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Guide for using storage container pods

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One of the storage container pods, blue with ladder

The amazing container PODS innovation has revolutionized the way we pack and move our things and changed the face of the moving industry. People around the world are more and more choosing this option for their relocation. They are convenient, cost-effective and available everywhere. Hence, if you are ready to give them a try, check out our guide for using storage container pods.

How does it work?

PODS stands for portable on-demand storage and many Dundas movers have them in their offer. They are an amazing combination of a moving truck and a storage unit in one. Most importantly, storage pods are a great alternative to both and they have no time constraints. And how does it work, you wonder? Movers drop them off, pick up when you are ready to go and transport your stuff anywhere you want. They can move them to your new home or to the storage facility. And in order to get the best from using storage container pods. you should learn how to use them first. Only once you pack your items properly and load them to the POD correctly, you will experience the true benefits of this system.

White, rose and black pearls
Keep your jewelry and important documents on yourself all the time

Packing storage container pods 101

In case you don’t have time for packing, or just don’t know how to do it right, leave it to Oakville movers. But if you want to do it yourself, follow these steps in order to do it right:

  • While you are packing, take a few extra minutes to write an inventory list of your items. Especially if you have more than one container or you are using a storage container pods r in combination with a rental truck, be sure to note what goes where.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items and larger ones for lighter items. 
  • Make sure your moving boxes are neither half empty, nor overloaded. Because both ways can lead to damage.
  • Make sure you label all the boxes to make unloading and unpacking easy.
  • Determine which moving supplies you should use and purchase them on time or ask your movers to provide. Beside moving boxes in several sizes, you will also need paper and furniture pads, loading straps, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and a dolly for loading. 
  • You should use picture boxes and bubble wrap when packing pictures, mirrors, and other fragile items. They should be placed on top of other, more sturdy items in POD. Your flat-screen TV and other devices are the best to pack in their original boxes if you kept them.
  • Use the bubble-wrap to pack your lamps and place them in boxes. Remember to remove light bulbs and pack box lamp shades separately.
  • Make sure the bottoms of boxes are sturdy, and maybe reinforce them with tape. Then just fill each box to its capacity, using packing paper to fill the gaps.

Distribute the weight

When loading heavy items such as your sofa, refrigerator, washer, etc, make sure to make a balance.  Distribute the weight evenly from side-to-side and end-to-end. All these heavier items should be placed on the bottom of storage container pods. If you are having trouble getting proper weight distribution with your items, place the heaviest items in the center of the pod and surround it with heavier items.

Mattress, pillow and teddy bear
Use your mattress like the last layer of stability

Fill up the gaps

It is very important to fill all gaps with boxes and other smaller items to provide stability and keep them fixed. For a good balance, you should try to fill your storage container pods from floor to ceiling. And if there is space between the top of the moving boxes and the unit’s ceiling, you should fill it too. You will do that by putting some soft items on top of the boxes, such as bags of clothing, linens or blankets. Odd-shaped items, such as bikes, should go near the doors or on top of the sturdy boxes. Use the same cushioning method to prevent them from moving as well. Also, remember to remove the legs and drawers from furniture. Put large items such as sofas on end to maximize space. If you are moving a mattress as well, load it like the last layer of stability.

Essential and fragile items

You shouldn’t load everything you own into storage container pods.  Make sure you keep your valuables on you all the time during the move. This includes your heirlooms, legal documents, and any essentials. Fragile items such as pieces of art, antique furniture or chandeliers, you can load in the pods as well. But you need to pack them carefully and prepare for the transfer.

For extra protection, you should wrap glass, televisions, and other fragile items in furniture pads or bubble wrap. You can also use furniture padding for protecting wood surfaces, edges, and corners. Use blankets for covering appliances and furniture. Most noteworthy, wrap couches, mattresses, and other soft furniture with stretch wrap. Then cover items on the top of the storage container pod with a layer of cardboard. This will keep them safe from light exposure, particularly if the unit has a plastic roof and will be stored outside for a long time.

Chairs and table
Separate the legs and drawers when loading your furniture

Guide for using storage container pods

The best thing about storage container pods is that they are great for short-term or long-term storage needs. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’re moving or not. The advantages are numerous. They are keeping your things safe, they are handy and easy to use and they are affordable. And if you like, moving and storage company can even store your POD at their secured storage warehouse facility. Possibilities are so many just choose one and enjoy all the benefits!