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Moving to Oshawa with kids

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Moving to Oshawa with kids

Are you moving to Oshawa with kids, but you aren’t sure how to handle the move? Number 1 Van Lines are here for you! We’ve executed hundreds of successful moves and made numerous families happy. To find out how to handle complex situations like moving with kids, take a look at our guide below! 

Moving to Oshawa with kids won’t be easy

No matter how hard we try, we can’t make some things easy. Moving to Oshawa with kids requires planning and a lot of patience for both theirs, and our own feelings. That’s why it’s usually a smart decision to delegate the moving tasks to friends, family, and a reliable moving company. Paying attention to your mental health during the whole process will make it easier for the kids as well. They tend to pick up on your stress and anxiety very easily, so make sure that you’re doing everything you can to stay calm. 

mother and a daughter talking on a bed
Telling your kids about the move early will give them time to prepare mentally.

Tell your kid that you’re moving to Oshawa as soon as you can 

Moving to Oshawa with kids doesn’t have to be a very stressful experience. When you have basic details figured out and you’re sure that you’re going to be moving – tell your kid. Don’t try to avoid the inevitable and try to protect them. They will find out sooner or later. The sooner they’re confronted with the reality, the sooner they’ll start dealing with it. If you tell them late, it may be too shocking for them and the change will be too quick. This way, they’ll have time to go through the phases. You’ll also have time to help them regulate their emotions and tell them about all of the positive, wonderful sides of the move. When you’re telling them about the move, allow your kids to feel negative emotions. Imagine how you’d be feeling and be compassionate. They will come to the terms with the reality, just give them a little bit of time. 

Seek the support of friends and family

Since it’s important to take care of your own mental health, turning to closes people is a logical choice. Do you have anything you’d like to talk about what’s causing you to feel anxious or worried? Call your friends and family and talk to them about the move. Keeping all of that bottled up will reflect on a child as well. If you find that the moving process is too tiresome and anxiety-inducing, seriously consider researching moving companies Oshawa and delegating the part of the moving process to them. Your friends and family will have an understanding of your situation, especially if they went through a similar move themselves in the recent past.

mother and daughter packing
Including your child in the packing process will help them face the situation sooner.

Include your kids in the packing process 

Moving to Oshawa with kids requires a tactical approach. One of the therapeutic tactics to help the kids deal with the move is including them in the process. It will make it easier for them to realize that the move is really happening and to stop being in denial. If they don’t want to participate – that’s fine. It will take them some time, so don’t try to force them into the process. If they seem to be having trouble adjusting to the idea, it’s always wise to seek professional help. Calling a psychologist or scheduling a talk with them might be beneficial for both you and your child. Sometimes the best solution is simply to look for professional advice.

Keep track of your obligations when moving to Oshawa with kids

Things can be hectic when you have to move with a kid, don’t they? To stay organized during the confusing times, make sure that you’re writing lists. They will help you remember things that you’d probably forget because you’re taking care of so many things at once. They’re also useful when it comes to tracking your finances and expenses. Luckily, today’s technology allows us to keep track of many variables at the same time. There are a lot of apps that you can use, but you can also use the traditional pen and paper. It’s not important, as long as you’re being well-organized. Taking a little time and educate yourself on how to write lists well is a good idea as well. It’s a skill that’s going to come in handy more than once in a lifetime, for certain! 

woman writing in a notepad
Lists will help you stay organized mentally and financially.

Make sure that kids aren’t around on a moving day 

No matter how well your kid is coping with the idea of moving, actually witnessing it may yield different reactions. The move is much harder on kids than it is for adults. If you have the chance to drop your little ones off at the friend’s house while your items are being loaded on a truck, do it. It will keep the child away from the hectic, loud situations, and mess. Leaving them at a safe space will also give you time and energy to deal with moving obligations. Otherwise, you’d be thinking about the safety and well being of your child and be less effective. Picking up a child just before the move is the best possible option. 

Pack their special bag and make their room first

Pack the bag with kids’ necessities a few days before the move. That will give you enough time to actually add things that you might have forgotten. When you pick your kids up, you can give them some of their blankets and beloved toys to comfort them. When you arrive at the new location, make sure to set up their room first and place some of the dear items inside. Things that your child especially likes and that are comfortable and familiar will work the best. Use the linen that you’ve brought from the old home and offer your kids to sleep with you for the first few nights. Being close to you will help them feel secure and transition easier to the new home. 

What to pack in the bag when moving to Oshawa with kids:

  • Tablet or phone for a child to play during the travel
  • Your kid’s favorite toys
  • Blanket
  • Another pair of clothes in case the one your kid’s wearing gets dirty
  • Food and water

Moving to Oshawa with kids might be easier with professional help

Are you ready to book a stress-free move yet? Moving to Oshawa with kids doesn’t have to be the daunting, stressful experience that you imagine it to be. There will be some hard moments, yes, but with a reliable moving company, you’ll have peace of mind that your belongings will be handled with great care. That will give you enough time and energy to take care of your children and their feelings. By hiring a reliable moving company, you’re taking the weight off your shoulders as well!