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How to know You’re Ready for a Bigger Office in Ontario

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People in the office ready for a bigger office in Ontario

Running a business is not possible without having an office space at your disposal. Some people like their office space while others don’t. In both cases, the impression about the office space affects their productivity. If you are a business owner, it will be important for you to provide a pleasant working environment for your employees. Sometimes this is a huge challenge, especially when your business starts to grow. That often means you will need to change your location and explore new markets, or just need more employees. But hiring more people will mean that you are ready for a bigger office in Ontario. Nevertheless, it is a huge change and investment for you and your business. For that reason, our GTA movers will help you realize how to know when is the right moment to upgrade your office. Stay with us and learn about signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Don’t ignore signs that show that you are ready for a bigger office in Ontario

There is no doubt that deciding to move your office is a big step and a meaningful decision for a business. Also, it presents a huge investment too, so you should be sure it is a suitable period for this step. But if the business’ productivity suffers, you shouldn’t procrastinate changing your office space. The working environment and well-being of your employees always need to be among your top priorities. If you notice your current office is not enough for your team members anymore, don’t wait any longer. Our Number 1 Movers Van Lines remind you that is a clear sign you are ready for another office in Ontario. Although it might be challenging to find a new office space, you should not postpone your search.

A group of people looking at the laptop.
Take time to think about the size of your current office.

An overcrowded workplace means you are ready for an upgrade

For many employees, the office presents something similar to their home. As people spend many hours inside their offices, they are happy when they can feel pleasant there. That is simply a space where they tend to achieve more and work on their careers. If you suddenly notice overcrowding in your current office, you should stop and think about it. That often means that you have more employees than you do space. Well, that could mean that it is time to consider a different approach. Our office movers Toronto recommend you explore legal office space requirements. This will remind you of recommended free space inside your office according to the size of your office and the number of employees you have. But even without these regulations, you will realize your team deserves as much space as they need to work comfortably.

Business people who are ready for a bigger office in Ontario working.
Learn to identify and fight against overcrowded office space.

How to know overcrowding is just beginning? If your staff members are not able to get to and from workstations easily then you will know you are ready for a bigger office space in Ontario. Your main goal is to enable your employees to move within rooms freely. If they can’t move with ease anymore, it is time for a change. There are also other facts about your current office you should consider. Although it is possible to have fewer desks than employees, keep productivity in mind. Are the desks inside the office too close together? Also, you need to make sure to have enough bathroom facilities near your current office. So, take the advice from Toronto moving companies experts and overcome overcrowding as soon as you can. It can ruin productivity, indeed.

If you lack storage, you are ready for a bigger office space in Ontario

Overcrowding of people in the shared office space is not the only sign you need to upgrade to a bigger space. As the team outgrows its office space, storage becomes a big problem for running a business. In case you hire new employees, it will be less storage for important documents and office inventory. And while you are thinking about ways to improve your business, things could start to complicate. So, don’t ignore storage demand, especially if your business is growing. You should remember the next piece of advice long distance movers Toronto has to offer will give you. Most employees don’t like unorganized office desks due to the lack of storage space. This gives a chaotic office appeal and distracts every employee. As a result, you can expect a decrease in productivity.

Modern office cabinets
The lack of office storage means you are ready for a bigger office in Ontario.

Before your employees become disappointed and distracted by the clutter that was caused by the lack of storage space, do your homework. Consider getting more cabinets and stock cupboards and providing more storage in your office. Take the advice from our specialists for storage services Ontario and remove unneeded inventory from your office. If you and your team are ready for a bigger office in Ontario, you should make sure to sort out paperwork on time. Try to divide old and new documents and paperwork. Remove some of the less important documents and place them in a storage unit. Make sure to sort out the most important ones and keep them in the office. Remember your main goal is to get your office free from clutter. That is the best you can do for your team, they will be grateful to have a neat, clean and organized office.

Find a way to overcome meeting room crises

Increasing the number of people in your company means you might get new teams. As an increased number of employees in the organization brings new teams, you might need to face an increased frequency of meetings. But if your office contains only one meeting room, you will need to find a solution. This is something that can cause tension amongst your employees. Since it might be hard for them to organize their activities due to the lack of a meeting room, expect clashes. Once your employees start to demand more meeting rooms, you’ll need to consider getting a new office in Ontario. After you spot a meeting room crisis, it is evident you are ready to upgrade your office space. When you find a suitable new office, movers Ontario residents recommend will be at your disposal.

A spacious meeting room
The lack of a meeting room is a sign you need to upgrade the office space.

After you find a perfect office for your team, check if there is enough meeting room space. If you’re not sure if you’re in a good way, consult managers from your team. If you can have an open conversation with your employees about improving the business, then you know you’re ready for a bigger office in Ontario. Although moving to a new office is a huge challenge for the entire team, it’s also an opportunity to get bond as a team. Let your employees know that you respect their opinion and effort to do all they can to improve their productivity. According to our local movers Toronto, overcoming meeting room crises together will be a great job for you and your team. Can’t do anything to build a new meeting room in your current office? Start your search for a new office.

Your team members are complaining about the space issues

Before we advise you on anything, let’s say that same old claim- a good employee is a happy employee. Whether you are reading this article as an employer or an employee, you will agree with this claim. But how will you know if your staff members are happy? According to long distance movers Canada has to offer, you will need to listen to your team members. In case they are complaining about the comfort or the facility of the location, it is a sign you are ready to upgrade your office space. Or you should simply consider their complaints and get a new office in Ontario. Working in a new, spacious and functional working environment will make them happy.

Women ready for a bigger office in Ontario working
Don’t run away from complaints and get ready for a bigger office in Ontario.

If your loyal employees are not happy at the office anymore, it will certainly impact their productivity levels. Instead of being focused on projects that are meaningful for your company, they will be distracted by office space issues. And it is the last thing every business owner wants. So, take the advice from our experienced commercial movers Canada and send out an anonymous survey for your team members. Then you should check thoroughly how your employees completed the survey. If several team members suggest a lack of happiness in the current small office, you are ready for a bigger office in Ontario. But remember you should not neglect complaints, even if there are just a few. You should still take their feedback as a clear sign it is time to opt for bigger office space in Ontario.

A sudden decrease in productivity after hiring more people

After adding new employees to your team, you are faced with decreased productivity. Although your old employees had wanted more team members, you can’t see any results. Moreover, the bottom line is affected and you need a solution in terms of productivity. Firstly, you should analyze factors that might affect the success of your team. Do any of these factors have anything with office space? If your employees are victims of poor natural light, outside noise, or cramped desk space while the facility is broken, your team is ready for a more spacious office in Ontario. So, try to respond to the needs of your team member as soon as you can. Keep in mind some of the most successful teams the world knows such as the Amazon team and others. If you follow their example, you will make an effort to realize what did cause productivity to decrease.

Graph on the screen
Find a cause for decreased productivity.

Even if many people think that emotions are something that can’t be involved in work, that is not working. Just like you consider things to realize how your employees value you, they do the same, too.¬† You need to show your employees that you value them and their work.¬†Once you let them spend days in a tight office where they will face many issues, you could even lose your employees. This is something that will tell them that you are not investing in their well-being. Also, it will make them start being suspicious about the company’s long-term growth.

Your goal is to hire more people and improve your brand

If things change and you figure out that you will need to hire more and more people, it is clear that your current office would not be enough anymore. So, once you decide to recruit more team members, you will need to look for a more spacious office. But don’t look just a bit bigger office than your current one if you plan to hire 10+ people. Actually, before you determine which size of the office you will need, consider your business plans. Try to think about your plans for the next 12 months and you will figure out will your potential new office be able to handle all the new people.

Although it is not so easy to predict things when it comes to running your business, be optimistic and always count on more opportunities. Even if you are not sure will everything go as you plan, prepare everything for the best possible scenario in the terms of company growth. Also, you should think about your brand when it comes to the office layout. If you need to renovate almost everything so your office can reflect your improved brand, you are ready for a bigger office in Ontario. So, get ready to find an office that has the vibe you are looking for and that reflects your brand better. This will help you design your office according to your brand.