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Exploring Ontario’s wine country: a guide for wine lovers

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A sight zou will see while exploring Ontario's wine country

A new trend is emerging among wine lovers, and it is here to stay! Wine tourism has been a staple in many regions of the world and now it has reached the great white north- Canada. Ontario is becoming a bucket list destination for every wine aficionado. Local wineries found a way to combine breathtaking nature and good-quality wine to make exploring Ontario’s wine country worth your time. If you ever had an interest to make this beautiful place your permanent home, any of the movers Ontario offers will help you with everything. They will guide you from day one, making your move much easier. And we all know a stress-free move, equals more fun once you are there.

What makes Ontario an excellent place for wine lovers

Well, we all love wine. So it’s no wonder many people are more than happy to travel far and spend large sums of money to visit their favorite wineries. For those people, we can give no better recommendation than to visit Ontario. Even moving to Ontario has never been more appealing. With over 100 wineries it would be an understatement to say that Ontario has a thriving wine industry. In this region, there are many different varieties of grapes grown. The most popular varieties of grapes grown in Ontario are Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Gamay. Although they are the fruit of the same plant, they all give their unique flavor and touch to each variety of wine.

Picture of wine field
Exploring Ontario’s Wine Country is a must

The majority of wineries are located in Niagara Peninsula. This stunning piece of land is among wine lowers known as the “Heart of Wine Country in Canada”. So anyone who is Exploring Ontario’s Wine Country is gonna have a great time. With its fertile and limestone-rich soil, in combination with its perfect landscape. This region can rival some of the most famous wine regions in the World. Like France, Italy, Napa, etc. Another thing that makes this region so potent for wine quality is its perfect climate. The cool climate in this area creates the perfect condition for grapes to grow, and develop their amazing flavor. This is exactly what gives their wines that unique crisp and fresh flavor.

Which wineries to visit when Exploring Ontario’s Wine Country

When people talk about wineries, especially the best wineries in the World, Ontario wineries aren’t on that list. But that is a big mistake. Ontario wineries are for sure some of the best in the world, and they should get the respect that they deserve. Ontario winemakers are some of the most advanced and sophisticated on the market. What separates them from the rest of the pack is their willingness to take a risk and think outside the box. But with this being said, they still honor tradition and make sure all norms are respected. For them, wine is something sacred that needs to be respected and treated just right.

woman on laptop searching what Exploring Ontario's Wine Country is like
Take your time and research what wineries to visit

But all of these wineries don’t stop at their wines. Most of these wineries offer a full experience. You will be treated like a king when visiting them. Many of these wineries are surrounded by dream-like surroundings. With beautiful sights that make that wine, you are sipping taste that much better. It also needs to be mentioned that the food scene in these wineries is something to behold. With that being said here are our top 5 wineries to visit in Ontario:

  • Stratus Vineyards
  • Thirty Bench Wine Makers
  • Reif Estate Winery
  • Norman Hardie Winery
  • Cave Spring Cellars

If you are moving your wine collection, make sure it is safe

If you are a wine lover, you must have an amazing wine collection. And without a doubt, these wine collections are usually very expensive. And on top of that, they are extremely fragile. Because of this moving your wine collection can be tricky. If they do get damaged it can increase your moving costs Ontario entails even more. Making your relocation uncomfortably expensive. Because we know how important these collections are to people. We will provide a small guide to protecting your wine collection. You can rest easy and avoid stressing about your wine collection getting damaged this way.

picture of wine bottles on the shelf, you may purchase after Exploring Ontario's Wine Country
Buy a wine case to protect your wines

The first thing we recommend is to get yourself one of the wine cases. These sturdy wooden boxes will provide much-needed protection for your wines. They aren’t too expensive, around $100. But trust us this is a good investment. Also, many of the long distance movers Ontario offers, have in their services list protection for your belongings. So you just leave it to them. Another thing you can do if you don’t have access to the wine case is to wrap all bottles in some sort of linen cloth. This soft fabric will separate wine bottles making it impossible for them to hit each other and crack each other. In any case, be sure to think about the way you want to protect them so you don’t lose your wine collection during relocation.

Visiting Ontario is a no-brainer for anyone who loves wines

For anyone who loves wine, Exploring Ontario’s Wine Country is a no-brainer. They will introduce you to some of the best wines you have ever tried. But you will also have an opportunity to visit wineries that make those wines. You will be amazed by the level of commitment and dedication of these expert winemakers. Besides that, you can always enjoy the amazing landscapes that this hidden gem offers. For sure Ontario is the next big thing on the wine map of the World. So visiting it should for sure be on your bucket list. Have a great time in Ontario!