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Moving to Waterdown with kids

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    Moving to Waterdown with kids

    Are you moving to Waterdown with kids, but you need a few tips and tricks? Waterdown movers have years of experience in the matter, and we’ve decided to help you! Moving can be stressful for just about anyone, which is why moving with your kid can be a tricky task. Luckily, there are tactics you can utilize to make your move easier. Children have to deal with leaving friends behind, and you have to take care of all the moving arrangements, your emotions, and their emotions as well. To transition seamlessly into your new home, keep on reading! 

    Moving to Waterdown with kids requires “The Talk”

    Relocation can be hard for anyone, let alone kids. If your kid isn’t used to moving, you should definitely have a talk. Sit down with your kid and explain what’s happening and why. If you provide enough details, your child should understand. Don’t try to protect your kid by delaying the inevitable: as soon as you tell them, they’ll have more time to deal with what’s to come. If that means leaving pets, friends, and school there – then you should also offer them the positive side of moving. For example, they will make new friends, a big park is near, they can go to dance classes, etc. After the initial wave of emotions has settled, your kids will probably approach you with questions. Answer calmly and help them work through the emotions. 

    mother talking to a daughter
    Sit down with your kid and explain what’s happening and why. Don’t try to protect your kid by delaying the inevitable.

    Contact psychologist for an advice 

    If your kid is having trouble dealing with the idea that you’re moving, you should call a professional. Even if it’s just one talk with a psychologist, it’s worth it. You want the best for your kid, and to act as best as you can, sometimes you need guidance. Many kids have trouble leaving schools and friends. They aren’t sure how to keep in touch, they get angry and isolate or have different reactions. It’s important that you approach them calmly, but keep in mind that good advice can go a long way. 

    Start packing early when moving to Waterdown with kids

    When we say early – we mean really, really early. Start packing at least two months in advance. Packing can induce a ton of stress, and if you find yourself anxious, remember that you can always ask for help. Whether you ask friends or a reliable moving company, it’s important that you take care of your mental health. When it comes to kids, there are always things that you’ll want to buy for them, to fix and that you’ll pack and unpack. To make things easier you can include your kid in the preparation processes. Give them small, unimportant things to pack or to sort – that will help them confront the situation earlier. If they don’t want to participate, that’s fine as well, just let them know that it’s going to happen no matter what their attitude is. Make sure that you’re gentle and know that your kid will be fine even if it might take some time. 

    mother and daughter packing
    To make things easier you can include your kid in the preparation processes. 

    This is your chance to declutter 

    You must have a lot of items that you don’t need anymore. Consider giving unwanted items away or selling them online. That will lessen your moving costs and give you additional money at the same time. This rule should especially be applied when it comes to big, bulky appliances and furniture pieces. If you think that you would benefit from selling your wardrobe here and then buying another one at a new location – do it. Moving companies charge more for bulky items.

    Lists can be lifesavers

    There are just tons of things to keep track of, and if you aren’t sure whether you have it all down, don’t hesitate to contact local movers Ontario. As a parent, you have more than one set of things to take care of. Whether that means clothes, appliances, documents, and services – there are just so many things to do during the move. We’re happy to provide all the details regarding insurance, costs, and our moving process. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed – lists can be of great help. They will help you keep track of progress and keep all information sorted in one place. 

    Consider placing a child in a daycare 

    As the moving day approaches, the child will get anxious. Having to see unknown people carrying all the items out of the house will probably be stressful. Placing your kid in child care will keep them away from all the fuss and loud sounds. It would be best if you could pick your child up right before the move. If you have friends that your child loves, he/she can spend a day with them as well. Having your child away on a moving day won’t make it easier for a child only, but for you as well. You’ll be able to concentrate on tasks at hand and not have your mind elsewhere, worrying about your kid. 

    writing a list
    Keep a list organized and always at hand. 

    How to prepare for moving to Waterdown with kids

    There are quite a few things to do before moving to Waterdown with kids. Things to do before a moving day: 

    • Research schools in Waterdown and contact them. 
    • Contact health insurance companies.
    • Pack travel bags – Moving to Waterdown with kids will probably mean having to change their clothes if they spill juice and having to provide fun things while you’re on the road. It’s best if you prepare your bag a few days earlier, as you’ll remember what else you could’ve put in over the next couple of days. 
    • Contact daycare, friends or family, and arrange for them to take care of your child on a moving day 

    Hire a professional moving company when moving to Waterdown with kids 

    Hiring a professional moving company can take the weight off your shoulders. With so much responsibility, your anxiety may go through the roof and influence a child. Number 1 Van Lines are a registered and insured moving company with many years of experience. We can help you with packing and transport, as well as provide packing materials. Moving to Waterdown with kids can be easy with us. Contact us to book a move of your dreams