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A Guide to Last Minute Regina Movers

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    So you are in hurry and need a reliable mover that can help you to shift your belongings to a new office or home. Last-minute moving is much costlier and troublesome too. Before you go to book a mover you should look at the following points so that you don’t mess up in hurry:

    ⦁ Get Moving Quotes ASAP: Contact local moving companies as soon as you realize that you have to move urgently and collect moving quotes from them. Schedules of Regina Movers may fill months/ weeks before the moving date depending on the reliability and reputation of the Mover.

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    You need at least one week of time so as to get a moving date unless you found a mover that will consider booking before 3 to 4 days of moving. Also, keep in mind that summer is the moving season of and you may have fewer options.

    ⦁ Don’t hunt for a Perfect Home: When you are moving in at the last minute, your hunt for a dream home may end up with you in a house that you hate. So go for a house rent which is near your office will save your time and also give you requisite time to search for a home that is most suitable for you.

    ⦁ Don’t Go For Decluttering: De-cluttering the mess that you have done to the home you are leaving is a good gesture. But it will take time and which you lack. You will get most suggestions on the internet that you should carry as little as you can and sell off everything. But we suggest thinking a bit about the items that you essentially need such (furniture or kitchen utensils) in your new home. Pack them without thinking much and trash out or dispose-off another unessential item.

    ⦁ Prepare your Overnight Bag: It’s okay to stay unorganized when you’re packing in a hurry. However things that you will be needing on the very first day after moving like toothbrushes,

    toothpaste, soap, pair of clothes for change, towels, coffee maker, coffee, eating plates, etc. should be kept in a separate box so that you don’t have to scramble for finding essentials on the first day after your house move.

    ⦁ Collect Supplies For Moving: When you are moving at the last minute you can either get the “Cheap” or “Quick “option. Instead of relying on the supply that mover will provide better you pay some money and collect cardboard boxes from the nearby store. You can use suitcases, laundry containers instead of cardboard boxes; towels, bedsheets, and blankets can be excellent replacements for bubble wrap
    Use bigger-sized blankets for covering furniture; use some bubble wrap or old newspaper to fill the gap in the boxes where fragile items are kept. Make sure that everything is securely packed.

    In this way, you can get rid of messing up while preparing for a last-minute move and keep yourself stress-free.