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How to help your movers

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Invest yourself in moving, that way you can help your movers

One of the frequent questions while moving is should you and how to help your movers? A process of moving is stressful enough and some of us don’t want any further hassle. You paid for the service and now you want to relax. But every one of us will at some point get the urge to provide help in a certain situation. Both decisions are fine, but if you decide to help your movers, there are several ways you can do it. By following this guide, you’ll know where and when you will be of great assistance.


Packing is an essential part of the moving process. If done right, you are helping yourself and everyone around you. You should gather packing materials and moving boxes. Unplug all the appliances and secure utility cords. Tuck in your silverware using old clothes and blankets. Get your photos and mirrors off the walls. You can also disassemble any furniture you think it is too delicate to handle.

Regardless of the situation, there are some items that you don’t want anyone else to touch. Those can be family photos, expensive ceramics or any other valuables close to heart. Small valuable things like jewelry you should pack separately. Use a bag or a small box and store it in your car or carry it personally so you won’t have to think about it. If someone else is packing you, make the list of items and labels with a detailed description of box content. This way you won’t be lost while unpacking and at the same time you managed to help your movers.

By packing and labeling boxes you can help your movers a lot
Put a sign on the boxes with fragile items


Some things we can predict and be ready for, but sometimes you can simply forget. No worries, it can happen to anyone, especially while on such a difficult task like moving. We will remind you of a few things that you are for sure able for. Some can reduce the cost of the move if done properly and on time.

  • Call the local movers that you hired and ask if they know the exact address you are moving to. But in any case, be ready to turn on GPS and guide if needed. Also, you need the time when they will arrive and the size of the truck, so you can prepare. Clear the docking area so they can park easily and make the loading process smoother.
  • Have some extra cash on you always. You never know what can happen and if you need to go out and make a quick buy.
  • Check all the tools you have in the garage or the attic. Some of it might be used for this occasion. An extra dolly you borrowed from your neighbor will do just fine.
  • Have extra packaging materials and few boxes just in case if anything goes wrong. If you break a box or need to do a last-minute packing, help your movers by providing extra packing materials.
  • Lastly, make a first aid kit and make it accessible to everyone. Better safe than sorry.


No matter how much we prepare for such a big event, something always slips through the cracks. That is why you shouldn’t move alone if possible. Always consider hiring a professional moving company. We can recommend long distance movers Ontario. One of the best and brightest in the business. With many satisfied customers behind. And that customer is you. The best way possible to return the kindness and help is to be the best host there is. Be mindful of their health and mental state. Try to keep them fed and well hydrated. Bring out light snacks or even make sandwiches. Bottled water, sodas and lemonade is the winning combination. If you are moving over a winter period use hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate instead. A very healthy and rewarding way to help your movers.

To host your movers, serve some snacks and drinks
Serve your movers with drinks and snacks

When we are on the topic of non-season moving, you shouldn’t forget the physical state of your movers. Keep areas around your home clean and dry. Use shovels to remove snow and salt to break the ice. In case of rain put cardboard on the ground so people can walk over. Also, you can provide raincoats, gloves, and scarf if you have a spare. All mention will keep you movers happy and more productive.


Movers are moving you, not the other way around. Do not attempt in moving anything apart from your personal stuff that you prefer to handle yourself. Do not boss around if not needed. You can give them directions and offer any help if needed but do not extend too much. After all, you are paying for moving services since you need help in the first place. Try to keep everyone happy and be ready to assist. At the same time, you shouldn’t hurt yourself or break something just because you feel like helping. Threat your movers with the same respect they offer you.

Movers are professionals equipped with knowledge and tools to handle the job you hired them for. It is understandable that you can feel useless just by standing around while others are doing the heavy lifting. But this situation gives you every right to relax and do only what you are comfortable with. Try to be the best host possible but keep it in the balance.


Yes, relocation can be expensive especially if you are doing it without any help. That is why most of you will hire a moving company. In case you are moving to Hamilton, check Number1Movers Hamilton Ontario. They are simply the best in the area. And for the amount you are paying you can expect the best and most efficient service. Whatever you are doing to help on the day of the move, do it fast but at the same time stay safe.

Time passing
Time is money

Do not help your movers with truck loading because they have their own routine. You might think you are helping but in fact, you might slow them down. Movers must think about your safety and maybe do the same work twice while you are not looking. Also, since you are slowing the whole process down, you are losing money. Remember, you are paying by the hour. The best thing you can do is to provide them with the key or access codes to your property. Keep the doors always open. You don’t want to spend half a day on the intercom letting people in and out.

In conclusion, there are many ways to help your movers when the time comes. It is purely your choice where and when you will lend a hand. We hope that this article gave some practical ideas on how to make the whole process easier. We wish you good luck and safe relocation.