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Packing for an office move – how to do it right?

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The bottom line of moving an office is to work in a new, perfectly organized office, alongside thriving colleagues. However, the panic sets when you realize you have to pack an overwhelming number of figurative and literal moving parts. Not only do you have to move all the office stuff, but you need to consider many other aspects. From employees’ happiness, transitional workflows, to reorganization and adjustment periods. But don’t you worry, because we’ve got the right tips on packing for an office move.

Packing for an office move- where and when to begin?

As moving an office can get quite complicated, the top advice is to look for reliable commercial movers Toronto. That will make your and your coworkers’ lives much easier. It’s important to find moving experts who’ve organized a lot of office moves. Nevertheless, any office move requires some necessary things. Those are:

  • Reliable movers,
  • Trucks,
  • Boxes, and
  • Clean-up crew and cleaning service.

Also, we would like to emphasize the importance of planning the packing process. So, three to six months before your planned moving date, start preparing the process of packing for an office move. It’s never too early to begin with the moving preparations, bear that in mind.

Opened notebook with a calendar
One of the most important tasks of packing for an office move is proper planning.

Find the best moving crew for packing for an office move

There’s no doubt that the quality of your moving crew will define the success of your office move. That goes for packing, as well. Hence, it’s important to get the recommendations, but also to ask the moving companies a few important questions regarding their service. First, are they flexible about their working hours? Then, do they charge per hour or job, or if there are some services included. Such as cleaning up after the packing and moving process is over. Finally, it would be perfect to find movers that include everything. The trucks, boxes, and cleanup in the end.

Pick out moving boxes to pack your office for relocation

At first glance, this task seems quite simple and easy. Then why do it months in advance, you’re probably wondering. Well, with such an extensive selection of moving boxes on the market, you should take your time. From giant stackable crates to rentable bins, there are so many options. And your box selection should be as individual as your office move. Therefore, before you pick the perfect box, consider your budget, your timeline, and your inventory. For the items you don’t want to move instantly, you can use storage units in Canada to keep them safe.

Book moving truck and loading and unloading locations on time

In case you couldn’t book an all-in-one moving company that manages pricing and securing truck, there’s another option. While you’re locking down moving trucks, ask about all the features you asked your movers for. Then, once you have your trucks arranged, it’s time to coordinate arrivals and departures. Ask for help from your current and new building manager to find ideal loading and unloading spaces and times. Also, if either building has underground loading docks, make sure to clear all entrances and exits before the truck arrives.

A man and a woman in an office
Finally, don’t forget about teamwork and include all your coworkers in the process.

Don’t forget to downsize

It is always recommended to use your pre-move time to reduce the items you don’t want to move. So, you and your coworkers should review the office inventory and tag items with throw-away stickers. Eventually, you could sell some of them by organizing a garage sale, why not?

The summary

Packing for an office move isn’t too hard if you plan it well. Afterward, you will enjoy it in your new working surroundings, alongside your colleagues.