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How to Move office to Saskatoon with

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    It is exciting to move the office to a new place where you can get more opportunities and thereby more clients. Starting a new journey shouldn’t be a stressful process. We suggest the following to make your moving preparation a smooth and inexpensive journey:

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    1. Plan your office Move Early

    Detailed planning and preparations are needed for commercial moving. Fix a date for moving so that you can schedule your tasks accordingly. Additionally, prepare a budget assigning every possible cost specifically so that you get a fair estimate of the total moving cost. It will be much useful for identifying costs for hiring movers Saskatoon and helps in making informed decisions.

    2. Inform employees about relocation:

    Communicate with your employees before the relocation of the office is an important aspect that you should consider before office relocation. Make sure you’re your office staffs are up-to-date with the moving plans and schedule that you have envisaged. Inform them about the important changes and procedures at the new office location such as the new office address and revised phone and fax numbers; packing arrangement, etc.

    3. Appoint a project manager

    Office relocation requires a team effort so as to increase efficiency and chances of success. Appointing a project manager will help to facilitate all the aspects of the moving process. This is an important step that every office should follow for better handling of tasks.

    4. Keep your Data Safe:

    You can’t certainly say that your files and hardware are safe during the travel and it won’t get damaged. You could end up losing important hard drives and documents could be damaged if an adverse situation arises. Therefore, it is essential to back up your important data in order to protect it.

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    5. Clean your office thoroughly:

    Dispose of old furniture, remove the unnecessary file, shred unnecessary papers and sell or donate equipment that your office no longer needs. Make sure you consult with office accountants since donated items can be used as a write-off in your office books.

    6. Book a professional Mover

    In order to facilitate smooth office relocation hiring a moving company with having a professional moving crew is essential. Moving companies have the expertise, requisite knowledge, and all the resources required to make the moving process plain sailing. They will assist in packing and unpacking to ensure your business items are transferred safely. Be sure that the company is reputed & certified, and don’t forget to check their insurance policy.

    7. Update Your New Address

    Communicate to the suppliers and customers about your new office address and the phone numbers at the time of office relocation. If you are going to resume the same phone numbers in the new location then let them know in advance when the numbers will resume. Update your new address everywhere including in business cards, letterheads, and social media sites.
    Office moving in Saskatoon isn’t that hectic as it sounds if you follow the above-mentioned relocation tips