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Things that Calgary Movers should keep aside while Packing for Move

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    If you have ever moved then you might know that how professional movers can turn an atrocious move into a smooth journey. Choosing a reputed moving company will not only take up your responsibility but also secure your peace of mind. They are experts in moving, however, they don’t move certain things. Do you know what these items are? Check out this article up to the end to find out what things moving companies do not move from one location to another:

    Hazardous Materials: It is a matter of common sense that movers will not move hazardous materials from one place of residence to another. Everyone knows that items like ammunition, fireworks, and explosives are dangerous but the list of hazardous items is various household items that are restricted to transport by the movers. You might be shocked to know that these household restricted items include flammable items like paint, paint thinner, corrosives, kerosene, gasoline, oil, fluid, lighter propane tanks, heavy-duty cleaning fluids, and chemicals, and it even includes everyday products such as batteries, nail polish, and nail polish remover, etc.
    You should not include these things while packing your belongings in your move.

    Perishable Items: Perishable food items like dairy products, meat, already opened containers, and frozen food items could not be transported into a moving truck as these items will perish within the truck’s container especially during a long-distance move. Moving trucks are not equipped with any facility to refrigerate these items, hence if travelled for long-distance these items will no longer be in a condition to consume. Therefore you should avoid packing these items during your moves especially when moving to long distances.

    Avoid Taking Plants: Live plants like perishable food items cannot survive longer if you are planning for a long-distance move. Plants need extra space in the moving truck and therefore your mover may not carry plants to your new location. They need extra care while traveling in the truck depending upon the season. In summer the little plants need water and a cooler environment whereas a warmer environment is suitable during the winter, which is quite difficult to manage. That’s why you should not take plants to your new home. Plant tubs drained in water will be heavy and increase the weight of your belongings which will ultimately increase your cost.

    Irreplaceable Items: Mover makes best efforts to protect and take care of your belongings, but keeping your valuable documents such as medical records, passport, financial documents, or any other document with yourself is the best and safe option. Jewelleries, stocks and bonds, memorable photographs, and currency should also be kept with you and not to be packed with your luggage as these items are worthy and irreplaceable.

    So Calgary movers must segregate these items from other belongings in order to reduce cost and keep your valuable items safe as these items are riskier to handle