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Moving Your Valuables Safely 101

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    people packing and reading about Moving Your Valuables Safely

    When you are moving your entire household, it can be quite tricky. Your top priority would be to relocate your items safely. However, this can be quite difficult to combine especially if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this case, you should hire Number 1 Movers Van Lines since having professional assistance is always priceless. Still, you should know everything about moving your valuables safely. Here is how you can achieve this. 

    Find a moving company 

    As mentioned, moving can be quite complicated. You will need to spend a lot of time and energy packing your valuable items properly. If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with this, you can always hire long distance movers in Canada. Professional movers have all the necessary equipment and skills to relocate your valuables safely. However, this is going to be quite expensive, mostly depending on the number of items you have and the distance between your two destinations. 

    Preparing your valuables 

    You also need to prepare your items properly before packing. First of all, you need to declutter. Divide your items into three categories. 

    • Items to move 
    • Donate/giveaway 
    • Throw away 

    You can also do the same when moving your office. Before office movers Burlington Ontario arrive, have your items prepared. Additionally, see what type of packing supplies your valuables will need.  

    a woman packing
    You should divide your items into three categories so you can prepare for packing

    Get all the necessary moving and packing supplies 

    After decluttering, it is time to get all the necessary packing supplies. This usually means moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. You should get moving boxes in different sizes. Additionally, make sure to get quality boxes. Since you are moving your valuables, second-hand boxes might not be the best idea. You can use them for other items that can be easily replaced. The best place to get these boxes would be your moving company. In case you are moving your office, then, ask Mississauga office movers to provide you with quality moving boxes. Getting good packing supplies is the best advice someone can give you for moving your valuables safely.

    Tips for packing and moving your valuables safely    

    Now it is time to pack your valuables. First, use bubble wrapping. This would offer the best protection for your valuables. After you secure bubble wrapping, place the items into boxes. Make sure not to overstuff the boxes. This could lead to damage to your items and boxes. Furthermore, fill the empty space with packing peanuts and seal the box. Make sure to write FRAGILE on the box if it contains delicate items. 

    person leaning on the box
    Moving your valuables safely requires preparing. Get some quality boxes and some bubble wrap to properly secure your items.

    How to move your valuables? 

    This depends on who is moving your valuables safely. If you are the one, make sure to stack boxes with your valuables on the top. This way, they will be safe. On the other hand, if movers are handling your valuables, make sure to tell them which box contains your fragile and valuable items. Lastly, you need to secure the boxes so they will not move during transit. You can use moving straps for this purpose.