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Green moving tips

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Torn cardboard with 'reduce' and 'reuse' written on it

Moving is a rather hectic and onerous business. But that’s not the end of it. Relocation is not known for its environmentally-friendly nature. In fact, it tends to be just the opposite. However, here you are, trying to be as green as possible even with this big venture. Good for you! We’ll be happy to assist with such an undertaking. The text in front of you will present all the green moving tips that will get you on the right track.

Don’t pack what you don’t need

What better time to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items than relocation. Go room to room and be thorough and honest about the belongings you truly need. This process, although sometimes hard and arduous, will pay off in the short and long run. For starters, you’ll have fewer items to pack, resulting in fewer boxes and less money spent. Additionally, your new home will be filled with the items you find useful instead of being crowded with redundancies. So, when going through your belongings, we suggest that you separate them into four groups and proceed as follows:

  1. Sell pieces that are in good condition. Arrange a yard sale and make some money you will surely find useful. You can also consider selling items online.
  2. Donate lightly used items that have kept their original shape and condition. Charities will put them into good use. Visit your local organizations like schools, libraries, and animal shelters.
  3. Recycle pile should be dealt with in a proper manner. Broken electronics, worn out clothes, items made of glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, etc all have a way of handling, so make sure you take them to the right facility.
  4. Toss what you find useless and beyond fixable.
People holding up balloons that say 'donate'
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure

Be smart with packing

Being that this is the biggest part of every move, conducting it in a certain way can make a truly notable impact on your green moving venture. From various storage options all the way to creative packing material ideas, we have plenty in store for you.

Use what you have

Before you go searching moving boxes Ontario, look around you. The containers you already have can serve as great storage options. Plastic bins, suitcases, dresser drawers, gym bags, and duffel bags, as well as reusable grocery totes, are all bread and butter of green moving. Simply put, if you have an item that can fit other things inside it, fill it up before packing it. Doing so will not only save a bit of nature but also space and money.

If you can’t beat them, join them

A necessity for boxes cannot be circumvented easily. However, resist the urge of buying them just yet. If you still have a couple of months until the move, start stocking up on boxes you receive throughout that time. Online shopping and large gifts come with big packaging. Instead of tossing it, rather keep it. You can break them down and store under your bed until it’s time to use them.

One of the green moving tips is to recycle moving boxes
Green moving is best achieved through using what you already have, so start saving on time.

Ask around

Let’s not forget friends and family. Most of them claim to be there for you in a time of need. This is as good of a chance as any to ask a favor. A loan, if you will. Some of them are bound to have quality boxes laying around. Local grocery stores, bookstores, and other retail stores are also great places to ask for some cardboard goods. Make sure to take undamaged boxes free of any smell or stains.

Rent reusable plastic boxes

If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, this is a great way of doing so. The type of plastic the boxes are made of can be recycled up to 400 times. And that’s not all the benefits they come with. The serve as a reliable protection for your goods, and stack securely over each other, reducing the probability of damage inflicted to an adjacent box to a minimum. In addition, you don’t have to keep them after the move and sacrifice valuable space. Many companies offer them for rent. They deliver them to your home ready for packing and pick them up once you are unpacked in your new home.

Packing materials

Put down your wallet and take a minute to think purchasing that bubble wrap through. Unlike boxes, wrapping material is not so easy to recycle. Special collection points can do that for you, but many people lack the time or dedication to take the material there. As we previously mentioned, look around you. Towels, linens, comforters, and even clothes are all great means of protection. Wrap your fragile belongings with those soft materials. If you have a shortage of supplies, add newspaper to the bunch. After you’re done, simply throw in your standard recycling bin.

Pile of cloth on a white surface
Any kind of soft material should be considered as wrapping material

Green moving transportation options

  • When you go scoping for best movers in Hamilton Ontario, try to find ones that are committed to eco-friendly practices. You will know that the company is green if it uses trucks that run on biodiesel fuel instead of traditional gas. Such companies are also likely to set you up with reusable boxes. They also tend to consolidate shipments to save resources, so be on the lookout for that practice.
  • If you are conducting a DIY move, see that you rent a moving truck that uses biodiesel fuel. When on the road, maintain a constant speed to save fuel. Also, try to make as few back-and-forth trips as possible.
  • A long-distance move means that you can consolidate your shipment with that of other people. This will reduce the carbon emissions, and that’s what a green moving is all about.