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Top pumpkin patches in Hamilton

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A lot of pumpkins with faces on

With the upcoming Halloween, there are many things you need to do. Decorating your home, buying necessary supplies if you are moving, and for the best part, finding that perfect pumpkin! While some people can find it hard to look for it, we thought about it and wrote a list about the best pumpkin patches in Hamilton you can find this October! Read our blog and get yourself a pumpkin in no time at all!

Merry’s Farm is one of the top pumpkin patches in Hamilton

If you are looking for a place that is run by a family and family-oriented then Merry’s Farm is just the place for you. This former sheep farm was then transformed into a Christmas tree farm in the 1980s. Although the main product of the farm is the Christmas Trees, you can still find quite a few pumpkin patches in Hamilton. They also provide you and your family with a lot of family-friendly activities you can enjoy. From learning what a farm is, to learn more about other different types of jobs people can do on a farm. Not to mention seeing the animals like horses, geese, ducks, some sheep etc. Get your family down here and enjoy quality time with them!

Bunch of geese as part of pumpkin patches in Hamilton
Some pumpkin patches in Hamilton have animals as well

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Parkside Farms

One of the reasons why Parkside Farms are on our list of top pumpkin patches in Hamilton is the abundance of thing you can do with your family! For instance, you can take your kids through the corn maze, participate in a make your own scarecrow program, or just ride a wagon to Storybook Forest. There are a lot of scenic routes you can take to enjoy the perfect place that is Parkside Farms. One other thing makes this place perfect for a pumpkin search is the availability of the pumpkins here. You can find them fairly cheaper than on any other farms. Enjoy a perfect time with your family and children on this farm and see what other workshops they can provide you with!

a man riding a horse wagon
Enjoy yourself by taking a ride on a horse wagon

With the upcoming Halloween, you will probably be very busy with everything revolving this holiday! Not to mention if you just moved into your new home! If you do not know how to properly move so you can adapt faster there are very good guidelines that can help you with your moving to Oakville! Follow them through and you will be in your new home in no time!

Work on your pumpkin carving skills

Before you even begin finding that perfect pumpkin, you should do a little research and build up your pumpkin carving skills! There are absolutely hundreds of ways you can carve your pumpkin! But, also, there are basic ways you should know more about. When it comes to pumpkin carving you need to be careful if you are doing it with your children. Because someone could get hurt during this process. Therefore, make sure the safety is on a high level before you start carving pumpkins.

a man carving his pumpkin
Level up your pumpkin carving skills by following some guides on the internet

Spice up your pumpkin carving skills with some awesome basic pumpkin carving guides you can find on the internet! With this guide, you will have a pretty good idea about how to do it properly, fast and safely with your family!

Spencer Farm

If you are looking for just a quality time searching for a pumpkin then you are at the right place! This is easily one of the best pumpkin patches in Hamilton because it’s just that. It offers thousands of pumpkins you can choose from! If you want to find a perfect pumpkin but do not want to waste time on other activities on this farm. If you are looking for the best time of your life you can spend with your family by searching for a pumpkin, then come on by Spencer Farm and enjoy it!

bunch of pumpkins
Spencer Farm has the best pumpkins you can find

With this huge farm, you can enjoy autumn and autumn colors to its fullest. And if you decide to bring your significant other with you, there will be no mistake! A perfect and romantic activity for two is just the thing to spice up love life in the Halloween season! There are other romantic ways to spend autumn in Hamilton you should know more about!

Russel Farms

Russel family farm is one of the best places you can search for your pumpkin this Halloween. It is located in Noblesville, and it has been there for over 50 years! Yes, it is that old! If you wish your kids to learn more about agriculture and farm life then head out here! They organize a few events where children learn more about farm life during the autumn. There are also a lot of other activities you can enjoy with your family as well, such as corn mazes, mini-golf and many more!

image of wheat
You can learn more about farm life on Russels Farms

Most importantly, if you are looking for a job in Hamilton, then visiting Russel Farms may help you! You will relax a lot here and put your mind at ease because that’s the only way you can successfully find a job here! Learn more about ways to find a job in Hamilton so you can find it faster!

The best pumpkin patches in Hamilton are not that hard to find, because they are almost everywhere. People simple love pumpkins here and you can find yours almost instantly! Hopefully, this guide helped you with your search! We wish you the best of this holiday season!