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Things you can and can’t put into storage

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There comes a time in everybody’s life when your house is just too cluttered. You will most likely trip on something lying on the floor that should not be there, or push something off the overcrowded cupboard. If you are tired of stuff like this happening, then you should start thinking about renting a storage unit! A storage unit is a very convenient thing to have in situations like these because you can get the best movers in Hamilton Ontario, and transfer everything you do not need in your house. There are a plethora of things that you can put in storage, however, there are also some things you can’t. You are probably asking now, “what are the things you can and can’t put into storage?” Well, we have created an article just for you to discuss this issue! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Things you can and can’t put into storage – what’s to know?

There are some things that you cannot put in storage. This is because some things are hazardous and can cause harm to the storage unit. And not just your storage unit, but other storage units as well. A pest infestation is most likely going to spread throughout the whole storage facility. Also, an explosion will probably damage the neighboring storage units besides your own. So, let’s see which items are prohibited and which are not.

Things you can and can't put in storage flammable materials
Flammable materials are prohibited in storage units

Prohibited items in storage

Prohibited items in storage include flammable items, perishable items and food, any living creatures, stolen vehicles and items, explosives and firearms, of course, you cannot live in a storage unit. After picking the right sized storage unit, make sure to research what you can put in it and what you cannot. We will now go in-depth as to why you can’t put some of these items in your storage unit.

Flammable items

Flammable items are probably the most obvious thing you can’t put into storage. When you have flammable items, any temperature change may trigger an explosion or a fire. If you value your items, it is better not to put any flammable items in your storage. Even if you try, your storage facility manager will probably stop you before you do so. This is the same as moving to Hamilton Ontario. Your movers will tell you that flammable items are prohibited, so why should it be different with storage units. An explosion may harm your storage unit and also neighboring units, and also damage the electronics that connect the entire facility. This will also increase the risk of a facility-wide fire. Therefore, make sure not to store any flammable items.

book piles
Books are safe items that can be stored.

Perishable items and food

Next up on the list of things you can’t put into storage are perishable items and food. If you add anything that can get spoiled, you are just asking for trouble. What happens when you leave a piece of food on the table for a couple of days? Ants will come, cockroaches if you are unlucky, and even bigger (quite literally) problems such as mice or rats. You do not want that to happen. No amount of pesticide you buy online is going to solve that problem. Therefore, putting items like food or perishables in your storage unit is a one-way ticket out of the storage facility. Besides the vermin, your items can develop mold which can easily spread to other storage units.

Living or dead animals

This is kind of obvious. If something wants to live, it needs to eat and have the freedom to do so. So, do not put a parrot with enough food to sustain a week. You never know what will happen and if the storage unit has some extreme temperature changes, then it will most likely kill your animals. This is also true concerning your fishing grubs and other similar critters. Grubs can create a nesting ground for many species of pests and vermin which can spread to the whole storage facility.

Unregistered vehicles

If you want to make a business storage, you better register your cars beforehand. Having unregistered vehicles inside the storage unit is prohibited and it is also illegal. You do not want to run into trouble with the law just because you do not know where to put your car. If you, however, do want to put a car inside your storage, make sure to register it first.

Living in a storage unit

As you may have guessed, living in a storage unit is also prohibited. Even if you make it cozy enough to make it your home, your storage facility manager is not going to like it one bit. It is also illegal by law to do so and the storage facility must abide in order to keep their business.

seasonal clothes
Seasonal clothes are great for storage units

Things you can put into storage

We have discussed the things you can’t put into storage, and now we will go through some of the things you can.


Electronics are one of the most common things people put in storage. This is because they pose no threat to the health of the storage unit in terms of pests, vermin, and flammability. You can also store electronics here until you decide what to ultimately do with it.

Seasonal clothes

Seasonal clothes are also one of the things people regularly use storage units for. You can easily access your storage unit when it gets colder or warmer, and get your stuff with no hassle.


If you have some bulky old sofas, beds, or cupboards, a storage unit is a perfect place for them. Until you decide what to do with it, of course. You do not want to keep renting a storage unit for stuff you never plan on using again. If you, however, do, it is better to just abandon the storage unit, and hope it gets on one of those storage unit auction shows.

With all that said, good luck with renting a storage unit!