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How to Downsize Before Moving Into a Condo

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Condominium represents a special kind of living. You are not alone, at least in the building. There are other people living there and there are some rules that need to be followed. Besides that, you should be aware of the space issue. You are moving into a smaller place, at least when we compare it to the big spacious house. If that is the case, you should learn how to downsize before moving into a condo. You will need tips and tricks to make your life a little easier. Yes, you will need condo movers Toronto to handle the relocation part, but you need to be smart about your belongings.

Downside before moving into a condo – prevent problems on time!

  • Find a proper condo
  • Sort your belongings
  • Sell the items you do not need
  • Donate the items you do not need
  • Rent a storage unit
a building - Downsize Before Moving Into a Condo
Finding a condo with acceptable measures is the number 1 task!

Find a proper condo

When we talk about downsizing and decluttering before moving into a condo, we need to put a condo in the equation. The size of the condo determines the number of things you are going to leave behind. That is why you need to find the proper condo. One that will satisfy all your needs and one where you will not have to throw too many items away. One solution would be to hire a real estate agent or a condominium realtor. They will have all the information, especially the information about the size.

Sort your belongings

The next step that you want to make if you want to downsize before moving into a condo is to sort all your belongings. Even though it may seem easy, it can be a big problem with people that get attached to things. This process can be even more troublesome if you are currently living in a big house. That means that you will need to throw a lot of things away.

There are many ways to select and sort your belongings. The most common one is to sort your items by the room. Even though you may think that there are not that many things in your rooms, think again. There are so many little items that you need to decide whether to keep or throw away.

Sell the items you do not need

Once you sort your items and divide them into different categories, you should try and sell everything that you can. This way you will be able to get even a fraction of the money you spent on the specific item. Of course, it will not be that much in official stores but you can always sell them to someone that you know.

A big storage unit can make things easier

Donate items you do not need

We hope that the world has become a better place. That is why there are so many different charity organizations you can call and donate to. Of course, there are limited types of items that you can donate so be sure that you have what you need. You can get this kind of information on their websites.

Rent a storage unit

It does not have to be all black when downsizing. There are some solutions that will offer you some flexibility in making decisions. One of them is renting a storage unit. There are many moving companies, like Number 1 Movers that can help you with this kind of request. The good thing about it is that you will have the chance to keep more items. You can place the items that you do not use often but still want to keep there and be safe. Once you need to use them, you can easily take them with you instead of having to buy new ones.

Avoid making crucial mistakes!

Mistakes are natural things in life. We learn because of them and that is the best way to prevent them from happening. On the other hand, if you want to downsize before moving into a condo, a mistake will cause a lot of problems which can lead to spending the money you did not plan in the first place.

Avoid waiting for too long

Waiting to make a decision about anything regarding your condo relocation is a big mistake. It can all start from waiting to hire local movers Toronto for the job to procrastinating and decluttering at the last moment. Everything has to be planned when doing this if you want to avoid trouble.

Time will run out if you are not careful!

Trying to fit the old furniture

When you live in a big house, you have all the space that you need to fit any kind of furniture. But, when it comes to moving to a much smaller space, it can be bit of a problem. That is certainly a good reason for hiring furniture movers in Toronto but even they can’t do anything that you would want. You need to be careful when doing this because some furniture may not be able to fit in your new home. You should take all the measures so that you could know whether it is worth the trouble or not. If yes, you can even try disassembling so that you could get in the condo without problems. After you get inside, put the pieces together and enjoy it!


It may seem that all of the things necessary for decluttering can be done in a day, you are wrong. It is a much more complicated process and that is why you should take this seriously. In order to downsize before moving into a condo, you need to plan everything ahead. Time is essential and you should be aware of that. Even though everything else is very important, it is just physical work. It can only be done if you have time to do it. If not, you will probably make a lot of mistakes that can cost you a lot!