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The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

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    So, you’ve decided to move. Excellent! Moving is an important step in a person’s life and leads to a fresh start. But, moving can be very stressful. After all, moving is pretty complex stuff. You have to think about a lot of things! You need to figure out how to pack all of your belongings or hire someone to do it. Then, you need to figure out how to transport everything. So, of course, it’s no wonder that most people turn to reputable professionals who can handle the whole thing with ease. But, even that can be stressful in its own way! It’s not enough to find reputable movers, you have to figure out a bunch of new terms. For example, if you ask a layman what’s the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes, who knows if you’ll get the right answer. So what do you do?

    A fountain pen writing something out. Maybe they're binding and non-binding moving quotes?
    Binding and non-binding moving quotes should still be in writing. Fancy calligraphy pen is optional.

    It’s very important to know this stuff in advance. You don’t want a misunderstanding to happen! There is a very distinct difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes, and you don’t want to mistake the two. You need to know how much your new relocation will cost, in order to prepare a proper budget. You need to know exactly what you want out of your move, and what services you need. Not to mention how you need to show the moving experts exactly what it is they’ll be moving! A good way to check for fraudulent movers is to notice if they’re being vague about what kind of estimate they’re giving.

    A woman writing down 'my plan'.
    It’s important to have a moving plan.

    So what’s the best way to get a moving quote?

    Simply invite a moving expert to your house in order to perform a moving estimate! Always get an in-home estimate instead of an estimate over the phone or via the Internet. In-home estimates are simply more accurate because the professional can see exactly what needs to be moved and how. Doubly if you have some special requests, like moving to a storage unit! Since non-binding moving quotes are based on how much the professionals think your items weigh, you just won’t get accurate results without seeing them in person. They need to see your items to guess accurately! There are also issues such as many stairs, and what the elevator is like if there is one – a price to move to an apartment on the 10th floor in a building with no elevator is different than the price for moving on the 1st floor.

    A busy road with a few moving trucks on it. Can you guess which ones work with binding and non-binding moving quotes?
    Of course, the price depends on the distance traveled too. Moving trucks eat a lot of gas!

    What is a binding moving quote?

    A binding moving quote always has to be in writing. Always. If a binding moving quote isn’t in writing and the company tries to claim it’s okay, run like hell. A binding moving quote proclaims what you’ll be paying exactly. That can give you a lot of peace of mind! After all, you won’t have to fear moving day and increasing costs. On the downside, the binding moving quotes tend to be a bit bigger than non-binding ones, to account for weight fluctuation of your items. However, you don’t have to worry about price fluctuation. Of course, only if you’re honest – if you decide to request something specific on moving day that you haven’t before, like moving a piano or packing a grandfather clock, the movers will charge you for that additional service. The same goes for buying a packing service.

    What is a non-binding moving quote?

    A non-binding moving quote still has to be in writing. Actually, just getting everything in writing is a very good move! You have to have everything under control, and having everything in writing means things can’t sneak up on you. Besides, professionals will understand. True professionals will have their documentation in order! They don’t want misunderstandings any more than you do. Anyway, a non-binding moving quote should be based on several things – the weight and all the services you want to include. Of course, when you’re moving to Ontario, you want to be focused solely on the new life ahead of you and not on pesky details!

    What is the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes?

    Well, they’re two different things. A non-binding moving quote is not a contract. If you request a non-binding moving quote and end up choosing a different company to move with, you’re not obliged to pay the first one. Of course not, since they aren’t doing the work! Your local movers Ontario will be happy to give you a non-binding quote even if you end up going elsewhere.

    • At the end, binding and non-binding moving quotes are both perfectly valid. You don’t have to settle for one of them if you want the other one. Professionals operate with both.
    • A binding one will bind you to pay what was specified on the contract, even if the move ends up being easier. So, if the movers have estimated your belongings to weight a certain price, but the belongings weigh way less, you’ll still be paying the original price. However, you won’t be surprised by the price going up!
    • A non-binding one allows for price fluctuation in according to how difficult the move is. If you accounted for a broken elevator and living on the 6th floor, but the elevator is in working order on the day of the move, well, you won’t have to pay for all those flights of stairs!
    • No matter what moving quote you end up going for in your move, check the validity of your movers! No one wants to get conned by fraudulent movers. Real professionals will have excellent reviews on an independence site like yelp, and won’t hesitate to give you their license number. You can even look them up in the registry!