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Moving your business to Burlington

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Moving your business to Burlington

If you’re moving your business to Burlington, you need to view it as a mission-critical event. During the office moving process, it is likely some departments of your company will be essentially out of business. Files, computers, records, and phones could be inaccessible for a certain amount of time. Sometimes the staff may not be able to access the tools they require to serve your customers’ needs. But if you hire our Burlington movers, you could really prevent a lot of these setbacks. If you can’t afford to trust your future to a moving company that may not afford, trust us. Just read on.

Successfully moving your business to Burlington is a multi-faceted operation

Moving your business to Burlington requires recognizing several important factors:

  • The needs of the customer,
  • Having a solid plan for serving those needs economically and satisfactory,
  • Communicating the plan to the customer so we can coordinate our efforts and activities,
  • And providing the necessary men and equipment to handle the job according to the predetermined timetable.
  • Through lengthy experience, office movers Burlington have formulated an organization of methods, equipment, and services that fulfills these requirements.
Reliable movers can get the job done without causing disruption to the regular working day.

Number 1 Movers offer complete relocation services, with each move tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will design a comprehensive plan, which will complete your long distance moving checklist and give you the most expedient service – at the most competitive price.

Your business is exposed to risks well beyond the cost of the movers you hire

Hiring experienced commercial movers when moving your business to Burlington will assure your business is relocated quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, minimizing downtime while maximizing productivity.

Steps to efficiently move your business to Burlington

  1. Scheduling a pre-planned meeting with a surveyor eliminates any business interruption which has proved to help achieve the most effective strategy.
  2. If need be, the surveyor can meet with you and tutor you on how to pack your furniture efficiently.
  3. Movers can deliver all boxes in any size and packing materials to your doorstep. The staff can also pack and label your belongings if needed. Also, we can provide specialty-packing supplies for any antiques or valuable items.
  4. Labeling will be done according to the floor plan or to the client’s specifications.
  5. Appropriate protection for all spaces in all buildings.
  6. When the moving crew arrives, they will pack every office item ranging from file cabinets, and fax machines, to blueprints and documents. They will load them properly to ensure an efficient unpacking process. All furniture shall be properly wrapped as well.
  7. Number 1 Movers follow a specific guideline that involves an on-site team completing a step by step wrapping, labeling, and loading the trucks. Safety is paramount in all of our moves.
  8. Our experts have mastered how to unpack and set up to our client’s specific desire. We provide protection on all walls, doors, and any other part of the building that needs it.
Moving truck
Adequate business furniture moving experts will come to you with a truck of just the right size.

On the day of your move:

Our team of experienced movers will arrive at your home on moving day with:

  • Moving Blankets: to protect your belongings.
  • Floor Runners: to protect surfaces from damage.
  • Moving Dollies & Straps: to help transition specialty and bulky items.
  • Extra Boxes, Packing Tape, Mattress Covers, and Packing Materials: to help with any last-minute packing.

Reliable movers can get the job done

And, without causing disruption to the regular working day. When you have a fast business moving service that ensures that your belongings are delivered to your new office without wasting time. Trustworthy movers will listen to what you want from a moving service and they must be able to deliver.

  • In case you are moving a small business to Burlington, it might have different needs from a larger one in many ways. For example, you may simply not have the same amount of furniture and equipment to move. As a consequence, you may not need as large of a truck.
  • Adequate business furniture moving experts will come to you with a truck of just the right size. We understand you don’t want to spend the money for extra services that you don’t really require. When you hire a company that has expertise in relocations for small businesses, you will avoid wasting money on these unnecessary costs.

Moving a business to Burlington provides you with opportunity

Now that you’ve made your decision, you might get the chance to work in a more desirable location for employees and clients. You may also acquire better access to resources. However, before you can start reaping these benefits, you must complete the process of changing locations. Asking your employees to help with packing or simply transferring their chairs in their cars certainly won’t work. Instead, consider the amazing benefits of working with a professional moving company.

Business furniture assembly is a major step to moving your business

It’s crucial to your professionals to assemble your furniture because you might break the pieces otherwise. Commercial movers can help to ensure that your valuable furniture does not break during the assembly process. As you can see, it is a great benefit to have moving experts there for you from the time that you start planning out the move until your new office is up and running. Another major perk is that you won’t have to waste the money to replace the furniture in the event that you break it during assembly.

It’s crucial to your professionals to assemble your furniture because you might break it while improvising.

Storage available

Even if you hire the most experienced experts in business furniture moving, however, storage services could still be a necessity. When you rent a storage unit, that way you can keep all of your items in one place and then have them relocated into the new space when it is ready. Also, your business now has a temporary home in between permanent locations.