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Reasons to move to St. Catharines

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There are many places ideal for a fresh start. That’s why looking for a new place of residence is sometimes an exciting journey. However, it’s still smart to do research particular cities or towns in order to have a better idea of how to organize your life there. In this text, we are going to present you several valid reasons to move to St. Catharines. Likewise, our team at Number 1 Van Lines is at your disposal in case you decide to move to this amazing city!

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Living in St Catharines means a fresh start for you.

Moving to St. Catharines means an exciting new life chapter

Whether you’re moving for work or for any other reason, St. Catharines is a great choice. Everybody can find their comfy spot in this lovely place. There’s enough space for both a slower-paced and more active lifestyle. Moreover, St. Catharines boasts a rich multicultural environment where people from all backgrounds are always welcome. Families often move here to raise their kids due to the excellent school system and everything St. Catharines offers. Young professionals also don’t skip on this city.

Multicultural neighborhoods and green environments are strong reasons for moving to St. Catharines

Wherever you go, you’ll realize that each neighborhood has a relaxed and multicultural atmosphere. Furthermore, the crime rate in St. Catharines is quite low, and neighbors are warm and welcoming toward new residents. The city is nicknamed The Garden City for plenty of green spaces, and parks. The city also has its forestry service, therefore ensuring the well-being of resident trees.

A stable work-life balance is one of the reasons many job-seekers move to St. Catharines

In this day and age, many strive for a perfect balance between work and private life. Fortunately, St. Catharines cultivates such a lifestyle. People here have a bit different working culture where overworking isn’t mandatory. In fact, having more time for other activities and a family is way more desirable. In addition, many young professionals and entrepreneurs target this city to start their own businesses. The job market is booming, and competition is moderate. It makes St. Catharines an ideal place for those seeking not only a stable source of income but also a healthy lifestyle.

Another common reason for moving to St. Catharines is a healthier lifestyle

Besides improved air quality, living in St. Catharines offers more space for physical exercise. You’ll notice that most of the residents either go for a walk or morning run. Sports enthusiasts will especially benefit from the fact that St. Catharines is located in Niagara Region. That further offers easy access to many hiking trails. Outdoor lovers enjoy cycling, running, or long walks. Additionally, those who prefer water sports will also like in St. Catharines. Apart from three major beaches, the notable Gren Ribbon Trail is perfect for canoeing and kayaking.

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Proximity to hiking trails is one of the reasons to move to St. Catharines.

The Healthcare system is known as one of the best in the country. Hospitals are well-equipped and many renowned doctors come to St. Catharines. Every year there is an influx of young aspiring medical workers who look forward to advancing in the medical field.

Charities and volunteering services are always present in St. Catharines

Many would say that St. Catharines values generosity and compassion. For those who like to contribute to the community, there are many volunteering possibilities. That further says more about the people in this city and how everybody may feel at home there.

St. Catharines doesn’t lack in the cultural offer

Music and cultural festivals are mandatory in St Catharine. This city of diverse cultures honors the importance of art through various events. One of them is The Niagara Folk Arts Festival. Takes place annually each May. The festival celebrates the cultures, traditions, food, and art of communities in Niagara.

The moving company you hire for the move to St. Catharines must be reliable and professional

One of the first and most important steps you must do is thorough research on potential movers. Moving is a task to be taken seriously and not just any company should do it. Your well-being and safety of your belongings are a top priority! Therefore, opt only for the most reputable movers St. Catharines has on offer.

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Hire a reliable company to execute your move to St Catharines.

Make a list of movers and research about them

Consider only the companies that mark everything from the following mini-checklist:

  • The company is fully licensed and offers insurance options.
  • All information about the company is available online.
  • The pricing matches the quality of services. However, it’s better to call the company representatives and make sure the ratings you see on the website are 100% valid. You don’t want to end up surprised, let alone scammed.
  • Testimonials are honest and written by numerous satisfied customers.
  • A free estimate is something every professional moving company offers.

Stay away from suspicious movers

While there are plenty of moving companies on offer, not all of them are trustworthy. Therefore, ensure the company checks all the above-mentioned criteria. Don’t settle for less! One of the traits of suspicious movers is the absence of verified information about them. Moreover, their reviews look too good to be true. For example, the company has come out of nowhere and yet has numerous detailed reviews. In addition, the so-called company doesn’t offer a free estimate, and price points are vague. Their representatives also aren’t able to answer directly to clients’ questions. In that case, skip such suspicious movers. Keep in mind it’s possible to find the moving company that fits your total moving cost yet provides top-quality services.

Your new life in St. Catharines awaits you!

This city indeed has it all. It’s up to you how will you organize your day-to-day life in St. Catharines. All of these reasons to move to St. Catharines should motivate you to kickstart your moving journey. Therefore, make sure to contact us and let us help you settle to your new place of residence safely and stress-free!