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How to how to write a review for a moving company

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write a review for a moving company in a good way

If you clicked on the title of this article that probably means that you’re one of those people who’ve just moved to your new home with the help of the professional moves from, and now you want to share your experience with others. If that’s the case, and you need help to write a review for a moving company, we will be happy to share some useful tips with you and assist you along the way. Hopefully, it won’t take you long to conduct a useful and comprehensive comment which will serve others make a decision whether they should opt for the same moving company or not.

How to write a review for a moving company

There are several ways how to conceive a good review. You will see that the base of it is in the valid information. There are already many fake reviews on the Internet because of which it is getting harder to recognize fraudulent movers. And, there is no need to further contribute to this.

Put on a paper the most important details

Before you open the review page of the company’s website, we first suggest you take some time to write down the facts you perceive as the most important. This will allow you to remember all the details in peace and not risk to forget something that you might have wanted. Therefore, sharpen your pen, and try to remember all the aspects of the moving process. But first, give yourself some time to recall how everything looked like. Analyze the situation, and draw the conclusion. See whether at the end of the day hiring that moving company was worth it and whether you will opt for the same company should you need to move again.

Write down information
Make a list of things you want to state

Be concise when you write a review for a moving company

Although you might wish to include every single detail in your comments, you must keep in mind that you are not writing a book. Some websites even put the limited number of characters you can use for writing a comment. This means, that you really have to think through how you will construct your comments. Should this be the case, then you’ll probably need to find a way to say more with fewer words. One of the ways is to really stick to the point.

However, even if there is no limitation in the number of words or characters you can use, we still suggest you be brief. After all, the attention span of most people has decreased. And, if you want your comment to be relevant and seen, don’t let yourself be carried away. For instance, if you used moving services Ontario, make sure to state what were the exact services, and how satisfied you were with them. Not many will be interested to read about something that’s not in a complete correlation with the topic.

Write about your general impression of the moving company

Feedback board
Rate the satisfaction of the services

People who come to read reviews are interested to know how well do you rate your experience. They want to see whether the company they are thinking about hiring has fulfilled your requirements and met your expectations. So, these are the key information about your moving review. You can add your first impression of the company and whether something changed later. Your review could also include some of the following:

  • How responsive was moving company?
  • Did they provide the necessary information regarding relocation?
  • Did the company comply with all arrangements? If not, state what rules have been violated.
  • Does the price of the service justify the quality?
  • Were there any hidden costs you did not expect?

Of course, the list does not have to end here. But it should serve you as a good guide to what is important to point out. For example, some people who are looking for good long-distance movers in Canada would like to know how reliable the company is since this type of relocation is a bit more serious and it requires meticulous preparation. Therefore, if you had any experience with such movers, do not skip to write that piece of information.

Tell the people about the result of the paid services

Having read your comments about the services you have used, note the result at the end of your cooperation. You can rate the experience by using a classical method of giving marks from 1-5. Or, you can incorporate something of your own. But the point is that you should be specific about it. Tell them, based on your experience if this is the company that is worth checking out and how did they treat you. For those who are moving to or from Ontario, it could serve as a good indicator which local movers Ontario enter a group of those which can be trusted.

Why should you bother writing the comment?

answering questions
There are many reasons to submit your comment

For starters, we are sure that there are a lot of you who choose some moving company based on somebody else’s experience and comments. If you write a review for a moving company, there will be someone who will read it. If someone can benefit from it, then do not think twice whether you should do it or not.

Besides helping others, you can also help yourself by submitting a genuine comment. Perhaps you had a bad experience that people want to hear about. The written comment will help you seek justice and make the company compensate for the damage that has caused you.

Finally, your comment helps the company reach a larger number of customers if your experience was positive.

You must remember that words carry power. Perhaps what you say, or write will make somebody change their mind. In the end, it is important to mention that if you decide to write a review for a moving company, be truthful! After all, if you write a review for a moving company with complete honesty, you will maybe help someone to choose the best moving company for him. And, is there anything nicer than being in a position to help out someone?