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Moving to Mississauga

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Moving your family home to Mississauga is not hard if you know what are the most important steps to take before doing so. You can be sure that your relocation can be done in no time if you know how to deal with it, and with Number 1 Van Lines, you will. Organize, plan, and make sure you choose the right moving company. That is all you need for a successful move, and we will show you how!

How to plan a move to Mississauga?

You have to organize your move really carefully if you want to avoid having issues while moving. That is why you need to make a list of all the things you have to do first. Start by making a list of the things you want to pack and move, make a list of moving companies you want to contact, friends that are able to help you pack and move, and so on. This way, you will have less trouble getting yourself motivated. Here are the other things you should focus on:

  • Deciding what are the moving services you are looking for, including the specialized moving services
  • Find the right moving company for your relocation to Mississauga
  • Once you start preparing for your move to Mississauga, you should declutter
  • When the decluttering is over, you can go and get the packing supplies
  • Pack your belongings and clean the old home

Now, you are ready to relocate without issues. Dealing with all of these things can be pretty hard to handle, but with some time and focus, you will do just fine.

a list of things to do
Moving to Mississauga is easier if you know how to plan it right

Moving services

It’s much easier to find the right moving company if you know what are the moving services you are looking for. And, hiring a moving company that suits your needs can make all the difference between a bad moving experience and a great one. But, before you find services like senior moving, you need to know what are the services you need. So, if you don’t think you have enough time to pack, find a company that can do it for you. It’s important to know what are the services you need so you can make sure you find them all in one moving company.

Moving a piano is something you can’t do by yourself as well, so find a company that has a piano moving service to offer. This way, you will avoid all the issues you can have with moving this heavy instrument. This goes for all the other moving services.

Finding the right movers when moving to Mississauga

Having a great relocation is not hard with professional movers by your side. That is why you can be sure that everything will go great and stress-free if you find the best movers in Mississauga and schedule your moving day as soon as possible. No matter if you are looking for a local moving crew or a long-distance moving service, you will get moved without any issues and in no time. So, start there. Look for a perfect moving company.

a moving truck
Find a moving company that can help you have a truly great moving experience


Decluttering is an important part of every move since it can cut the time of the move by many, many hours. You will avoid packing and moving things you don’t need and that is what can make a huge difference in your moving expenses. And, you will have to declutter once your move is done if you don’t get it done now.

Get the packing supplies

Now that you are done with decluttering, the next step for moving to Mississauga is getting the packing supplies. They should be high-quality ones. The moving boxes are especially important, so make sure you get them as well.

Packing is the next step

Moving to Mississauga can begin once you are packed, so get to this part as soon as you can. Get friends and family to help you, or get a reliable packing service so you don’t have anything to worry about. So, you will be able to pack and move in time if you have helping hands and once this part is done, you are ready for the movers to move your belongings to your new home!

a woman packing
You need to do a great job with packing so you can unpack fast too

You will love living here

There are many reasons why Mississauga is the perfect place for you and your family. We are here to show just some of them. And, before you pack your belongings and contact some of the most trustworthy movers Mississauga residents recommend. Here is some important information about this place you need to know before moving to Mississauga:

  • The average monthly salary after tax is 3,882.89 C$
  • The price of apartments in the center is 7,671.88 C$ per square meter
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is 1,940.22 C$
  • For a family of four, the monthly estimated costs are 4,230.29C$

So, as you can see, the living standard is pretty high here, and so are the prices. But, you will get used to it in no time! All you need to do is find a new job, find a new home, and pick a date. Living in Mississauga can be truly amazing with the right residential movers by your side.

One of the most amazing places on the lakeshore of Ontario in Mississauga. Moving to Mississauga is probably the best decision you made in a while. And our Mississauga office movers will be thrilled to hear the news! Let’s unite our forces and help you with this fresh start! There are many reasons for you to choose Mississauga for your next home. You can be sure that here, you can find anything you like in no time!

What to have in mind if you are moving to Mississauga

This place is the home of very diverse people. There are all sorts of different neighborhoods with a rhythm of their own. The close proximity of Toronto makes diversity in this place great. By moving to Mississauga you will expose yourself and your family to a lot of different nationalities. Cultures from all over the world are stationed here.

Toronto that is really close to you after Moving to Mississauga
Moving to Mississauga is not that bad because Toronto is very close to you

To be open-minded is the way of life here. Dishes from all over the world are made here in different parts of the city and it is just heaven for your taste buds. People are very welcoming here and you will feel like you are home very fast. Moving to Mississauga will expose you to some very good restaurants such as:

  1. Guru Lakshmi
  2. Saucy Restaurant
  3. Emerald Chinese
  4. Mickeys pizza

Another great news is the weather here. Summers are warm and the winters are mild. A great option for those of us who can’t stand the harsh winters. There is not much snow in this place. The mild climate means this place is swarming with greens. Around 500 parks are located here for you and your family to enjoy. Moving to Ontario is great for those of you who do not enjoy cold weather.

Getting around the city

Having a car will make your life so much easier. But if you do not, no worries. MiWay is covering almost the entire city. That means that you will get around very easily. Calculate your time and money. If you have time to spare and want to save money on transport, you won’t need the car. But if you are commuting to Toronto and have to travel, then you will have to save on time with a car.

a person drivng
It’s easier to get around the city if you have a car

This place is full of biking trains and places to go on a hike. You will have a lot of outdoor activities to choose from. And you will never be bored. These things are one of the most loved by the people that live in Mississauga.

Business opportunities and education

Because of a lot of diversity and the close proximity of Toronto, moving to Mississauga is a working man’s dream. It is full of job opportunities and as we said, close to Toronto. This means you can commute to work, by train in no time. You will be living at a much less costly rate than Toronto. Other than this being a hot center of business, it is the place of a huge airport. And you know what that means. Lots of travel and adventure time for you and your family to enjoy! But only after you are done exploring the amazing nature of Mississauga. All the bike trails, paths, park and lakeshore at your disposal. There is plenty to see first here and then use the airport close to you to travel the world.

people shaking hands
There are a lot of business opportunities in Mississauga

Speaking of business, your children will thank you for moving to Mississauga. Education here is above average rated. From elementary schools to the famous University of Toronto Mississauga. And that means quality education for your children and good job opportunities later when they graduate. Every parent dream for their kids.

Lorne Park neighborhood

This place is the elite part of Mississauga. Quiet streets full of beautiful houses are the reason you are moving to Mississauga. Lorne Park is the place for young professionals keen on aesthetic.

It is in close proximity to Clarkson, Lakeview and Port Credit who are the best waterfront villages in Mississauga. We hope you will love your insanely well-made house in Lorne Park!

image of a house
Lorne Park houses are well made


Port Credit

This is a quiet place unlike most suburban areas out there. Port Credit was an independent village up until around 1970 when it joined the city. It is full of interesting shops and great restaurants.

a dock in Port Credit
Port Credit is a very nice and quiet place

It is considered to be a small urban village most suitable for singles. So if you are single and looking for that special someone, Port Credit is your next place of residence.

Square One

If you love shopping as much as we do, you will be thrilled to know some facts about Square One. The center of Mississauga is the home of the largest shopping mall here. Even though it is the hot center of it all, it still has some low-cost living options for professionals on the rise.

For those of you who are yet to find your significant other, there is a pretty decent nightlife in Square one. And for families a lot of family-friendly options. There is literally something for anyone to find here and enjoy. Students will be thrilled to know that besides low-cost options of living, Square One is also very well connected.

A building
Rent is very affordable in Square One


Central Erin Mills

As we mentioned great education options earlier, you ought to know where. In Central Erin Mills there are some amazing schools for your young ones. The place is famous for them. Besides that, there are 15 parks for your kids to enjoy after a busy day at school.

Houses are made of bricks here, and that means less renovation money. Houses and condos are very well made in a modern style in this small neighborhood. So you will have no trouble finding your new home for you and your family. Moving to Mississauga is so easy when you have amazing options at hand.

There is a lot of neighborhoods and options to chose from. Moving to Mississauga will have you perplexed with having so many options. Whether you are a young single professional or an established one with a family, this is your place. There is something for everyone here, and we hope we have helped you decide. Your new neighborhood is waiting for you!