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Average Cost of Moving in Toronto 2021

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    You have decided that you want to move to Toronto. Everything is decided, you found a new home, a new job, etc. Congratulations! Even tho it can be exciting, moving is also exhausting and expensive. You might wonder if you can afford to hire some of the movers Toronto to help you move your belongings. A lot of factors come into play when estimating the cost of relocating. This guide will show you the average cost of moving in Toronto in 2021 to save your precious time.

    Person packing jeans into a cardboard box
    Hiring movers is expensive, but it is always worth it

    A simple formula for calculating the moving cost

    This formula will check the average moving costs. Add the factors that affect the moving price and you are ready to plan the budget for your residential move. The elements of the formula are:

    • Movers rate – these are the set prices of the company that you are hiring per one hour
    • Duration of the move – the time when the movers are actually working to get you moved (the duration will definitely impact the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021)
    • Extra fees – costs that you will not get in the estimate but you will end up paying anyway

    What are the factors affecting the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021

    The factors that are affecting the price of a move are always identical. They include:

    • Season (picking the right season to move can highly impact the average cost of moving in 2021)
    • The type of house/apartment
    • Special items that you own
    • Distance
    • Extra services you might need


    Even tho it might seem insignificant, the season can make a difference to the cost. Most people pick the holiday season, summer, for relocation. That’s when most of the commercial movers Toronto have a lot of work. That will result in higher prices during that time. Because of that’s why you should opt for autumn and winter. Weeks and days in the month also count, so try to move in the last two weeks of the month, preferably on Tuesday. For some reason, it is the least favorite day for a move. Depending on the time of year, and on the moving company, these are the average costs in Toronto:

    • High season $100-$155
    • Low season $90-$145

    The type of house/apartment

    It goes without saying, the bigger your home the more time it will take to move. More time equals a higher cost. Also, it will take more time to move if you have a lot of items. Certainly, it will take more time to relocate from a big mansion than from a small apartment. Even if your move doesn’t last more than two hours, you will probably have to pay as if it lasted longer. That is because professional companies like Number1Movers set a minimum price regardless of the relocation’s duration.

    Couple talking about the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021 while packing boxes in a van
    It will take more time to relocate if you have a lot of items to move

    Special items make a difference in the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021

    Needing special items moved definitely adds up to the price. But you shouldn’t hesitate to call professionals if you need a piano moved. In these cases, it is better to be safe than sorry. When talking about moving special items, weight and space add up to the cost. These include spas, safes, marble tables, pianos, etc. Moving costs for these items can vary depending on the item. The prices range from $150-$550.


    The distance between point A and point B is what makes the difference between a short distance and a long-distance move. It’s needless to say that there is a big diversity between the cost of these two. The reason for a higher cost is obviously more time, fuel and effort spend than for a short relocation. For a long-distance move, you will also need insurance, which will also add up on the cost. The cost depending on the distance in Toronto varies between moving companies, but most of them charge $1.50-$2.00 per km after the 50 km standard drive.

    Extra services you might need modify the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021

    Usually, you don’t think that you need extra services until the day that you actually need them. But these services can end up more costly than the actual moving rate. Since they come as a surprise, you should be attentive to the small details. Most moving companies offer value-added services like packing, unpacking, assembling, etc. It is a good idea to list all the items that need disassembling, packing, or storage before you call your movers. You can also probably do a lot of things yourself. You can ask friends for help, or save money on your packing supplies. you want those extra services, make sure to have properly planned for them beforehand. There are movers who don’t charge these extra services, they just charge the moving rate for the time spent doing it. In any case, make sure to calculate the costs properly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Gold and silver coins on a white surface
    You should think about extra services before the move so that they don’t come as an unexpected expense

    Average moving estimates

    By using the formula that was given at the beginning and implementing the factors that affect the cost, we got these estimates as a result:

    • The price for apartments range from $300-$1500
    • The price for houses range from $675-$2400

    The average cost of moving in Toronto 2021 – conclusion

    If you carefully consider all factors and make the right calculations, it will be much easier to pick a moving company. Each move is unique, and so are your requirements and needs. That’s why it is important to let your movers know all the details from the very beginning so that you can get a realistic moving quote. It is always recommended to get at least 5 moving quotes to be able to choose the best one for you. But remember that you get what you paid for. Because of this, you need to stay away from the movers that offer you a deal that is too good to be true. We hope that this guide on the average cost of moving in Toronto 2021 was helpful in giving you some insight. Good luck with your upcoming move!