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How to Compare Moving Company Quotes

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How to Compare Moving Company Quotes

When it comes to choosing the movers for your relocation, the offer of eligible moving companies is enormous. Still, not all movers are reliable and not all quotes are created equally. They vary from company to company, but they are also dictated by the type of your relocation. This guide will show you how to compare moving company quotes, so you can pick the right movers for your relocation.

What type of moving company you need?

Before you start to compare moving company quotes, you need to determine what type of movers do you need. While you may think that one moving company can move all of your belongings, it’s not that easy. Different moving companies provide different services. For example, did you know that for moving your piano is the best to hire movers specialized just for that?

Types of moving companies:

  • Movers that provide full service
    This kind of service does cost the most, but it ensures the relocation with ease and no stress. Movers will do everything for you. From packing your belongings, loading the truck, transporting and unloading your belongings into your new home. You can purchase their basic services (cheaper option) and if necessary add others that you pay extra like packing or storage. When you choose a reliable moving company like Oakville movers, you can be sure that your relocation will be much easier.
  • Self-service moving company
    The big difference here is that you will have to do the heavy lifting yourself.
    The self-service moving company will deliver the moving vehicle to your home and handle the transportation of your shipment. All the loading and unloading your things, in this case, fall on your back. It’s a significantly cheaper option, but also much harder one.
  • Labor movers
    Labor movers are kind of an opposite to self-service moving company. They will load and unload your belongings into the truck, but it is your responsibility to rent one and then drive it yourself to your new relocation. While it’s the cheapest option, it’s also one of the unsafest ones. Since you will be in charge of transporting your things, no one is responsible if something breaks during the move
  • Specialized moving company
    If your inventory contains antique furniture, art collection, piano, pool table or a hot tub, it’s always best to seek help from the movers that are specialized for moving these items. These kind of objects are tricky to relocate, so you will need professionals that deal especially with them.
Black concert piano
Specialized movers will have the expertise necessary to move them safely and without any damages.

What’s the type of your relocation?

Before you compare moving company quotes, you have to determine what kind of type relocation are you hiring movers for. There’s a big difference if you’re moving to another neighborhood in the same city, relocating to another state or starting a new life abroad. When it comes to the moving process, but more importantly in the costs.

Long-distance moving services

Whether you’re moving across the country or abroad, the main feature of long-distance move doesn’t change. That is the need for hiring a professional moving company for that task. Well, you can try and do it on your own. Just make sure that you have a lot of free time and steel nerves. In fact, conducting this kind of move on your own will take most of your day. And it’s still not a guarantee that you will manage to accomplish everything. The best solution is to hire professional movers to do these tasks for you.

It’s important to know how the moving costs of this type of relocations are calculated so you can compare moving company quotes. In the case of the long-distance move, the quotes will be calculated based on the total weight of your belongings and the distance from your current to your new home.

Compare moving company quotes when you're moving long/distance
Distance and weight will dictate the moving quotas in this case.

Local moving

While it may seem that local moving is a piece of cake, it really isn’t. Anyone that tried to move on your own can tell you that. While it is more realistic that you can conduct DIY relocation locally, it will still be very time consuming and nerve-wracking. Hiring a reliable local moving company like Ancaster movers will turn this har process into a walk on the park. When you compare moving company quotes of the local movers you will see that this move is much cheaper than the long-distance relocation. The moving costs are calculated based on the time that movers will need to load, transport and unload your things.

You’ll be paying your movers by the hour when you move locally.

How to compare moving company quotes

Comparing moving company quotes is quite simple actually. These days, everything is online, and it’s the easiest way to get a quote for your moving. The best and most reliable moving companies provide their customers with the opportunity to get free online quotes on their websites. Just fill in the blank fields, and you will receive the estimation about the moving quote for your specific relocation. When you want to compare moving companies quotes, first select a few possible moving companies that interest you the most. Request quotes from all of them, and then compare it.

Pick at least three movers that have quotes that suit your moving budget. Just in case, check the Consumer Beware List for any complaints or charges against the moving company.
After you compare the moving companies quotes and select at least three potential candidates, call that movers and ask them for the in-house estimation. When representatives come to your home, they will evaluate the number of your belongings and specifics of your relocation. That way, they can give you more precise quota. Also, the representatives will explain the difference between binding and non-binding quotes in their companies, and answer all of your questions about the moving process.
When you receive the moving estimates from all movers, you can then compare moving company quotes and make a final selection.