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How to pack antique items when moving?

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Moving antique items can be really tricky. Not only most of these items are very valuable, but also irreplaceable. You can’t just go to the nearest store and buy a new antique item. For this reason, you must be very careful when you need to pack antique items when moving. When you have these types of valuable items in your collection, you must hire Number 1 Movers for your relocation. You will need someone with experience to pack and move antique belongings as they can be easily damaged during transport.

Tips that you can use to pack antique items when moving

When you are preparing for your relocation, you will first need to get packing supplies. One of the unexpected moving problems no one warns you about is the risk of getting already used packing supplies. As you will be moving valuable antique items, you should try to get the best packing supplies. You can find them at moving companies or at online stores. So, you will need to get the following packing supplies:

  • Packing paper or packing peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Corner protectors for art and mirrors
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture pads
  • Boxes

What you should do before packing?

Packing items is hard, especially pricey ones like antique items. Moving mistakes happen and sometimes the consequences of these mistakes are damage to your belongings. For this reason, when you have something valuable to move, you should consider getting moving insurance. There are two types of moving insurance that you can get: full protection and released value protection. The better insurance is full protection, but it’s also more expensive. Additionally, you should do an inventory of your belongings and take pictures before you start packing.

get an moving insurance when you need to pack antique items when moving
You should consider getting moving insurance

How to pack smaller items such as mirrors, pictures, and others?

When you are moving sensitive items in bad weather such as antique items, the key is to pack them properly. For this reason, you should first find an appropriately sized moving box. The next step is to wrap your items in a few layers of packing paper and moving blankets. Also, you should put corner protectors for art and mirrors. Don’t just put your items in a moving box without adding some cushioning first. You can use different types of materials such as air-filled plastic wrap or bubble wrapping. Additionally, your last step is to secure everything with packing tape.

How to pack antique furniture?

Before you pack your antique furniture, you should provide proper antique care such as polishing, cleaning, and dusting. After you have completed this step, your next one is going to be disassembling. It will be much easier to pack and move furniture into smaller pieces. The packing process after disassembling is the same as for smaller antique items.

brown wooden antique chair
Pack antique items by disassembling them if possible

Hire professional movers for loading and transporting your antique belongings

Tips to pack antique items when moving are not much different than any other packing tips. It’s just important to use quality packing supplies and a lot of packing paper. However, transporting antique items can be very challenging. For this reason, you should find a reliable moving company to do this part of relocation for you.