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Summer Moving Tips for Halifax Movers

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    Whatever be the reason behind your move to a new home make sure your moving day goes without a hitch. Moving is strenuous and requires much time to settle everything in the new location especially when you are moving with

    Plan ahead: you are moving in summer then it’s good to start early then keeping it for later on. Do your research at least 6 to 8 weeks prior and get moving quote quotes from companies. If your plan is to move in July then book a moving company around late June.

    Weekdays are Better: Schedule your date for a weekday in the middle of the month rather than going for a weekend at the month-end in the peak summer. It can easily get booked months ahead as everyone is keeping an eye on a convenient date.

    Be Adaptive. It is a better idea to have a cushion of time in case your summer move needs to be postponed due to any reason. There could number of reasons for the delay, maybe the mover that you’ve booked falls ill or the moving truck needs a major repair; reasons for a delay are endless.

    Start Packing Early: If your Halifax Movers doesn’t provide packing services and you are packing the entire house of your own start your packing as early as you can. You will get much time to do everything carefully without scrambling at the last minute. Pack nonessentials such as decorations, seasonal items, knick-knacks, and other clothing right away.

    Ask What the Mover Will shift and what Not: Keep in mind that some heat-sensitive items like candles, phonograph records, DVDs, other perishable items may not suit warm weather for transportation. Take the heat sensible items in your car if possible. Also, avoid packing perishable items if you are moving a long distance.

    Get Your Home Electrified: Make sure your new home gets a ready-to-use electricity connection, refrigerator, and other utilities. Turn the air conditioner ahead of time so that the home will be cool and comfortable when you arrive at the new location.

    Keep Everyone Hydrated: Pour plenty of water in your cooler and make it ready to use so that everyone stays hydrated throughout the day. Heatstroke is another risk of which you should be conscious, especially the moving crew who will be physically active by lifting and moving your belongings upstairs and downstairs the whole day.

    Have a plan for kids: If your kids are old enough to assist you with their little hands give few kid-friendly tasks to them. Allow them to move some light-weighted boxes into the home. If they are too young to help you then arrange a babysitter for them so that you can focus on other work.