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Moving to Ontario with a toddler

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    Moving with kids can be especially hectic. Getting them to cooperate and calming them down when you are under pressure of moving can be tough. But what you need to do is understand it from their perspective and start from there. Patience is the key here and we are going to help you with your task of Moving to Ontario with a toddler.

    Explain to them what moving is

    Toddles do not grasp that concept. They might think that moving to Ontario with a toddler means a trip of some sort that is temporary. Talk to them about moving and explain that a new home awaits you in Ontario. And how your family would be happy there. They will get to meet some nice people from Moving companies Hamilton Ontario who will help you with your trip.

    a toddler
    Moving to Ontario with a toddler is easier if you talk with them

    Be sure to take some time with it. Kids learn when stuff is repeated to them. Start a few months before the move if you have that time. Talk from time to time about it in various contexts. Ask them about what they would like and what they expect from Ontario. What is not to worry about is that Ontario is super family-friendly and you will have lots to do with your toddler. Here are some elements that your moving to Ontario with a toddler conversation should include:

    1. Talk normally to them in a serious but not scary tone.
    2. Talk slow and ask them often do they understand
    3. Explain to them that this is not a bad thing
    4. Make the atmosphere pleasant

    Visit Ontario with your kid

    If you have the time and the possibility, take them with you to take a look. Moving to Ontario with a toddler can be stressful for you and them. What they are imagining is probably something bad because they don’t want to move. Moving companies Burlington Ontario will do the heavy lifting part while you deal with your kid.

    Mom having no problems after Moving to Ontario with a toddler
    It is a good idea to visit Ontario sometimes with your kid before moving

    Taking them to look around will ease the process so much. They will see the beauty of Ontario and be at ease after that. What you have to deal with later is all the talk about this and that they like and what they want to do first. Have them take a look at your new community. Local parks and playgrounds will have them relaxed and start looking at it differently. It is important to keep a positive attitude and show them what’s good. If you cannot physically be there, have them take a look at activities online your family might enjoy together.

     Your routine is crucial before moving to Ontario with a toddler

    We mentioned you should start the talk about moving early. They will have many concerns and mood swings. This can be stabilized by sticking to your regular routine. Respect it as much as you possibly can. That way, your kid won’t have a sense of the huge change so much. Explain to them also that it will be the same in your new home. Kids really do need stability. And sticking to the routine in this hectic time of moving is definitely a must.

    a teddy bear
    Maintain your daily routines

    Routine helps maintain order and predictability. It will also be of huge help to you because it will control their mood swings. Organize a playtime date here and there so you can do more packing when your kid is not around. Do not forget to enjoy romantic sites with your partner. Do not let them out of the process.

    Moving day bag for your toddler

    You are probably familiar with the concept of an emergency bag when moving. As you need one, so will your child. Ask them what toys they want to bring with them on the trip. Do not forget their favorite blanket, toys, and comforters. You want to make it as comfy as you possibly can for both you and the kids’ sake.

    Their bag should also include some non-spoiling food, snacks, and hygiene equipment. If your kids have some special wishes, grant them if you can. But do not overload the bag so you can carry it with you. It is a bag of emergency stuff, not luggage.

    Unpacking in your new home

    Moving to Ontario with a toddler is over and now you have to unpack. This can be tricky because toddlers are full of energy and run around everywhere. Not only can that slow you down but it can also be dangerous for them. Make sure you keep all the fragile items and dangerous ones in a locked room. Keep them away from piles of stuff. But first, try not to pile containers on top of one another. They might knock them out. Free one room of moving equipment. Fill them with kids’ stuff and let them be free inside the room while you finish up. Avoid problems when moving by reading more about them online!

    signs with question marks
    You can learn about common moving mistakes by searching the web

    We mentioned the routine earlier and how important it is. Try to get back to it as soon as you can. This way your kid will be adjusted faster and start thinking about the new place as a home. Do not let your kid do whatever and stay past bedtime because you feel sorry for them for moving. This would be the even worse thing to do. Plus, you are learning them not to deal with change adequately. They need to grasp the concept of it young so they do not have problems later on. Get them to look at the bright side of everything.

    Moving to Ontario with a toddler might be a bit stressing. But it also may be great for you and your kid. There is no rule, every kid is different and you might not have problems at all. Either way, following this advice is a smart thing to do to ease it a bit more for everyone involved. Ask a grandparent to take care of them from time to time and talk about moving with them as well. Grandparents can be very convincing!