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Tips for Turning Your Attic into a Functional Space

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    interior design of a house attic

    No matter how big is your home, you always need an extra space whatever for storage or some other use. As building another room is not an option, you need to find some other solution. The room with the best potential is the attic. You can turn your attic into a completely usable room, home office, or just a storage space. You can do the renovation by yourself or you can hire professionals just like you hired Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines for your relocation. It’s up to you and your budget. Therefore, here are a few tips for turning your attic into a functional space. 

    What are the tips for turning your attic into a functional space?

    You can’t start turning your attic into a functional space without a plan. For this reason, you need to first think about how you are going to use your attic. For example, if you need to move your office with office movers Burlington Ontario has to offer, then you can turn your attic into a home office. Additionally, you can turn it into a guest room, game room, etc. After you decide what your attic going to be, then you should do the following steps:

    • Consult professionals
    • Deal with legal issues
    • Make a design
    • Insulate and ventilate

    Check if you can renovate your attic

    You can’t just start renovating your attic without consulting the building inspector. Your local building inspector will decide if your attic has all requirements to become a functional space. The building inspector will check floor load capacity, the attic’s ceiling height and slope, etc. Usually, the requirements are a minimum of 7 ft high and 7 ft wide attic space. You can’t move your items with long distance movers in Canada without the approval of the building inspector first.

    happy building inspector standing
    When you are turning your attic into a functional space, you need to consult the building inspector first

    Consult professionals

    Turning an attic into an additional room can’t be done completely without professionals. It’s the same situation when you are moving your office with Mississauga office movers. You need help from professionals in both cases. For renovating the attic, you will need a lot of different professionals such as structural engineers, plumbers, electricians, etc. However, it won’t be as simple as you might think. Turning an attic into a completely functional room is a big project and you must be absolutely sure you can do it.

    Take care of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

    Most attics are properly insulated and ventilated. As you are going to use your attic as a room, you will have to take care of these things. Therefore, there are ways to improve your attic ventilation. However, you should leave this job to professionals. Your only job in this stage is to find good professionals that don’t cost a fortune.  

    turning your attic into a functional space such as bedroom
    Make sure that HVAC is taken care of

    Think about lighting

    Attics are usually very dark with almost non-existing natural light. For this reason, when you are turning your attic into a functional space, you should consider installing windows and skylights. However, if adding new windows is not an option, you can lighten up your attic with lamps, ceiling lights, etc.