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When is the cheapest time to relocate

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Find out when is the cheapest time to relocate

Other than getting the packing supplies and putting all your things into boxes, moving requires you to think about your budget. Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, but most people prefer to lower their moving costs. Luckily, there are plenty of ways of making your relocation a little bit cheaper. One of the things you can do is find the cheapest time to relocate. If you’re hiring professional moving companies like Number 1 Movers, you can expect the prices of their services to be lower at certain times. If you’re not sure what the best time to move is when you’re moving on a budget, we’re here to help. Continue reading to see when you should schedule your moving day.

Picking the cheapest season for relocation

First things first, let’s see which season is the best for your budget when it comes to moving. We’ll give you a quick overview.

Palm trees during golden hour
Though the weather might be nice and warm in the summer, the prices of hiring movers aren’t really desirable.

Avoid moving during the summer

As you might already know, summer is when the moving season is at its peak. Many people are free from work and they finally have enough time to move their household. That’s why that’s the season when residential movers get the most calls and all booked up. So, it’s hard to find a moving date that works best for you because the movers aren’t too flexible in the summer.

Not only that, but due to the high demand, summer is the most expensive time for relocating.¬† That’s why this season isn’t ideal if you’re looking for the most affordable time to move. Instead, it’s best to wait it out and move during a different season.

Move in winter?

We can form a rule at the beginning. The most unlogical things are the right things! What we mean is that the busiest time of year that people choose to move is summer. It is the time when adults go on vacations, children have a summer holiday so it is the best time of year to move. But is it cheap? It isn’t. It all depends on the moving company that you hired. Even though, you can find Dundas movers that will not be that expensive. It all depends on the time you hire the company and the deal you make up with them. Most of the time it won’t be the cheapest time to relocate during the summer due to high demand. The most economical time to relocate is winter. The reason is simple. The wheater! It can be harsh so people tend to wait for prettier days.

That doesn't need to discourage from moving in winter
Moving in winter is the cheapest but has its flaws

What to know when moving in winter?

Moving in winter is the most economical time to relocate but it has its flaws. You should know several things when moving in winter:

  • Wheater– Even though winters nowadays can be mild, you can never know. No matter what kind of winter is, you need to prepare for moving in cold winter. Follow the wheater cast in order to plan the perfect day for your relocation. Yes, there are mistakes sometimes but you can’t do much about them. You can hope that the wheater serves you that day and that temperature is not that low.
  • Snow– It makes the scene more romantic but it can also destroy your belongings. Snowing on a moving day is the problem because it makes your stuff wet and slippery. No one wants additional stress on their shoulders so you would have to make additional protection. Avoid this and pick days when it is dry outside.
  • Slippery roads– There are two downsides of this. First, you will need more time to get to a destination which can result in higher moving expenses. Second, slippery roads are life threating. You can be the best driver in the world and you still would have a fear of driving on slippery roads. If the winter is mild, you have no worries but if it isn’t then you should keep in mind this fact.

Winter is the cheapest time to relocate, but is it worth it?

Good news! Wintertime is the best when we’re talking about the prices of moving services. Not many people choose to move in the winter, so the movers are much more available and their services are cheaper. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Though this is the cheapest time to move, it’s not the most convenient.

A snowy road
Winter time is the cheapest time for moving, so get your boots on and schedule a moving date.

The weather conditions definitely aren’t ideal for relocating your household or your office. It’s cold, it’s snowy and the roads are icy. This could lead to some complications, no matter if you’re working with the pros or moving on your own. Other than that, you have to invest in some winter equipment – from winter tires to winter clothing. So, though it might be the cheapest season for moving, winter isn’t the cheapest for other things. So, you need to weigh out the pros and cons and decide if you’d truly like to move in these colder months.

Moving in the fall

Though winter is the cheapest time for moving, it’s not the only period when you could get cheaper moving services. Namely, affordable moving services usually are available from September to May. So, if you’d like to save some coins but avoid moving in the snow, you can book a date in the fall. The issue with fall moving though can be that it’s the start of the school year. So, if you’re moving with kids, this could be slightly troublesome. Also, though there are some sunny days leftover from the summer, you can expect a great deal of rain as well. So, be wary.

Spring moving

If you’re looking for the ideal time to relocate, spring might be the solution to your problems. Not only are the prices of moving services still lower than they are in the summer, but the weather is also nice and mild. Also, if your kids are in school and they have a spring break, that’s the ideal situation. You’re making the most of the low rates of long-distance movers and you’re avoiding moving in bad weather conditions that can complicate your move. It’s a win-win!

Don’t move on a weekend if you’re looking for the cheapest time for relocating

Choosing the cheapest time to relocate isn’t only about picking the best season. There are a few other factors that determine the price of your relocation. One of those things is the day you choose. For obvious reasons, just like the summer, most people prefer moving on the weekends. That’s when they have free time so they can move without taking time off work. Therefore, the movers are the busiest during the weekends and their rates are higher.

Woman using a tablet
Take a peek at your calendar and see if you have any weekdays free for moving.

So, if you can, we suggest booking a moving day on a weekday. Ask the movers if you can get a free moving quote and then compare the estimates for a weekend move vs. a weekday move. You’ll see what your best choice is.

Choose a moving date in the middle of the month

When you are trying to find the cheapest time to relocate, it’s more or less all about not moving when everyone else is moving. Those times can be a bit tricky or inconvenient, but at least they’re more affordable. Another example of a moving time that’s good for your wallet is the middle of the month. Why? Well, most leases end at the end of the month and people renew their leases at the beginning of the month. Therefore that’s the time when people are moving to a new place and hiring movers. However, much fewer people book a moving date in the middle of the month, so that’s when moving rates are lower.

Move early in the morning

Last but not least, we suggest moving early in the morning. Mornings are another example of the cheapest time to relocate, so get your alarm clock ready, have a strong coffee, put some comfortable clothes on and welcome your movers bright and early. It’s true what they say – the early bird catches the worm.

Move from fall to summer

When we talk about months, you should avoid the summer months. Families tend to move in summer so they can avoid disrupting their business and school lives. The rest of the year is cheaper to relocate. But there are some things you should be aware of. The school year for university students is a little different. Most of the students in the US rent their accommodations near the university. Most of the leases for students are made in the first two weeks of September so you should probably avoid this month.

It is the cheapest time to relocate
Pick mid-week if you want to save money on the move

Move in the mid-week

To save money, it is important to choose the perfect day of the week too. Most people would think that there isn’t even any difference between the days. That is the reason why people pay more, due to lack of knowledge. People tend to move on weekends. Since you work from Monday to Friday, you will use those two remaining days to complete the move, right? If you want to save money, don’t do that. The reason is simple, high demand! The higher demand is, the more money you have to pay for the service. The cheapest time to relocate is mid-week because most of the people work at that time so you can use this fact to spend less on the move. Also, if you can deduct the moving expenses, you can save extra money!

The cheapest time to relocate is an early morning!

Yes, this can also determine the final costs of the move. The cheapest time to relocate is early morning. Early morning is the time of day when it is the quietest. Some people are at work, some are still in bed but the key is that you have the highest chance of avoiding the rush hour traffic. The more you spend on the streets, the more gas you spend, higher costs. This can be an exception to the rule. Some companies don’t calculate that kind of cost so you can still avoid this if you hire the right moving company. Do your research and find the perfect Ancaster movers where you can make a mutual and beneficial agreement. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything!

You will save less money on gas
Move in the morning to avoid rush hour traffic!

Moving by yourself?

In order to save some money, you can always try and move by yourself. It takes more time, more consideration about different things and all of that makes more stress. If you choose this way of moving you should use adequate moving supplies in order to protect your belongings and prevent additional costs, especially when moving in winter. Also, you have to worry about transport, distance, etc. You would probably need more days to complete the move if you move by yourself which can bring more problems. As you can see, there are more things that you need to worry about and that can go wrong when relocating alone. You should keep in mind that it can be cheaper to relocate like this on paper. In reality, problems that can come along the way can make the final costs much higher.

There aren’t that many factors that determine the costs when we talk about the cheapest time to relocate. In order to do that, just follow the timetable we provided and hire the perfect moving company that will deliver all your belongings to your new home.