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Guide to Picking the Right Size of Moving Boxes

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A man struggling with picking the right size of moving boxes

If you are planning to relocate, first of all, we would like to congratulate you. Pacing and moving can be stressful, but if you have everything prepared you have nothing to worry about. Boxes come in all kinds of sizes and materials but with the help of our guide, you should be able to find the perfect moving boxes Ontario has to offer. Therefore we hope you will enjoy our article on picking the right size of moving boxes. Without any further ado let us get started.

Picking the right size of moving boxes – The Guide

Boxes have a broad specter of usage, you can use them to pack your belongings for the relocation or even for storage. They are easier to carry and store than bags and suitcases. If you have ever wondered how to choose the right moving boxes this guide will certainly help you answer that question. Keep in mind that boxes are coming in all different sizes. However, you are in the right place if you want to learn more about box-sizing.

A shoebox
You can always use the old shoebox instead of a small moving box
  • Small moving boxes. Small moving boxes usually have dimensions of 16″ x 10″ x 10″. Therefore they are perfect for smaller things like books, magazines, and your essentials. You do not necessarily have to buy them you can always use old shoeboxes or even ice cream boxes for smaller items like buttons.
  • Medium moving boxes. If you are not able to put something in small boxes you do not have to stress out or push it inside. Instead, you should get medium moving boxes. They are perfect for some bigger belongings like towels some of your clothes. Moreover, medium boxes are perfect for decorative items in your apartment.
  • Large moving boxes. They are perfect for your household appliances, kitchen inventory, and your clothes. They can probably carry 60 pounds of weight in them. You can easily buy them in online stores or in your nearest convenience store.
  • Extra-large moving boxes. Extra-large moving boxes are usually measured 23″ x 23″ x 16″. Therefore the name suits them perfectly. You will use them for the biggest items you need to pack. However, keep in mind that those boxes will be heavy and you will need help carrying them.

Plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes what is better?

If you ever questioned yourself should you use plastic bins or cardboard boxes we have your answer. You won’t be wrong choosing any of them. After all, they need to secure that your belongings are transferred safely from point A to point B. However, there is a difference between them so let us explain it:

  • Cardboard boxes. First of all, keep in mind that they are eco friendly and you can recycle them if you do not need them anymore. Moreover, they are cheaper than plastic ones. The only problem with them is that they last for 5 years if they are not near the water. Do not forget that you should not overpack them.
  • Plastic bins and containers. The good thing about them is that they are weather-resistant which makes them perfect to keep on the attic or in the basement. Also, they tend to be bigger than cardboard boxes. Plastic bins are easily reusable, they do not have an expiration date. However, you know how much time does take for plastic to dissolve.
  • Wooden boxes. They are mostly used when you are preparing something for long-distance move via plane or ship. Also, wooden boxes are the best solution for import-export of anything. However, you can find beautiful antic wooden boxes you can use to store items in your apartment. They are useful and you can always decoupage them to look like artwork. Also, contact Number 1 Movers if you ever need help with anything.
Salt and pepper boxes
Decorate your wooden boxes and use them as storage in your home

How to label moving boxes?

If you have your boxes all set to pack them there is one more thing you can’t forget, and that is labeling. If you do not know how to label moving boxes we can help you with that as well. All you will need it to get markers, labels, and use either color-coded system or numbers to label your boxes. Labeling is maybe the most important thing you need to do with your boxes. It will make your relocation that much easier. You will know what is inside of them without even opening them, and your movers will know which box contains fragile stuff in them. Your movers can not guess what is in the box, and for artwork or delicate items, you need them to be carried with percussion.  Moreover, you will do yourself a favor trust us.

Picking the right size of moving boxes for your artworks

Artworks can be delicate to relocate. Therefore you will need perfect boxes for that purpose. There are some amazing tips to prepare your delicate items for storage you need to know. Your artworks and other delicate items need to be protected. You need to have some bubble wrap, styrofoam, or sponges you will put in your boxes. Keep in mind that the protection of your items will take the space in the box. That only means you need to size up the boxes. If you do not have bubble wrap you can always use old newspaper sheets, towels, or tissue paper. We recommend you to use plastic bins if you are planning on storing them for a longer period of time. However, you will need to remember to label them as fragile.

A storage box
Make sure all of your boxes are labeled correctly

Guide to Picking the Right Size of Moving Boxes – Conclusion

If you still are not sure how to pick the right size of moving boxes, you should mos defiantly hire the most reliable moving company. They are eager to help you with your relocation and packing. Keep in mind that they are a professional moving company and they know how to choose the right size of moving boxes. No matter if you are packing to relocate or you are packing for storage you will need boxes. We truly hope that you will find this article useful next time you need to pack something.