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Moving to Brantford on a budget

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Moving to a new home is a great moment in life that we all encounter one day. This new chapter requires your time, effort, and money. Not only do you have to budget for the cost of a moving company, but you also have to pay for expenses that you maybe didn’t consider. But how do you make moving to Brantford on a budget possible? Whether you are considering hiring a company like Number 1 Movers or doing it yourself, here you can find some good practices to follow that won’t completely empty your wallet.

person putting coin in a piggy bank
Moving to Bradford on a budget is possible.

Solutions for moving to Brantford on a budget

Before you start preparing for your move, it’s a good idea, especially when you’re on a tight budget, to properly calculate all charges and expenses in order to avoid bad last-minute news. The first thing to do is to define a precise budget. This will help you make a selection and guide your choice either towards national moving companies or rather small local movers. However, having a small budget does not mean making concessions on quality! Check the reliability of your future mover and in particular, check if the company is registered in the trade and companies register, has an up-to-date transport license and insurance.

By completing an online quote request you can choose the formula that is the most adapted to your budget and your needs. The best solution is to choose the economical formula which guarantees you to move cheaper while maintaining a quality service. However, you are in charge of installing your furniture and all the heavy lifting. However, if you hire Brantford movers you will get free furniture dismantling and assembling. Another solution is group moving. This is the most economical solution. By bundling your belongings with others and sharing the cost of shipping with others, you get a huge discount. Talk with people in your surroundings and see if anyone is planning a move. Doing it together will cut the cost of hiring a moving company.

Choosing the right season will save you money

If you want to move on a low budget and get a cheap moving quote, it is essential to choose the low season. The cost of the move varies depending on the season. We strongly advise you to avoid the summer period for your move to the city of Brantford, which is from June to September, school holidays and weekends. It is during these times that moving companies are in high demand and prices can easily climb. It is therefore recommended, if possible, to choose the autumn period when moving to Brantford on a budget. By choosing the cheapest time of the year to move you will be able to make significant savings and benefit from more flexibility and higher availability from the mover.

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Autumn is the best season for a move on a budget.

‍There is no better time to get rid of your old stuff than when you are preparing your things for a move. Instead of putting everything you no longer need in a box and taking it to your new home, take the time to sort and get rid of everything you no longer want or need. Things you can do:

  • sell things you no longer need
  • give them to charity
  • offer them to your friends and family

With less to move, not only will you save money, but you could also save money by listing your old furniture, or clothes you no longer wear on second-hand sites. If you are not into online selling have a garage sale! You will be surprised by how much you can make from selling your stuff. If there is still something left after the sale, give them to charity or your friends and family. This way you will save up some space and do a good deed.

Save money on packaging and bubble wrap

An economical move also involves packaging! To keep your expenses to a minimum you can start collecting free boxes wherever you can. Supermarkets throw away large quantities every day that have only been used once. You can ask a manager to save some for your move. This is in case you are moving without a moving company. Usually, when you hire a professional moving company they provide moving boxes. Number 1 Movers company provides free wardrobe boxes for your relocation.

The same is with bubble wrap. If you can find them in your local stores for free when they receive their merchandise then you will save money. You can also think about using old newspapers and magazines to wrap fragile items instead of bubble wrap. Obviously, if you use a service provider to pack your things, you will save time and energy. However, this has an additional cost. Consider packing your belongings yourself if you are on a tight budget.

Find free boxes when moving to Brantford on a budget.
Save money on boxes by getting them from your local supermarket for free.
Moving with friends or family can be fun and small budget-friendly

Calling on friends or family can make moving more affordable. If everyone brings their car and gets involved with the packing and transporting process, the move can be easy. Give a mission to each person. One takes care of the clothes, the other the cooking utensils, and the last the living room stuff. This experience can even be fun. But this solution can be tricky, especially if your friends don’t have the same working hours. For example, if one is unavailable on weekends and for another Saturday and Sunday are their only days off, finding a date that works for everyone can be a real hassle. There are also risks of damaging your belongings. Imagine a fridge tumbling down the stairs. While with Brantford movers you are insured, friends who help you on a voluntary basis can hardly be held responsible.

If you can borrow a truck for free from a friend or a friend of a friend that’s ideal. If you don’t have this option on hand, you can rent a vehicle. You want to move on your own but taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that your furniture and equipment arrive whole and in good condition! You can also rent trucks equipped with suitable tools. However, whether you are moving to a small apartment or a big house you can always find solutions for moving to Brantford on a budget. It can be tricky but with a little bit of research, it is possible.  Make your family and friends participate and make the best of it!