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How Long Should You Schedule Your Move in Advance?

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    Call your movers and schedule your move in advance

    You decided on moving to Ontario and as you already know, many moving tasks await. You must organize packing, find a moving company, and cover all the legalities in due time. And the best way to stay on track and on schedule is to schedule your move in advance. Let us show you how to do it and where to pay attention.

    The best time to relocate

    As soon as you realize you are relocating, you must choose a moving date. But many factors are included and they can influence your organization greatly. But worry not. It is more than doable as long as you have all the info in your hands. Therefore, start with a search for local Number 1 Movers that will handle the hardest part. Then, inspect your home to realize how hard your relocation is. Create an inventory list with all belongings and furniture you must relocate. Finally, figure out how many moving supplies are required and start calculating moving costs. Additionally, add all the responsibilities, errands, chores, and legalities you must cover before the moving date.

    A calendar on the table
    Depending on your personal needs and the current situation, you will choose the date that suits you the most.

    Once you have all the info stacked, call your movers and provide the info you gathered. Check out the Hamilton moving services they offer and together assemble the best moving plan. Depending on your personal schedule and the size of your move, movers will check their schedule and ensure you’ll have a date you desire along with a sizeable moving truck, all the tools, and enough manpower.

    Schedule your move in advance and obtain a better price

    Now, you must know that the moving price can vary greatly depending on the time of the year. As well as the time of the month, week, and time of the day. And of course, if you schedule your move months in advance, you can even get some perks, discounts, or better offers. But again, this is different with each company so you must check this one beforehand.

    A man holding dollar bills
    Calculate your moving budget in advance so you know how much you have to work with.

    So, let’s focus on the time you have in front of you. In an ideal world, you would have at least a month to prepare everything. But you can do it in two weeks as well. Although, if you want a certain company to assist you on this journey, they might be booked tightly for months in advance. Of course, there are always last-minute cancelations and other openings but you can’t count on it. Therefore, call your movers and try to squeeze your moving date somehow so you can work with it. Aim for the middle of the month because people move at the beginning and the end of the month. Simply because leases end and renew and people move around the 1st all the time. Hence, the middle of the month and the middle of the week is perfect.

    Non-peak season moving

    What does this mean? The non-peak season is basically the colder period over Autumn and Winter. There are fewer moves in general and most movers have free openings all over the place. There can be up to 30% a few moves across the board which raises competitivity between moving companies. And the discounts you can expect are the same, around 30% or so. Or you can get one of the moving services as a bonus, or some free moving supplies and a few moving boxes Hamilton Ontario at a cheaper price. Simply because movers want to attract more customers and cover all those quiet months. But again, keep in mind that the best moving companies are booked tight even during the non-peak season. Simply because they are the best. Therefore, schedule your move in advance with the desired moving company.

    Peak season relocations

    On the other side, we have a peak season which is the Spring and the Summertime. And everyone is moving over the warmer period simply because the weather is favorable. And there are many cross-country relocations, retirements, holidays, and kids returning from college. Therefore, scheduling your move in advance will be a bit harder but prices won’t go up at all. They should stay the same across the board. Although, because all the moving companies are booked tight, you can’t expect lowering prices or getting any free services like you would over the non-peak season.

    Negotiate and schedule your move in advance

    You can always try to negotiate a better deal. And it can work both ways. For example, if your movers have many openings you can simply ask for a discount. They won’t mind considering but it is a long shot. On the other hand, if you want a specific date and it is already taken, you might offer to pay more and movers will pull out an overtime team if they have one available. It is a stretch but still doable. All in all, do not hesitate to ask and negotiate as long as you feel comfortable with it.

    Negotiate with movers and schedule your move in advance
    Negotiate with your movers and obtain a better price.

    Now, to reduce the moving cost and make your moving budget a bit more flexible, you should declutter before moving day. It is a simple process where you set aside all those old and unused items you do not need anymore. You dragged them with you long enough, now it is time to organize a yard sale and get rid of it all. Or you can simply donate to charities or give to your friends. Your choice entirely. And if you do it right, you’ll have fewer items to relocate and your move will be cheaper. A great thing indeed.

    Moving contract and the insurance

    Ok, whatever you manage to get in the end, you must assemble a moving contract and obtain some kind of insurance. List down all the services, a moving date, and the moving price on your moving contract and read it several times before signing. Ensure your moving date is appointed to your relocation and you won’t get stood up. On the other side, we have moving insurance. It is not necessary but it is highly advisable. Purchase at least the basic coverage from your moving company. But if you have many valuable items, maybe you should purchase one from a real moving insurance company. Keep yourself and your belongings safe.

    Ok, now you know how and why to schedule your move in advance. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to find your way and organize your relocation adequately. Just make sure you contact your movers as soon as possible and start the whole process. Rest will be easier than you think. Good luck.