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Know your moving rights

Moving preparations should be thorough and systematic in order to have a successful relocation. However, sometimes it happens that people experience something rather unpleasant which makes their relocation project a bad one. From planning every step to finding a reliable moving company to paying attention how to pack your belongings, all of these cause stress. One of the things that contribute to poor relocation experience is insufficient information about the rights you have when moving. And this is precisely why you should know your moving rights. We invite you to learn more about this serious matter and overcome your relocation the easy way. We are sure that stress-free relocation is something everyone is looking for when going into a project like this.

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When relocating, everything should be regulated

Why is it important to be aware of the moving regulations you are given?

It is quite simple. The knowledge in terms of moving rights gives you leverage when negotiating the conditions with a moving company. In case you choose the option to hire the movers, it will be much safer and easier for you to come to terms with the company’s representative. You are supposed to be given a copy of your moving rights. Make sure to study them well before you agree to anything with a certain company. By being aware of what you can expect, you will definitely be more at ease. Furthermore, by being at ease, that will allow you to think straight, construct a fine plan, thus minimizing the chances of making cardinal mistakes. These can really jeopardize the whole operation, causing you to, for example, damage or break some of your belongings when moving in or out.

What you should know when hiring a moving company?

In order to know your moving rights, you must be aware of many things and details which can make a huge change when reaching an agreement. Here we’ll present some of the most important ones.

The question of estimates comes first

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Moving estimate is one of the most important documents

Among many moving documents you need to obtain in order to proceed with the relocation process, moving estimates that your moving company can offer you is the one we want to introduce to you. One of the key elements of successful relocation lies in understanding the types of moving estimates. Those pieces of information you should seek from your movers who are an obligation to provide them to you. Therefore, make sure to inquire these details with the right people. After that, you will be able to choose the proper moving estimate which will fit your needs and will work in your favor. Therefore, have your estimate in writing and keep a certified copy of it with you.

Note: Never agree on anything without thoroughly researching about it. Both pros and cons should be weighted. And only after that will know which option brings you the most benefits.

Inform the movers about the valuable and fragile items you are planning to transport

The estimate won’t be complete without this information. By the time you decide to cooperate with some moving company, you should have developed trust in their services. This is also important in case the moving company limits its liability to transferring certain items. If you know your moving rights when it comes to these rules, you will be able to avoid any inconveniences.

Pick-up and delivery dates

After deciding on an estimate, which must be in writing to be valid, the next thing to agree with the provider of moving services are dates for picking up and delivering your items. The mover will write down these dates and attach them both upon the Bill of Lading and order for service. Do not get confused if the term ‘timeframe’ is being mentioned. This means that if you do not agree on one specific date, but rather on “delivery spread”, you should expect your shipment to be delivered to you on any of the days within the timeframe. It is quite necessary that you and people in the moving company are clear with these dates.

The process of packing and delivering items
Know your moving rights well in order to make a precise agreement regarding pickup and delivery dates

In case you are stationed in the area of Ancaster, contacting Ancaster movers regarding this matter will greatly ease the whole process. With them, by your side, you can inform yourself about any question that has remained unexplained.

Know your moving rights regarding payment

We are aware that this is the topic which concerns most people. Everyone is looking for a way to reduce their moving costs and save as much money as they can. And this is only normal. Some of the things that determine the overall cost of moving services are:

  • The weight of the shipment
  • Are any special requests asked regarding the shipment?
  • The distance from the current location to the new one
  • What kind of moving services do you require?
  • Moving organization

As you can see, these can be quite comprehensive. Therefore, in order to be absolutely sure what will be your exact moving costs, it is obligatory to determine the details with your moving company. It is your right to request the moving estimate. Surely, many reliable moving companies will offer them themselves. On the other hand, should any moving company oblige you to pay only in cash, that is the clear sign of red flags. Because, in case the company is doing serious business, it won’t limit you to only one form of payment. Instead, you will be given a choice.

Have a receipt

We guess there’s no particular need to explain why this piece of a paper carries such great importance. So, we urge you to take this matter seriously as well and make sure to have a receipt upon signing the contract with your moving provider. No matter if you are moving far away, or in the neighboring Oakville, where Oakville movers could do all the great work for you, it is necessary to have this piece of a paper with you, as it is one of your basic moving rights.