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How to move sensitive items in bad weather

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    move sensitive items in bad weather and snow on the road

    Sensitive items and bad weather are not desirable combinations when moving. Bad weather can make a move even harder than it already is. Also, moving sensitive items can be tricky and it requires Number 1 Movers. However, the relocation can’t be canceled just because it’s raining outside. There are steps to move sensitive items in bad weather. Also, hiring professional movers is always a smart choice to make whatever it’s raining or not.   

     What are the steps to move sensitive items in bad weather?  

    Moving in bad weather brings a few additional problems in moving preparation. Bad weather usually means it’s cold outside, it’s raining, or snowing. Bad weather doesn’t only have unfavorable effects on your items, but also on you. It’s important to stay healthy during the move and rain can make that a little bit difficult. If the weather forecast predicts rain and bad weather in general on your moving date, you should do the following.  

    • Prepare garbage bags  
    • Choose appropriate packing supplies  
    • Wrap everything in protective materials  
    • Shorten distance to moving truck  
    • Protect the floors in your home  

    What items belong to this category?  

    You can say that all your belongings are sensitive in some way or another. Some items are more sensitive to high temperatures while others are more sensitive to cold weather and rain. This is the reason why packing is so hard. Additionally, if you are going to store sensitive items in storage units, you should then choose climate-controlled storage. Items that don’t stand bad weather very well are furniture, books, artwork, clothes, electronics, etc. Some items like clothes won’t be permanently damaged from rain. However, if electronics or artwork gets wet, the chance of fixing them is really low.   

    various electronic devices on the table
    Electronics are sensitive items you need to move in bad weather

    Why you should prepare garbage bags for relocation?  

    Garbage bags probably were not on your list of packing supplies that you should get for relocation. However, they can be very helpful as packing supplies on rainy days. For this reason, if the weather forecast shows rain on your moving day, you should also get garbage bags. This way, you can also save some money on packing supplies as you will be using garbage bags instead. You can know how much your move is going to cost you if you get a free moving quote from different moving companies.  

    How to pack your sensitive items for bad weather?  

    Packing is the most important step when you are moving sensitive items in bad weather. The items like books, you can first put in a garbage bag and then in a moving box or container. You can also use these garbage bags to wrap furniture or pictures. Also, you should add another layer of blankets, bubble wrap, or some other packing paper to add extra protection. Additionally, if your furniture gets damaged from rain, you can clean and fix water-damaged furniture.  

    person taping the box
    You should properly pack your items

    Don’t forget to protect the floors in your home  

    As you can see, there are many ways to move sensitive items in bad weather. You should make sure that the floors of your current and future home don’t get damaged from rain and mud. Additionally, you should dress warm, wear raincoat and rain boots to stay healthy during relocation.