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Moving your business to Oakville guide

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Moving your business to Oakville

Much like moving to a new house, sometimes you know it’s time to move your company to greener pastures. Whether you’re moving your business to Oakville in hopes of better sales, or to save money or to get a larger space, this is a big endeavor. It takes a lot of planning, but our commercial movers Oakville can certainly help you with that. Just read on get all the scoop and tricks to make your commercial move to Oakville as smooth as possible!

Where to begin?

Never underestimate the importance of conducting a thorough financial and marketing analysis. Relocation is often an opportunity for better visibility or a more updated building. We can assist you by offering our free moving quote to start you off properly. However, the rent or lease might cost you more after you relocate. Deciding whether moving your business to Oakville is a worthwhile investment requires quantitative work.

Much like moving to a new home, sometimes you know it’s time to move your small business to greener pastures.
  • When moving your business to Oakville and expanding your office spaces, our best tip is ensuring that your business is in the place to expand before you physically expand. You need to make sure your numbers are where they need to be. Also, you need to prepare your employees for relocation.
  • You don’t want to move offices before you have a clear vision of your company’s growth. Any plan is great, but going through a physical move will be very trying on your team. Here are some tips on how to prepare your office before movers arrive. Make sure that your vision is already becoming a reality before you sign that new lease.

Moving your business to Oakville requires open communication

  • Yet, the biggest hiccup that could happen to you, and one you won’t be able to control is – a series of delays that could prolong the opening day. Most commonly due to the fickle nature of construction.
  • We advise you to take these delays in stride. If nothing else, it will increase the interaction on your company’s social media. Usually, people want to know when the store will open. Communication is key – by announcing a move-in date, you need to update customers on how things are progressing. Alert them that you are still at the current location, and remind them that the move is still happening.
  • Despite the complications, moving your business to Oakville provides the chance for a business to grow. Use this relocation as an opportunity to evaluate your product and your bestsellers. Now is the time to analyze how your products are selling. Take advantage of the chance to expand on inventory or make changes in the areas you need to.
Despite the complications, a move provides the chance for a business to grow.

Keep a to-do list during the entire process

  • When planning your move, keep a detailed checklist of the things you need to do. When you’ve decided that it’s the right time, don’t doubt yourself and start working right away. You should start this process as early as six months before moving out.
  • Do plenty of research on moving companies and book your preferred services months in advance. The same goes for new phone service, internet and security in the new space. Start collecting quotes right away. Doing this early helps you get a better idea of your budget before moving your business to Oakville. Because you may also want to renovate the new space or purchase new furniture.
  • Like we’ve already mentioned, keep both customers and employees continually informed of the move through social media, newsletters, and signage at the storefront. Inform your following of the benefits to the business for switching locations, such as a bigger space or more convenient area.

Make sure to work out your budget prior to moving your business to Oakville

Determine a budget for your real estate needs. Don’t wing it or say “I’ll think about it after moving your business to Oakville”. The amount you can set aside for the relocation is probably the most important factor in narrowing down your options.
Regardless of whether you opt for renting or buying a new space, reserve a significant part of your budget. You will need that sum to cover extra costs beyond the base rent or building purchase price. Extras can include costs such as lease incidentals (utilities, insurance, and maintenance), renovations and moving expenses.

Decide whether buying or leasing is better for you

Decide whether leasing or buying will work better for your business. This decision needs to be made before you start searching for locations.
There are many factors to consider, but in general, if you run a young startup with little extra capital to work with, or one that is growing quickly with expanding future space needs, leasing may be more convenient for you.
Buying, on the other hand, is often less costly than renting. It is a particularly good option for more established businesses with serious working capital. And those with specific space needs that require extensive renovations

Keep both customers and employees continually informed of the move through social media, newsletters, and signage at the storefront.

Consider a staggered selection when moving your business to Oakville

  • One tip that seems to have worked for many businesses is to maintain both spaces. The current and new one, for a short time of course. Then you can move your machines and inventory on a staggered schedule to minimize the impact on workflow.
  • Keep your online presence updated by stating the new address and contact info on your website. Likewise for your Google My Business Listing. There are services that can check all mentions of your business’s listing online and update them.
  • A final piece of advice is to plan what the first day after moving your business to Oakville will look like. Are you going for more of a soft opening or do you want a big splash with decorations and goodies?
  • Remember if you book us to relocate you, you will be worrying only about this fun stuff. You can leave all the moving decisions that depend on the type of business you have and the needs of your customers, in our capable hands.