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Moving your office to Kitchener

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Office moving is pretty hard, there is no doubt about it. Nothing is ever simple about moving your entire team of workers and equipment. Good planning is key to a smooth office move, so we are here to help you with the basics. When moving your office to Kitchener, you will need all the help you can get. With our help and the help of commercial moving services Kitchener, everything will be just fine. You will avoid any problems that may happen, and the movers will make sure everything arrives on time and in one piece. Since you are moving an office, everything must be perfect. With the help of our little checklist, you will keep track of the entire move, and everything will be stress-free.

A few months before moving your office to Kitchener

Start by taking a look at your current lease. Are you being charged for a fee if you cancel the lease early? Are you responsible for any damage, like chipped paint, broken fixtures, or anything else that happens during the move? Check these things in advance to avoid any unexpected hits to your budget. The next thing on your list should be checking the quotes of the available companies. Search for reliable movers within your area that fit your budget. Pick at least three companies and compare them. While you are doing this, think about moving coverage. If a vital piece of equipment breaks, your work might come to a stop. Even if it doesn’t, think about getting coverage higher than the standard $0.60 per pound. This means that if a 50-pound table breaks, you will get a whopping $30 for it.

person doing research before moving your office to Kitchener
Do your homework and compare a few moving companies before hiring anyone

To prevent overspending, set up a moving budget. Drawing limits will help prevent overspending, especially in areas where you can cut some costs and save up. A good example would be having your employees pack their things, instead of paying for moving boxes Ontario and professional packers. Lastly, put together a team, and designated a point person. If the management needs to be involved, contact them as well. Decide who should and shouldn’t participate in the organization process.

One month before moving your office to Kitchener

Plan ahead and do a detailed inventory of your furniture, supplies, and equipment. Label everything to avoid losing valuable items in the hustle of the move. Just in case you need to file a claim after the move, take photos of your entire inventory. In case your employees will do the packing themselves, make sure they have enough moving supplies for the job, like boxes, wrapping paper, and tape. Set a cancelation date for the utilities at your current office, and search for the utility options at your new location. Depending on where your new office will be, you may need to get parking passes made for your employees before they arrive. Before you leave, arrange for your old office to be cleaned. Keep in mind that some moving companies offer cleaning services too.

aerial view of a parking lot with cars
Parking is important for any large company, so make sure it is ready before your workers arrive

The important thing will be to notify everyone involved in moving your office to Kitchener. Send an email or snail mail to all of your partners and clients, letting them know where they can find you after the move. More importantly, update your company address listing. Any subscriptions, websites, and mailing lists that have your address need to be updated. If you don’t do this, your company may disappear from the radar. Here are the things you need to update:

  • Company website
  • Business accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Bank accounts and financial institution records
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Listings on Yelp, Google, or any other review site

Two weeks before the big day

Start this chapter of your preparation by meeting up with your moving team. Share a detailed plan for the days right before the moving day. This is especially important if the packing and carrying will be happening while some parts of the office are still in operation. Order access keycards in advance so they are ready for the day you arrive at your new workstation. Make sure that all phone and internet lines are installed and connected at the new place, to prevent any downtime. Also, keep the IT aspect of the move in mind. If your employees can handle setting up the PC services, decide who will be tasked with it. If not, make sure you hire the best movers in Kitchener. Take a look at your furniture and check for signs of wear and tear. Do some spring cleaning and get rid of old furniture.

One week to go before you hit the road!

This is a good time to head down to your new office and take a look around if you have access to it. Inspect everything to make sure there are no dangling wires or broken lights. Take a look at your moving day schedule and check when the movers are bound to arrive, and who will be on location to help your movers. Go over the items that need to be ready for the movers, and the people in charge of supervising the whole process. These people should also lock down the whole office after everything is cleared out. Back up all important data and files. If any PC takes damage during transport or cannot boot up, be sure to have all the important files saved.

close up of internet cables plugged into a server
Before you arrive at your new office, make sure all of the internet and phone lines are up and running

Stock up on enough essential packing materials for the move, like boxes and bubble wrap. If you are concerned about not having enough materials, you can always buy extra supplies, and then return the excess later on. It is far better to have more than you need than find yourself lacking the important materials in the middle of it all. Aside from basic boxes and tape, you need surface protectors such as blankets and towels. Use these materials when moving your office to Kitchener to prevent chips and dents on your tables and computers. Lastly, try to keep an open mind, and do not stress. After all, you are moving because your business is growing, so be proud of your progress.