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Tips for negotiating a relocation package

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It is important to know how to start negotiating a relocation package with an employer

Getting a promotion at work is an awesome feeling. People usually respond well to praises so praise at work is no exception. Promotion sometimes comes with its pros and cons, depending on how you look at it. If you have to move away to another city, that can be an obstacle to your everyday functioning. But if you like the idea of discovering another city and working there, learn a few tips for negotiating a relocation package.

Learn the capabilities of your company

In order to start making a deal about a relocation package, you need to do some research. There are many differences between companies and their capabilities. Some of them can provide you everything you want and need to move but some of them can’t. You have to keep this in mind so you don’t open all of your cards at the start. This is crucial to do before the move so you could plan it properly. If the budget is low, you will maybe have to cut some expenses, too.

Avoid any mistakes that can compromise opinion about you
Plan the move in time!

The same goes for moving companies. You can’t just call and make a deal. First, you need to know what to check when dealing with the moving company so you could avoid confusion in the end. There are many cases of people that didn’t check everything and ended up remodeling the first plan. It costs a lot if something like that happens so you could easily be graded like incompetent. It isn’t a good way to start building your career in the company.

Plan in time

To plan and put everything in order you have to plan ahead of time. Planning on a tight schedule is dangerous. This way you have much more chance for something to go wrong. You should consider several things in order to make the plan right:

  • Make a checklist– Smart people write everything down. This is a delicate matter so everything needs to be perfect. There is a very little place to maneuver. Also, one little mistake of yours can make a lot of trouble to movers, and to your employers. We advise you to make a moving checklist and cross thing by thing as you finish them.
  • Pack– Don’t allow yourself to be lazy and leave everything for the last minute. People that do that often make mistakes and have much bigger stress than people that start packing in time. Also, this way you will have time even to go through a double check.
  • Hire a moving companyWhen we talk about negotiating a relocation package, there is a chance that your employers will pick the company that will complete the move. But if that isn’t the case, you have to do that yourself. You have to go through various Dundas movers in order to find the perfect one that can grant you the services you need. Have in mind that long distance moving is a much harder job and some companies just can’t do that for you.

The agreement has to be mutual and beneficial

It is easy to forget the fact that you want to get as much as you can when negotiating a relocation package. We say this because many people try to get everything they intended. You have to understand that the company can terminate the deal and you will end up losing everything instead of getting it. So, be moderate when making a deal about a relocation package. It is essentially a business deal so you have to act like a businessman. Ask, listen and be ready to make a compromise. In the end, compromise is the key to everything in life.

Stand your ground when negotiating a relocation package goes in unwanted direction
Make a mutual and beneficial agreement!

But how to do this?

It is easy to say but when you meet eye to eye, you can easily be tricked into a lesser deal. Before you go into making a deal about relocation, you should know common relocation package options. This is important so that you can sort what you can ask for and what can’t.

The most important thing you have to do is to make a list. That list should have three things on it. First, conditions that aren’t acceptable. That is the line below which you don’t want to go. Second, conditions that are acceptable. You can’t exactly know what you will be offered but you can know if that is good enough for you. Third, the ideal outcome. It probably won’t be achieved but you can never know. Just be careful not to cross the line after which there is no turning back.

Be prepared when negotiating a relocation package

What we mean by this is that you have to know numbers before you get to negotiate a deal. If your employer didn’t hire a moving company for you, then you have to do research in this area. The employer doesn’t have the obligation to get in touch with them and deal with them at all. Get moving quotes from moving companies. It is best if you can find several of them. This way you can easily compare moving quotes you got and find the one that suits you and your employer the best.

This way you protect yourself when something goes wrong
Put everything on paper!

Put the deal on paper!

This is the most important detail when negotiating a relocation package. We know how easy it is to trust a given word. But you can be wrong with your judgment about the company. You shouldn’t trust anyone unless put into a legal document which you can use if something goes wrong. No matter who the employer is, it is the best solution for both parties to do this. Both of you are protected and don’t need any exposure if something bad happens.


There are plenty of tips when negotiating a relocation package. But some are more important than others. In order to do this right, you have to plan the move and be ready when negotiating. Choose the perfect Ancaster movers with the adequate price that will be approved by your employer. Also, don’t underestimate yourself and do go below the line that doesn’t grant your needs. After all, you are the one that is moving to work for that company. This doesn’t mean you should be arrogant. Be moderate when negotiating and put everything on paper when you make a deal.