for, they’ll have a big responsibility. Remember – you’re going to hand over your personal possessions to these people. And they’re supposed to safeguard them – really, a big chunk of your life is in their hands. So, you really want to do some solid thinking before you pick a storage company. You want to choose a storage unit owned by a responsible company. So let’s talk about what you should bear in mind when making a decision.

What kind of storage unit do you need

There’s one important and obvious question you’ll need to ask yourself before you choose a storage unit. Simply put – what storage unit do you actually need? The types of storage units can vary greatly. Firstly, what kind of size are we talking about here? Just how large does the storage unit need to be to fit all of your stuff? And remember – you don’t want to make the rookie mistake of just considering the volume of the items you’ve packed for storage. No, what you want is to add some extra space to that – so that you can actually move around in the storage unit. Why is this important, you ask? Well, if you need to take a single specific item out of storage, you want the ability to do that without having to pull out everything else.

Also, it’s important to know the properties of items you’ll be putting into storage. The kind of items you’re storing will really affect the kind of storage you need. For example – if you’re putting anything perishable in there, or something temperature sensitive, that will impact your choice of storage and moving services. In that case, you’ll need to choose a storage unit with some climate control options.