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Tips for packing breakable items for your GTA relocation

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    Tips for packing breakable items for your GTA relocation

    Moving is a very stressful process. Especially when you try to do everything by yourself. However, you probably do not have experience when it comes to moving. For that reason, make sure to hire professional movers like Number 1 Movers Van Lines. They will help you relocate smoothly and safely. Moreover, before the moving day, you will need to pack up all your belongings and prepare them for the move. What is important here is that you need to start on time! You will need more time to pack your fragile items. Therefore, starting on time will prevent any damage to your breakable items that may occur while you are in a rush to pack up everything from the house. Luckily, packing breakable items for your GTA relocation is much easier after you know how to prepare for it. Now, let us dive in and find out! Continue reading “Tips for packing breakable items for your GTA relocation”

    How to Pack a Home Library for Ontario Relocation

    Books are valuable items for anyone who likes to read. That love can oftentimes turn into a big collection. When you start collecting them, you probably don’t think about having to move them one day. But now that you have to move with Number 1 Movers Van Lines, it is time to start thinking about it. Just the fact that you hired one of the best moving companies shows that you care about your belongings. But even with professionals at your side, you should know how to pack a home library for Ontario relocation. And we will teach you how to do just that. Continue reading “How to Pack a Home Library for Ontario Relocation”

    How to Quickly Pack For Long Distance Move in Canada?

    When people think about moving, they usually think that everyone makes a plan and starts on time. This is the case if you plan the move well in advance. However, some people get a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity or you might have sold your house earlier than you planned and now you have to move as soon as possible. Whatever the reason is, it hard to pack everything up carefully in a short period of time. Moreover, there are many reasons why people choose to move so suddenly. Now, if you are in this position right now, and you need to organize a last-minute move – you are in luck! After you hire Number 1 Movers Van Lines to help you with all the moving services you need. They will also give you some tips on how to quickly pack for long distance move in Canada. Now let us dive in! Continue reading “How to Quickly Pack For Long Distance Move in Canada?”

    10 tips on how to store your Christmas decorations

    By packing fast, you may fail to consider the specific requirements of different Christmas items. Your aim is to put them in storage as fast as possible. So, you can focus on other things. Yes, you can store your Christmas decorations in a rush. But you will probably regret it the next Christmas season. Most of them are fragile and sensitive. By improper packing, you are increasing the chances to break or damage them. So, when you are already paying storage in Canada to preserve your Christmas decor, pack them properly. And use a few simple tricks to keep your decor in a good shape. Continue reading “10 tips on how to store your Christmas decorations”

    Organizing a short-notice interstate move

    If you are about to move on short notice, the one thing you must not do. And that is panic. Everything can be done with some good organization and some of the best moving companies you can find, such as Number 1 Movers. And if you have trouble organizing a short-notice interstate move, let us assure you that there is no room for panic. With these tips and tricks, you will move without stress and in no time. Continue reading “Organizing a short-notice interstate move”

    How to pack Christmas decorations for a move

    It is that wonderful time of the year. People are feeling the holiday spirit and there is nothing that can erase the smile and the happiness they are feeling. But there are some situations in which you might not enjoy it so much and that is when you have to pack Christmas decorations for a move. Too many things can be damaged during the relocation of the Christmas decor. That is why you need to pack them properly and hire the most reliable moving company such as Number 1 Movers. Let’s get started. Continue reading “How to pack Christmas decorations for a move”

    How to stay healthy during a move

    The moving process can cause a lot of health issues. Mainly accumulated stress. But, today, you will learn how you can stay healthy during a move. With the help of the Number 1 Movers guide, you will be able to keep your good health and prepare for your upcoming relocation. Here is what you need to do. Continue reading “How to stay healthy during a move”

    The upsides of using long term storage

    Sometimes when we need to plan our move or need to keep our item safe for a time being it is a good idea to rent a storage unit. There are many upsides to using long term storage units, and today will tell you more about them. And with the help of Number 1 Movers, you will certainly find a good storage unit, and transporter items there with ease. Here is what you need to know about long-term storage units. Continue reading “The upsides of using long term storage”

    Spring destinations for Canadians

    Canada is many things but famous for warm weather it is not. Therefore, many Canadians eagerly await Summertime so they can travel to destinations both home and abroad. Here are some of the most popular spring destinations for Canadians we have selected.

    Continue reading “Spring destinations for Canadians”

    How to safely move expensive artwork?

    Packing and moving all of your belongings sometimes can be done without professional help. If your belongings are not very valuable and you have enough time, you can invite some of your friends and family members, and have a DIY move in no time. But if you have valuable belongings, this is never a good idea. If you need to move expensive artwork, you are going to need professional Ontario moving services. It is the only way to make sure your belongings are safe the entire time on their way to your new home. There are some cases where you can move your valuable belongings by yourself, of course, but you shouldn’t do it if they are fragile. Continue reading “How to safely move expensive artwork?”