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How to adjust as an expat in Canada?

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a girl with a Canadian flag lookin at the nature

Are you ready to start your life someplace new in a foreign country? If the answer to the previous question is yes then this article is for you. In recent years many people have chosen to move to Canada and start a new chapter of their life. If you are looking to move to Canada as well you are probably wondering how to adjust as an expat in Canada? No worries, this blog can answer your concerns and questions and even help you adapt to your new life much easier. If you plan and organize your move in advance you should not encounter any problems. Plus, hiring Number 1 Van Lines will definitely make your move go smoothly. With a great moving company, you will be at your new place in no time!

Adjusting as an expat in Canada- what to expect

Firstly, you should know that Canadians are known for their big hearts and they will welcome you with open arms. Being polite and kind to people who are moving to Canada is their specialty, some say.  This alone speaks for all the people and how welcoming and kind they are. Moreover, people are also a huge part of the equation. After you have chosen the best long distance movers in Canada you will have to leave your whole life behind. Therefore, having good people around you will help you feel better.

Canadian flag
Canada is a country where everyone is welcome, therefore, you will adjust as an expat in Canada easily.

A fresh start also means finding new friends, a new job, school, etc. In some countries finding new friends is very hard. You don’t know where to go, you always feel like an outsider. But rest assured that finding new friends in Canada is child’s play. Especially when you start your new job and meet your co-workers. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcomed inside the workplace as well as outside the workplace. Remember when they invite you to go bowling or to a bar you should go! You never know who you are going to meet there and what kind of new adventures you will embark on together.

The Weather

It is no surprise that Canada can be very cold. Many people undermine this fact when they move, but luckily for them the heating system across cities is nicely done and it is not important whether you are moving to a home or an apartment. Rest assured that you will be warm and cozy. However, it is not actually that bad. If you choose to move to Canada with the help of the movers Milton has, you can expect warm, rainy summers with cool nights and long snowy winters. So if you are not crazy about being tan and sitting on a beach you will get used to the climate very well. 

trees covered with snow
Winters in Canada can be harsh.

Life expenses

Moving and adjusting as an expat in Canada can be pricy especially if you are moving from a not-so-developed country. But of course, there are cities that are expensive and there are ones that have lower costs of living and affordable housing.  A good example is Milton. This town is moderately priced, plus it’s are close to Toronto so you can visit anytime. But moderately priced is still a very vague statement, so let us tackle some of the common expenses you will encounter if you move to Canada. Here are the average market prices:

  • Twelve eggs for 3.50 Canadian dollars
  • One liter of milk for 2 Canadian dollars
  • One kilogram of chicken fillets for 18 Canadian dollars
  • A loaf of fresh white bread for 2.30 Canadian dollars
  • One kilogram of apples for 4.70 Canadian dollars
  • 0.5-liter domestic beer for 2.90 Canadian dollars
  • One kilogram of local cheese for 9.30 Canadian dollars
  • A pack of cigarettes for 16 Canadian dollars

Moreover, eating out in a restaurant is something we all like to do from time to time. A three-course meal for two people can cost you from 40 to 160 Canadian dollars depending on the restaurant you choose. Furthermore, monthly utilities can differ as well from 120 to 500 Canadian dollars depending on the square feet of the apartment or house. For an apartment of 85 square feet monthly utilities like electricity, heating, water, garbage, etc. will cost you about 180 Canadian dollars. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t stress too much about the prices of living. Because when you work in Canada you will also be getting a Canadian salary which is coordinated with the price of living.

calculate your costs to adjust as an expat in Canada
Always calculate monthly utilities before you move to a new place.

Take your time to adjust as an expat in Canada

Moving can be very stressful at times but make sure to choose a reputable moving company and half of your worries will be taken care of. Make sure that your company offers a free moving quote estimate so that you can plan and organize your expenses in advance. Please note that all of the aforementioned things don’t apply to everyone. Each expat has a unique history and cultural background that they come from. Someone who is coming from Siberia will adapt easily to the climate. However, someone who is moving from a tropical place like Thailand will need more time to adjust as an expat in Canada to its harsh climate.

Therefore the process of adapting to your new life in Canada can be smooth or it could have a few culture shocks along the way, it depends on you and your roots. You will need some time to adjust as an expat in Canada, but afterward, everything will be ok.  If you choose Milton as your town remember that even during the cold winters there are many fun winter activities in Milton that can spark joy for you and your family. Nevertheless, whichever city or town you choose to move to, good luck with the move and the adaptation process!