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Best places in Canada for minimalist living

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One of the best places in Canada for minimalist living

“Minimalist living” is a term used in architecture to describe compact and small yet functional homes. As a concept, it’s based on owning a certain number of things and not letting things own you and take up our precious space. This movement became popular in 1960 and is still trending to this day. That being said, leading a minimalist lifestyle is especially useful when relocating since you will have fewer possessions to pack, move, and unpack. If you have decided to relocate and are looking for the best places in Canada for minimalist living, Number 1 Movers Van Lines are here to help you!

Consider moving to the nice small town of Halton Hills

Halton Hills is in the northwest corner of the Greater Toronto Area, with about 65,480 residents. It is ranked sixth when it comes to the best livability standard in Ontario. Its residents are mostly white, but there are some other nationalities and ethnicities living in Halton Hills as well. If you’re planning to move here with a family, it’ll be a good choice, as Halton Hills is one of the safest Canadian cities. Keeping this in mind, it’s not a surprise most people living here are married couples, most of which also have at least one child. Most Halton Hills residents work, with the unemployment rate being only 3.7%. The median household income is $125,962, while the national average is $82,436, almost 40k lower.

A couch with colourful pillows
Minimalism is an idea based on owning a certain number of things and not letting things own you, and you can have that in Halton Hills.

Real estate market in Halton Hills

If the following was enough to make you consider moving here, now it’s time to see whether Halton Hills will fit your lifestyle. When it comes to the affordability of a minimalistic lifestyle, Halton Hills is one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living. Housing prices are less expensive than in Ontario, and food, utilities, and transportation prices are similar to other places in Ontario. If you have a big family, you’ll need a bigger house, despite your lifestyle preferences. Houses with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms usually cost between 700- 900k. While this might be a bit pricier than other towns, homes in Halton Hills are in high demand due to its vicinity to Toronto.

Moreover, Halton Hills and Toronto are only 27 miles apart, and you can reach one another in less than an hour. Halton Hills is a perfect choice for those who want to move to a more quiet area and indulge in a minimalistic lifestyle but still want to be close to work or school. If living in this city seems like a good option, hire some of the moving companies Etobicoke and ensure a fast relocation to your new home in Halton Hills!

Mississauga is a great choice for minimalist living

Mississauga is the largest suburb of Toronto and the sixth-largest city in Canada. It has more than 750 000 residents and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Mississauga also has a much higher median household income, with households earning around $94,663 on average. The unemployment rate is 6%, which is similar to the national average. That’s why young professionals and people looking to advance in their career move here. And since most young professionals don’t care much about spending money on unnecessary house items, you’ll likely meet other fellow minimalists here.

An apartment building
Mississauga is one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living.

Mississauga is also one of the very safe cities. There are less than 1800 crime cases per 100k people. However, this city is on the pricier side when it comes to livability. Since its one of the fastest-growing cities, prices of real estate properties have risen a bit. An apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms usually costs between 600 and 700k CAD. Buying a house is more expensive than getting an apartment, and 3-bedroom houses cost between 900k and 1200k CAD. If living in Mississauga seems like a dream come true, your next step should be contacting Mississauga moving companies and scheduling your appointment!

Minimalists will love living in Westmount

Westmount is a suburban neighborhood of Montreal, with a population of around 20 000 residents. An interesting fact is that only 20% of Westmounters speak English only, 2% French only, which means that more than 70% are bilingual. Another interesting fact is that residents ages 1-45 make up only 35% of the entire population, meaning that almost 2/3 of Westmounters are adults and senior citizens

A happy family of four
Most mentioned cities are family-oriented and perfect for couples and families with children.

Westmount is another example of a significantly higher median household income. Westmount homes get $132,170 per year, compared to the national average of 72,311 CAD. Real estate prices are two times more expensive than average prices in Quebec. You can get a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom 1000 sqft home for 600k CAD, or a 1-bathroom 1-bedroom 320 sqft studio for 340k CAD. for those looking for the best places in Canada for minimalist living, Westmount might be a perfect choice. Although real estate can be expensive, utilities, transportation, services, and groceries have reasonable prices.

St Catharines- one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living

St. Catharines is Ontario’s largest city in the Niagara Region and is located 10 miles from the USA border. As such, a significant number of residents live in Canada but travel to the neighboring USA for work. Its a city with 140 000 residents, most of whom are White Canadians and Americans, followed by other ethnicities such as Black, Chinese, South Asian, Latin American, Arab, etc. Roughly 40% of the population are families with children, and only 65% of the population is married. Although unemployment is low – around 3%, median household income is much lower than the national average. Moreover, the national average is $87,353, while St Catharines’ average is $68,237.

Although median income is not extremely high, affordability corresponds to income. Most newcomers who relocate with the help of moving companies St Catharines choose to rent apartments. To rent a 700 sqft apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom you will have to pay 1500 CAD per month, which is a reasonable price. On the other hand, prices of houses depend on location, size, and other factors, but real estate properties usually cost between 500k-700k CAD.

Minimalistic lifestyle in Brampton

Brampton is a city located in the Great Toronto area and one of the fastest-growing cities in Ontario. Previously the native land, it’s currently home to more than 730 000 people. More than 77% of its residents are married couples, 60% of whom are families with children. Moreover, Brampton has a very young median age of 30 years. Other than White Canadians, there is a significant number of South Asian, Black, Filipino, and Latin American Bramptonians. Many newcomers move to Brampton via movers Brampton to get better life opportunities, such as better jobs and better education. On average, most families receive 100k CAD per year, while the national median household income is $82,436.

A minimalistic apartment
Buying a home in one of the best Canadian cities for minimalistic living is better in a long run.

The unemployment rate is 5%, and most employed residents work in Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Transportation, Finance, Professional Services, Management, Administration, Education, Health Care, Accommodation and Public Administration. Brampton is pretty affordable to live in, and real estate prices are not extremely high. There are more apartments than houses for sale in the city of Brampton, and most houses are usually villas on the outskirts of the city. Regular 2- bedroom 1-bathroom 700 sqft apartments cost between 2k-3k CAD per month. Other services, groceries, entertainment and utilities are similar to the national average.

Lincoln is a great and cozy place

Lincoln is a city constructed on Lake Ontario. It is a small city with no more than 25 000 residents. Lincoln is a city with low racial diversity since more than 92% of its residents are Caucasian Canadians. Most residents are either married couples with children or senior citizens. As for median age, statistics report that more than 60% of Lincoln residents are 35+. Although Lincoln is a smaller and more peaceful town, its residents are living more than comfortably. An average household income is $101,973, almost 20k more than the national average. The unemployment rate is very low- only 2% are unemployed. Most Lincoln residents work in agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail, and 10% are self-employed.

Lincoln is also a pretty safe city, with no major crimes. Its real estate prices can be 3 times lower than average. For example, a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom condo of 550 sqft costs between 350 and 400k, and renting an apartment can cost you somewhere between 1300 -2500 CAD. If a peaceful town is what you are looking for, Lincoln is a great choice. If you would like to relocate here, moving companies Lincoln can help you do so in a blink of an eye!

A neighborhood in a Canadian city
Most apartments range from 1700-2700 CAD per month.

Brantford is one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living

If you have not already hired movers Brantford and moved here, we will make you fall in love with this place. Brantford is a city in Ontario formed on the Grand River. It is a medium-sized city with more than 102 000 residents. Most residents are married couples and families with one or two children. Most of its residents are Caucasian, with a significant percentage of South Asian and Filipino residents. Unlike other cities, Brantford has a bit lower average household income, which is roughly 72k CAD, a.k.a 10k less than the national average. However, most residents seem to be satisfied with their current jobs. Moreover, most Brantforders work in the following fields:

  1. Construction
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Wholesale
  4. Retail
  5. Transportation
  6. Information
  7. Finance
  8. Real Estate

Although Brantford used to have some safety problems, the crime rate has reduced. However, that is one of the reasons why real estate is very affordable in Brantford. A 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1700 sqft house range from 600- 700k CAD. Utilities, food, transportation, and other services are in the national average range, which makes this city very affordable and one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living!

Get to know Cambridge

Cambridge is a medium-sized city located on the Grand and Speed rivers. It has around 140 000 residents and is becoming one of the fast-growing cities in Ontario. Most of its residents are White, South Asian, Black, Latin American, Chinese, and Southeast Asian. It’s a safe city with less than 3000 crimes yearly, a low unemployment rate of 3.4%, and an affordable lifestyle. Most households earn 90k CAD per year and enjoy a comfortable life due to affordable livability.

A brown rug
Make sure to take as much time as possible when choosing your new home.

The majority of residents work in Education, Healthcare, Financial & insurance services, Wholesale & retail services, Public administration, Transportation, warehousing & utilities, etc. Most homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms range from 500k to 600 k CAD, and most have 1000 sqft. Apartment prices range from 1700 to 2800 cad per month, with most having 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. If you are looking to move to a fast-growing area with many life opportunities, hiring Cambridge movers should be your next move!

Best places in Canada for a minimalist living- which should you choose?

All in all, there are many great places in Canada for minimalistic living. Since choosing the best place is not easy, your needs and wishes can be of great help when opting for the best choice. If you want to move to a bigger city, Brampton and Mississauga are great options. If you are looking for a more remote place to live in, Westmount and Lincoln are the perfect choices. Only after aligning your needs, wishes, and expectations can you decide on one of the best places in Canada for minimalist living we have offered you! Lastly, make sure you take some time to make the final decision. And whether you plan on moving long-distance or locally, our Waterdown movers will be there to assist you!