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The documents you should prepare when moving long-distance

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a document - documents you should prepare when moving long distance

Long-distance relocation is usually harder. There are more things that need to be done. All that requires time, energy, and of course, money. When preparing for one, no matter where you are moving to,  besides hiring long-distance movers Hamilton, you have to do a lot more. One of the most important things is not actually about the relocation itself. It is about the documents you should prepare when moving long-distance. It may sound like not a big deal but if you forget some of them, you will regret why you did not spend more time on them. Find out what to prepare for the moving when having a long-distance relocation!

Documents you should prepare when moving long-distance – avoid complications after the move!

Every move is different. You just do not have two same long-distance moves. That means that there is no one universal list that will cover all the documents that you need. But the good thing is that there are some that should be handled by everyone!

  • Passport
  • Medical records
  • Moving contract
  • Birth certificate
  • Kids’school records
  • Bank papers


If you are moving abroad, the most important document that you need is the passport. You just can’t go without it and you will end up in a lot of problems if you forget it. There is one more way you can make things much more complicated. You do not move every day abroad, so you will not use the passport often. Most people usually do not think about it, just when they need it. Well, if you did not travel abroad in the recent past, you need to check whether it is still active. If not, replace it and move with ease!

a passport - documents you should prepare when moving long distance
You can’t go abroad if you forget o bring your passport

Medical records

When moving long-distance, you need to bring your medical records. The most important thing in life is a health and you should be careful about it. In order to do it, you need to go to your doctor’s office so that you could get the records. They contain your medical history and it is usually vital for your diagnostic purposes. After you do it, be sure to find a medical provider in the place where you are moving to. It is better to be protected as soon as you get there. Of course, if you are moving with a family, you need to do this for them as well.

Moving contract

This is usually the only document you are going to think about when relocating long-distance. And for a good reason, of course. The moving company is usually the most important aspect of every relocation so it is natural for you to think about it all the time. No matter which long-distance movers Toronto you are moving with, it is vital for you to make a contract so that you can be protected during and after the relocation ends.

Of course, the contract is not worth that much if you hired the wrong moving company to do the job. You should understand the traits of reputable movers in Toronto so that you could make the right choice. The most important thing is that they are friendly, approachable, and offer affordable but not too low prices.

Birth certificate

This is maybe the most important document of your life, not just when moving. It is vital for almost anything that you want to do. You need to provide it and you just can’t go without it. It would be wise that you have it with you at all times. Moving is a time when it can happen for something to get broken, or even lost. Remember that you will need it for anything that you want to do once you settle in.

Kids’ school records

If you have family and you are moving with them, you need to make sure that your kids can continue going to school as before. It is understandable that the relocation itself can be overwhelming since you have to think about a lot of things. You may think about the movers, about the transition papers that you need to finish, helping your kids adapt to a new school, but not actually the process of getting them there. All of that consumes time and energy and it can make you forget even about the most crucial things. So, always have this in mind and avoid complications!

You have to be prepared to enroll your kids in another school

Bank papers

When you have to move long-distance, it is vital for you to bring everything that you need. Even though there are a lot of documents you should prepare when moving long-distance, bank papers are among the most important ones. The thing is that you get your paycheck on your account. Everything goes through your bank account so you will probably feel paralyzed if something happened to it, even for a day. This multiplies a lot if we have in mind that making a mistake like forgetting the papers will delay your use of the credit time for several days. You would like to continue business as usual as soon as you can.

credit cards
Bring your bank papers and continue to use your cards as before


Relocating long-distance can be tough. Everything has to be perfect so that you could continue your life as before. Even though this is not always possible, there are a lot of ways to come at least close. The first thing is to have proper movers, like Number 1 Movers that will make sure you get to your destination safely.

One thing, in particular, can make your first few days a disaster. There are a lot of documents you should prepare when moving long-distance and if you fail to bring them, you will have a problem. Of course, there are some that are so obvious that you can’t miss them. On the other hand, there are some that you do not use every day. It increases the chances of something going wrong. The best idea would be for you to create a checklist where you will write all the documents that you need. Only like this, you can be sure that you have everything that you need!