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Moving from Toronto to a small town

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We live in a time when the pace of life constantly increases. So much so, that days tend to feel shorter, and time becomes a precious commodity. People are getting overwhelmed by noise, adversity, and constant ruckus of the metropoles. And current pandemic only serves to add more oil to this fire, turning it into a raging inferno. It is no wonder that people are moving from Toronto to a small town. To leave the pandemonium of the big city behind and live serenely. And it is perfectly understandable. If you are among those that want to trade artificial lights for starry nights, all you need to do is give your Toronto movers a call.

Small towns offer a lot of benefits

“You have big things. You know big things. But you don’t look into each other’s eyes. And you’re hungry for quietness.”

This quote, from 1994. movie “Nell” refers to life in a big city. And even after nearly 30 years, these words ring true. Living in a metropolis leaves people craving. For warmth, closeness, and human touch. For peace and quiet. Everything that small-town residents take for granted. However, moving from Toronto to a small town is a serious undertaking. If you’re feeling torn and uncertain, here’s a list of some benefits that a small town can offer. Although not extensive, we feel some of the items on it will be enough to help you reach your decision.

Moving from Toronto to small town won't be that hard, when you know you'll be making friends in no time.
Small town communities are incredibly welcoming. It won’t be long before you find a perfect group of friends.

1. A sense of community and warmth is more pronounced in smaller environments

Small towns are often closed and tight-knit communities. It is completely normal for everybody to know everyone and to be on a first-name basis. Furthermore, people tend to band together to assist their neighbors, whatever the need may be. In the small town, everybody looks after each other. And it is safe to say that, in that regard, a small town is more like a big family.

However, there is one downside to this: people in small towns are often much less mindful of privacy and personal space. To paraphrase: in a small town, your business is everyone’s business. If you don’t mind being the center of attention and talk of the town (at least until a new face shows up), then find good local movers in Ontario and start packing, because you’ll enjoy living there.

2. You won’t have trouble making meaningful friendships

It is no secret that bigger cities often make people feel isolated and lonely. The more people, the lesser the humanity, if you will. Living in a big city often makes people careless and oblivious to the needs of anyone but themselves. Lack of time causes friendships to be superficial and often based on nothing but personal gain.

The small towns are completely opposite. People appreciate the closeness and empathy. And the community reflects this. So don’t get surprised if the entire neighborhood rushes over to your house as soon as the moving truck leaves. It’s nothing to be afraid of, they are only coming to welcome you. And pry a little. But, hey – they will usually bring cookies or pie! And that’s certainly a big plus!

3. Crime rates are significantly lower in small towns

No surprise here. It is well-known fact that smaller towns are much safer than their big counterparts. However, be mindful that crime isn’t non-existent. Only significantly less frequent.

Moving from Toronto to a small town means you will have less to worry in terms of safety.
You won’t be seeing much of these in a small town.

4. There’s no “dog-eat-dog” mentality

Well, that’s not entirely true. This mentality is present everywhere, of course. But it’s much less pronounced. And it’s certainly not encouraged, like in metropolises. Smaller communities often support local companies and family businesses. And, in turn, local business owners go out of their way to help their clients. Therefore, if you’re moving from Toronto to small town intent on starting a business, in most cases you will have the support of your fellow residents.

5. Being stuck in traffic will be the thing of the past

This! If you hate being stuck in traffic, moving from Toronto to a small town will be like a gift from the Heavens. Here’s why:

  • Traffic jams are virtually non-existent.
  • Parking space is abundant. You will never have to include a “mandatory half-hour of parking space searching”  time in your schedule.
  • Commuting times will be significantly shorter.
  • There are generally fewer vehicles on the roads. Therefore, driving will be safer.

The last item on this list also brings us to the next point.

6. Living is healthier

Less traffic makes the air much cleaner than in big cities. Smaller towns are also usually surrounded by nature. Lush forests, vast meadows, hills, and mountains will not only present you with a scenic view every morning. They also open the possibility for plenty of outdoor recreation such as nature walks, hiking, and camping. These activities are not only fun for the entire family, but can also boost your health significantly.

Moving from Toronto to small town will let you enjoy the nature.
Small wonders are common in the nature surrounding small towns.

7. No noise pollution

After moving from Toronto to a small town, the first few days or weeks might seem a bit strange or unnatural. Neverending commotion, honking, and noise, so characteristic for cities, will suddenly be replaced by peace and quiet. But don’t worry. This alien feeling will quickly fade into exhilaration. Especially when you start immersing yourself into the surroundings.

8. Life is slower in a small town

When you move away from a metropolis, you will be amazed at how much time you suddenly have. Your day will feel longer. You might even wonder how is this possible. It’s simple. The slower rhythm of a small town can be attributed to a combination of factors mentioned above.

For instance: Every amenity you might need is closer, and often concentrated in the smaller area. Getting to the said area is quicker since there are no traffic jams. Therefore, the time that you’d spend in traffic in a big city, you can now spend on more enjoyable activities.

Moving from Toronto to a small town might be just what you need to flourish

Both big cities and small towns have their positive and negative sides. In the end, it is all a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for peaceful and quiet living, then moving from Toronto to a small town is the right choice for you. It will offer you the environment in which you can thrive and plenty of opportunities to experience life in a way that is a polar opposite of the one in a big city.