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Moving to Oakville guide

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Moving is and always has been a very exciting, and often tiring project. Filled with activities like research, preparation, hunting for a new house, and packing. This is something almost everyone goes through at least once in a lifetime. However, there are many things to think about in the process. How hard is it to hire reliable Oakville movers? What can you expect from your new neighborhood? Are there enough parks for your kids? These are just some of the things you will have to stop and think about before moving to Oakville. Truth be told, every borough has positive and negative sides. The final decision regarding moving is solely yours. Here, we’ll talk about moving to Oakville, a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Ontario. Given that it is a smaller town, Oakville has a modest population of 190.000 residents.

It has a very unique location, being only 30 kilometers away from downtown Toronto. Oakville is also not very far from the United States, being only thirty minutes away from the city of Buffalo. On the way there, it is impossible to avoid the most famous waterfalls in Canada, the mighty Niagara Falls. The town itself is generally very peaceful, and lacks the fact-paced lifestyle, even though it is very close to Toronto. Together with being peaceful it also has a lot of places that will help you relax and enjoy your time. Oakville thrives in the world of business, housing offices like Siemens Canada and Ford Canada. Given this fact, a lot of clients are hiring commercial movers Oakville to relocate their offices to this small, but growing town. Here, we will go over important things such as weather, resources, schools and hospitals, and entertainment.

view toward Toronto from lake Ontario
Oakville is a small and peaceful town close to Lake Ontario

A brief history of Oakville before we begin

The area that is today’s Oakville has been originally settled by the native Mississaugas. At a certain point in time, specifically 1827, Colonel William Chisholm bought this land with a goal to build a shipyard and port. During the 19th century, the town grew from shipbuilding and timber industries. In 1857, Oakville officially became a town, and in 1962 it merged with the Trafalgar and Bronte townships.

Before moving to Oakville, let us talk about real estate

If you decided to move to Oakville, you will be happy to know that the costs of living here are not that high. Even though it is only 30 kilometers away from Toronto where the housing prices are high, you can still buy a property in Oakville for far less. So, if you were planning to rent out a place, you may want to consider purchasing a property. Before you decide to move, you should know a little bit more about living costs. It is smart to prepare on time, so you need to figure out how much money you will need for your current lifestyle.

two people researching moving to Oakville
Plan ahead and look at prices so you can find the best home for yourself

On average, the living cost in Oakville comes up to about $1000 for a single bedroom apartment. Living costs of Oakville are around 14% higher than the rest of Canada. However, compared to neighboring Toronto, it is 23% lower. Oakville is one of the more affordable towns in Ontario. According to a census from 2016, there are roughly 46 thousand private housings in the town. The city is split into 13 neighborhoods and has become very desirable for most Canadians. Oakville is rich in nature full of parkland and over 150 kilometers of trails.

The weather condition of Oakville

This is another important thing to check on before moving to any new town. It is even more important if you are moving to a place far away from your current home. However, no matter what part of Canada you come from, you will have no problem with the weather in this city. According to Environment Canada, Oakville is home to some of the best weather in entire Canada. For example, cities of Canada experience around 130 days of rain per year, on average. On the other hand, Oakville only experiences around a hundred. The average temperature during the year is 8.1°C. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of about 21°C.

Learn about public services before moving to Oakville

Before you move anywhere, the first thing you want to do is get information about the important things that make a city function. This includes, among many other things, schools, hospitals, and public transport. All of these are very important for day to day life, especially if you are moving to Oakville with a family. This is easily the most important part of your research.

Public transport

Oakville has a lot of options for moving around the town. It provides 24 transit routes that cover nearly the entire city. Oakville Transit uses updated technology and is accessible to everyone. If you prefer a healthy alternative, there are over 105 kilometers of bike paths, both urban and off-road. The airport closest to Oakville is the Toronto Pearson National Airport. It is one of Canada’s largest airports, serving over 40 million passengers every year.

subway train rolling through a station
Oakville has good transport, with biking alternatives


Oakville has roughly 30 clinics, most of which are welcoming walk-ins. The areas of Milton, Halton Hills, and Oakville are covered by the Halton Healthcare Services Corporation. This corporation is made by the following hospitals:

  • Milton District Hospital
  • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
  • Georgetown Hospital

Even though there are a lot of clinics available to the citizens, there is only one major hospital covering the Oakville area, which is the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.


There are over 80 schools in Oakville, both private and public. Private education is very common in the city, with around 10 private schools in the city. Located in the heart of the town is the Sheridan College, with over 650 students with various majors. Oakville is very close to the University of Toronto and McMaster University, two of Canada’s best-ranked universities.

Places to see after moving to Oakville

The town of Oakville is full of interesting places which are very popular with tourists. So, if people from all over the world are coming to visit these places, this means you have to see them yourself after moving to Oakville. The city is home to many cultural events, museums, and galleries. There are also many shopping malls to visit and spend time browsing famous stores. If you are looking for a good place to start, the Bronte harbor is a good choice. Here, you can find a lot of good things. From beautiful nature and green grass to some of the best restaurants in town.