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Steps to Take Before Moving into Temporary Housing

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When you move to a big city, such as Ontario, it may be hard to find your ideal apartment easily or quickly. This usually means that you will have to find an alternative solution. However, apartment hunting can take quite a while. Moving into temporary housing presents a good way to settle down while you plan ahead. We here at Number 1 Van Lines know that this period can be difficult. Therefore, we offer you some tips before you make your first steps towards relocation.

1. Check which options are on the table

To start off, look into the different types of living arrangements. The most common ones are extended-stay hotels and furnished apartments.

  • Extended stay hotels offer a monthly suite rate instead of the usual nightly one. Typically, these hotels include smaller appliances and additional furniture. The downside is that you may find yourself lacking a stove or an in-unit laundry. If this option interest you, be sure to weigh the pros and cons.
  • Furnished apartments typically offer coziness, above all. A fully-furnished accommodation includes everything you’d expect in a home. Cooking utensils, a stove, towels, all the essentials you need for a relaxed stay.

Once you’ve decided on your arrangement, it is time to think about packing.

A cozy hotel room is a good choice when moving into temporary housing.
Extended stay hotels are an excellent first option after you move into a big city.

2. Pack only what you absolutely need

Consider what you really need to have with you. Immediately, you may think of a bunch of things that you can’t live without. But then, on second thought, most of them aren’t necessary and you can always keep them stored while you search. Therefore, focus on the bare essentials. Besides toiletries and clothing, what else might you need? It is safe to say that electronics are a given, and so are any valuables. Other than that, consider bringing a good book to keep you company while you hunt for a perfect home. The point here is not to let yourself feel uncomfortable in an empty space. Remember that this is only a short rest in your journey.

3. Pack your clothes according to the climate

When packing your clothes, it is good to take into consideration the climate of your destination. Pack according to the time of the year, with a few exceptions, just in case. Avoid packing anything that you won’t need. And remember: it is always good to have a backup. For example: If you won’t be attending many formal events, it’s still ok to pack one formal attire. You never know what opportunity may present itself along the way.

4. Check the inventory list of your temporary housing

To further the point of our previous step, checking the inventory list is absolutely essential. Moving to Ontario is no small task, and it takes a lot of preparation. Most temporary apartments come pre-equipped, so there is usually no need to worry. However, checking the inventory list will remove any doubts from your mind. If the apartment lacks something you feel necessary, mark it down for later. Start with the essentials: Bedsheets, cooking utensils, towels. Work your way up to “luxuries” such as a coffee table, chairs, or a bedstand. Knowing what to bring with you will help you feel relaxed when you finally finish packing.

A woman writing in notepad.
Checking the inventory list will give you a good idea of what to bring with you.

5. Book good movers to ease your relocation

Now that you know which furniture you’ll be needing, it’s a good idea to hire a moving company. Moving into temporary housing can be made easier with the help of qualified professionals. Relocating by yourself is a chore, and ultimately, may cost you much more than the services of reputable movers. Remember that you can get a moving quote well in advance, which will help you keep tabs on your budget spending.

6. Take care of any loose ends before moving into temporary housing

If you have any unresolved paperwork, now is the time to give it attention.

  • Update your new address with the post office. This step is vital for mail forwarding, so taking care of it early will prevent many headaches.
  • Cancel the utilities in your previous apartment, or pause them, depending on your needs. You don’t want to be paying bills for an apartment where you no longer live.

7. Relocate your essentials and rent storage for the rest

You can never be sure how long you’re going to stay in temporary housing. You may end up moving into your dream home on your second day, or you may end up staying in temporary housing for a month or two. In cases such as these, it is a good idea to find a suitable storage unit for the bulk of your possessions. Storage will keep your items safe and guarded while you search for permanent housing. Anything you don’t use daily or during your stay should be stored.

Colorful rucksacks on suitcases.
Don’t overpack. Bring only what you need, and place the rest in the storage unit.

8. Take notes to keep up with the chores

When moving into temporary housing, it is a great idea to keep a sort of a “travel journal”. To this end, one of the many planner apps will be a great help. In it, you can write down many things you would otherwise forget along the way. Besides keeping tabs on the location of all your possessions, and numerous tasks, it will help you plan ahead for the future. Therefore, once you are settled in your temporary apartment, take a small break, then plan for a more permanent one. Write down the contact info of any apartments that meet your fancy, and go check them out in person. A good journal can become the backbone of your travels, a candle in the dark. For this reason, it is recommended to write down everything, no matter how minuscule it seems.

9. Moving into temporary housing will be easier if you make great memories immediately prior

A warm goodbye will help you stay positive on the road ahead. And, of course, no relocation can be considered “great” without an awesome farewell party. So invite friends and family over, grab some pizzas and refreshments, and have fun. It will surely make moving into temporary housing more bearable.