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How to pack and move valuable artwork?

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    pack and move valuable artwork

    Moving almost never comes easy. Even when moving the tiniest of apartments, you need to organize and prepare your belongings properly. This is even more important when you have to pack and move valuable artwork. Not only do you need to be extra careful when preparing your artwork for relocation but you need to consider relying on reliable furniture movers Ontario! Remember, professionals, are capable of adequately transporting your valuables for you. A small mistake stemming from your inexperience can easily cost you a lot of money. This is precisely why you need to know what goes into moving artwork and how to do it safely. Lucky for you, we’ve created this guide so that you will avoid all the hassle that might put your valuables to risk.

    Prepare your artwork for relocation

    There can be no relocation without proper preparation. This is true for any type of relocation, whether it’s commercial, residential, or when you move valuables. Especially when you want to pack and move valuable artwork. You’ll need to make sure that all your belongings will remain in pristine condition. And the only way to do that is to prepare it in an adequate way. Even if you hire the best Ontario moving services out there, moving obstacles do happen. And, it will be up to you to make sure that you can overcome said obstacles.

    Art collection
    Whether your collection is an investment or truly special artwork to you, you’ll want to take extra care during your move.

    Clean it

    Begin by cleaning your artwork. You should be doing this on a regular basis anyway to make sure your art can retain its beauty. So, if you haven’t been responsible for a while, now is a perfect time to start. Make sure you purchase the cleaners that are not going to damage your art and you should also use a proper technique to clean it. You should never clean oil paintings for example with alcohol cleansers, now do you?

    Packing materials you need in order to pack and move valuable artwork

    You cannot pack and move valuable artwork safely if you do not know how to pack it. And in order to pack it adequately, you need proper packing materials. Note that trying to get moving boxes by going around your neighborhood stores and asking can be a bad idea. Always use quality moving supplies in order to maximize the safety of your artwork. Visit your local movers and see if they can sell you some artwork boxes. You should be aware of the fact that there are boxes that are specially designed for artwork. Try to get them if they are available. Specialized moving boxes need to be able to safely store both the valuable item and the padding and wrapping materials that you are going to protect it with. But for this purpose, you can simply use your clothing items and crumbled up the paper. If that is not enough, you can also get professional materials to form your local movers.

    How to pack and move valuable artwork?
    If you have framed pieces of artwork, you’ll need strong boxes. Mirror pack boxes are recommended, and your movers will likely have them.

    Proper packing is crucial

    First, by wrapping your artistic items, you are protecting them from moisture and temperature changes. This is necessary because rain and any similar bad weather can easily cause damage to a fragile piece of art. Then, you need to use additional padding materials. These can be your thick clothes or if you want to be extra safe, bubble wrapping material. All of these supplies can provide safety from impact and vibrations. Secondly, you want to put each item into a separate box, tape it up and, of course, label it properly. Pick a brightly colored marker and put the label in a visible place so that any mover can easily notice it.

    Why professional movers know best?

    Full-service moving companies are trained in packing and moving valuable artwork and know the procedure better than you and your inexperienced friends. They also always provide additional services, such as packing materials delivery, etc. But whether they are taking care of it or you would rather pack and move valuable artwork by yourself, you’ll want to know how this procedure goes. If you are relying on a moving company, make sure you talk to them before the move. Ask them to explain their methods so they are up to par with your expectations.

    • The same goes for an unframed painting. You need tape and sheets of cardboard. The rest of the supplies depend on how much safety you think your art needs.
    • Tissue paper is strongly recommended for covering and protecting the surface of your pieces. For maximum protection during the move itself, people often use hardboard, but at the minimum, you can use corrugated cardboard.

    Follow this procedure and you’ll pack and move valuable artwork like a pro:

    1. Slide a piece of cardboard underneath the painting. Make sure to keep your hands and fingers off of the work and handle the cardboard from here on out.
    2. If you have the tissue paper (again, recommended), place it over the face of the painting. You may want to tape the paper down on the corners, but make sure it is not touching the painting itself.
    3. Cover the face of the painting with another sheet of cardboard. Put another sheet or two of cardboard on each side of the painting to create a stronger foundation and to prevent bending of the artwork.
    4. Wrap tape around the cardboard pieces to protect and move your valuable artwork like an expert.
    5. Place this contraption between two pieces of corrugated cardboard (or hardwood) and tape all sides together.
    6. Your piece of art should now be ready to go.
    Packing tape
    You’ll need tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts, and you should consider corner protectors as well.

    If you are hiring a moving company or a shipper to move your artwork, you should ensure the art for its full value. Contact us, because, with us, there is less opportunity for potential damage. Now that you know who to call and how to protect your art, all you need is a moving date. Good luck!