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The most difficult items to move long-distance

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    movers bringing in the couch

    Certain goods are always more difficult to transfer than others. To ensure a seamless move, you must first determine which things need extra care. Today we will talk about some of the most difficult items to move long-distance and provide advice on how to handle them. While you can move some of these things on your own, you may wish to have a professional by your side for the majority of them. And our Number 1 Movers team will be happy to help you out.

    Top 5 most difficult items to move long-distance

    Packing up for the move is probably your least favorite thing to do…besides having to load and unload your vehicle. Even when you only have a few suitcases when you go on a holiday, your back may suffer from carrying them to and from the car. With these items, you definitely don’t want to do it alone. Especially when moving long distances. With the help of our long distance movers Toronto this task will go much smoother.

    movers moving a couch, one of the most difficult items to move long-distance
    Moving massive furniture is not something you should even think about doing on your own.

    1. Massive pieces of furniture

    Bulky furniture is inherently difficult to carry. It is often rather hefty and difficult to disassemble. To effectively handle these things, you will want specialized equipment and considerable expertise. It is possible to transfer them independently with the assistance of certain friends or family members. Since the problem stems from their heft and girth having additional people assist can significantly ease the process. But it’s best to hire long distance movers in Canada for this task.

    2. Fragile objects and fine art

    Fragile things need extra attention while packing and transporting. If you want to transfer them independently, you will have to do a lot of research first. Definitely, you will want to cover and protect them extensively and ensure that the crates storing them do not move at all during shipment.

    3. Vehicles

    If you are unable to drive your car to your new residence, it becomes fairly difficult to move. Depending on their size, it may be almost impossible for you to move them independently. You may, however, employ a moving company to transfer them for you. Alternatively, depending on the vehicle, you may dismantle them and send them in pieces. Whichever choice you select, transferring vehicles is not simple.

    4. Aquariums

    The issue with aquariums is that they require special knowledge for disassembly and storage during transit. Not to mention the fact that you need to think about the fish too. Moving with fish is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge. While it is not impossible, it is unquestionably one of the more difficult items to move long-distance. Especially if yours is one of those huge and ornate ones.

    an aquarium
    An aquarium is one of the most difficult items to move long-distance not because it’s bulky or heavy, but because you have to think about finding another space for the fish as well.

    5. Pianos

    Finally, owing to their size, weight, and fragility, pianos are usually recognized as one of the most difficult items to move long-distance. There are even specific moving companies dedicated to the transportation of pianos. This should indicate something. If you want to transport a piano alone, you will need to do a lot of extensive studies. And who has time for that? With our professional piano movers CA, your piano will be safe and sound in your new residence in no time.