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How to negotiate with moving companies?

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    How to negotiate with moving companies

    Average American is moving around 10 times in a lifetime, and the average cost of a move is $2000-$4000. Usually, we have some extra expenses before and after the move. Adding all of that together we will end up with quite a sum. If you never thought about it, this might shed some light on the reality of the situation. It really makes a difference if you pay a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars less. If you had no previous experience with the moving industry this article will prove useful. We bring you several tips and tricks on how to negotiate with moving companies for a more profitable outcome.

    Find a reputable moving company

    There are many things to consider while searching for a moving company that will move your home. You shouldn’t decide based on the lowest price that movers offer. Usually, those are either scams or they do not have the license to operate. Before you make a choice, get a few pointers and start your search.

    • ResearchGo online and check out the list of moving companies. You need to browse for a while and go through at least five different ones to make a comparison. When you do, you’ll have a bit more knowledge of the market and the pricing of moving services. If you choose local movers Hamilton, you will make the right choice. They can provide an affordable moving plan just for you.
    • Balanced choiceNow what you are looking for is an affordable and reliable moving company. Very low and very high price won’t determine if service is bad or of the highest quality. Here you must make a balanced choice guided by personal preferences and liking. Or if you have a stretching budget.
    • Double checkA complete background check of a company you choose. Be sure that they are running a licensed business. Check out if they have vehicles with logos of the firm, and if they have a physical address. Also, you can go and visit them just to be sure that they are an honest and reliable company.
    • Customer experienceFinally, read customer service segment on their website. There you can find several users comments that can provide more experience. Read both good and bad reviews and learn from other people’s mistakes and unfortunate situations.
    Research is inevitable part of moving preparations
    Gather as much information as you can before in order to choose the right moving company

    How to negotiate with moving companies

    Knowledge of the matter will be your bargaining power. Do not be afraid to seek the answers to all your questions. After your research, you will be able to really compare charges and fees. Just calculate the moving costs using the calculator on one of the moving websites. Most moving companies have one.

    Ask if you are paying by the hour or there is a flat fixed price. Fixed prices are determined by the distance of the move and the weight of the cargo. Then you can ask about any kinds of discount they provide. For instance, there are many discounts for elders, students or veterans.

    Be aware of the extra fees. When movers must carry something for a longer period than agreed or the distance is longer than expected. If they need to use an additional vehicle. This can happen if a proper home inspection was not executed and there is more cargo than anticipated. Or they need to assemble and disassemble furniture that was not initially agreed. Cover who is packing your home because for anything that was not agreed before shaking hands will be extra charged. Negotiate with moving companies like a pro and cover everything in words before you sign a moving contract.

    Moving contract

    A moving contract is something that everyone should have while making a move. Negotiate with moving companies and get the list of extra charges. Ask for the exact number of hours they anticipate spending on this project. Decide on what services you want. Check binding and non-binding estimates since you don’t want to pay for something you never asked for. Moving companies can sell offers and services in bundles. It will cover most of your needs but maybe you did not want some of the services that are included. Like we mentioned before, ask away, you need to know the content of the paper you are signing. And remember to read the fine print, there can be things you don’t know or understand.

    Before you choose movers and make a contract with them, negotiate with moving companies for the best prices and services
    Moving contract

    But you won’t have to read the fine print if you decide to hire Number 1 Van Lines Ontario. They are one of the most trusted moving companies there is. With thousands of happy customers and many years of service, they are your best choice.

    Stay safe with the insurance you bought

    Most of the companies are offering some kind of insurance. It will cover basic situations like lost items and damages. Someone can drop a moving box filled with your dining set and that someone must pay for it. In case you bought the insurance, you need to know that you have one week to claim it if need be. Remember to check all your valuable stuff once you are settled in. Unpack all boxes with valuables and breakable items and check if there are any damages. Also, check your furniture for damages, and the inspection of your stairs, walls, and doors is in order. This kind of insurance is fairly cheap.

    But no one will cover the sentimental value of your grandma’s porcelain. For something like that you’ll need to hire a third party. In case you have highly valuable belongings, seek services from a proper insurance company and put your mind at ease. You will pay a bit more, but your collection of antiques will be transported and handled with special care. In the end, you can always transport those kinds of items personally using your own vehicle. Negotiate with moving companies while buying insurance. You simply need to know if you will be completely or partially covered. Most of the companies will not sell full insurance because damages while moving are almost unavoidable.

    Fragile items should be properly pack for moving
    Purchase insurance if you are moving delicate items

    Best time for your relocation

    Negotiate with moving companies can work out well at the off-season period or non-moving days of the month. This includes the autumn and winter period, along with the middle of each month. People are moving at the beginning and the end of the month due to the lease expiration. So, your best choice would be to combine the off-peak season period in the middle of the month. Show up all knowledgeable while the industry has less work around, and you will be able to get a better deal. Just don’t forget to check the Burlington movers, a company with experience in bad weather relocations. This moving company will make your relocation safe and sound.

    We hope that this article helped with your moving choices. Just remember, do not be afraid to negotiate with moving companies. You have nothing to lose but very much to gain. Good luck and use your bargaining skills well.