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Things your Mississauga movers won’t move

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    When hiring Mississauga movers, you might think you’ll get to move absolutely anything. Even though you’re pretty close, movers will move and pack most of your things, certain items are just not in their job description. Or, alternatively, can be dangerous to transport with the rest of your belongings. Before you get surprised or think you’re not getting good service, we at Number 1 Van Lines would like to present a comprehensive list of things your Mississauga movers won’t move. You’ll see it’s pretty obvious!

    Mississauga movers packing what they will move


    You may be asking yourself: What are perishables? Well, perishables are things that can go bad, like food for example. It is highly counterproductive to ask your movers to transport your food with your items. First of all, the chances of your food still being edible, or even in one piece for that matter, are close to zero. Secondly, moving something that can let out juice or smell, is really not recommended alongside your furniture and clothing.

    It might seem like a good idea at first, but really moving food and drinks will create more problems than it will solve. If you’re moving extremely last minute, you can consider gifting your groceries to your neighbors or donating to a shelter.


    This includes anything from gasoline to fireworks. Although chances of an explosion are low, they aren’t zero. There are some things simply not work risking. Even a small container of gasoline, like lighter fluid, can be a hazardous item.

    When transporting items such as these, it’s best you do it in a safe way. If you’re moving it by car, keep it close to you in a dry, cold area. 

    Cleaning supplies

    This one might come as a surprise. But professional movers Mississauga would never risk it. It’s one thing just wanting your items transported from one location to another. But it is a whole different thing to keep those items safe from harm. You should always listen to the professionals, and not mix any substances with your furniture or other items.

    A picture of cleaning supplies
    Anything that can be spilled shouldn’t be loaded in a moving truck!

    For those of you planning a move in advance, now is the time to stop stockpiling your cleaning supplies. You’ll have just enough time to use them up and start fresh in your new home.


    Now when we say cosmetics we mean things that can be spilled or can damage other items. For example nail polish and nail polish remover. As you’ve maybe seen until now, most of the things your movers won’t move are small items you will have no problem moving!

    In need of office movers Mississauga?

    If you’re looking for trusted office movers to rely on, our office movers Mississauga are here for you. Luckily for you, most offices don’t have things movers won’t move. So, you’re in for the whole package!

    Now that you’ve learned what Mississauga movers won’t move, we’re sure you have more compassion and understanding. We wish you a successful moving process. And feel free to contact us!