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Moving from Oshawa to Oakville

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View you might have everyday after moving from Oshawa to Oakville

Living in a medium-sized city such as Oshawa certainly has its advantages. However, if you want to experience living somewhere else but not too far away, you might consider moving from Oshawa to Oakville. This way, not only you’ll be closer to Toronto, but you may have more opportunities as well! Whatever the reason for your desire to move, reliable moving companies in Ontario will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about relocating to Oakville from Oshawa in the future.

Some important facts about moving to Oakville that you should know

Even though Oakville is older and has about 40,000 residents more than Oshawa, it has the status of a town. However, it’s the largest town in Ontario province and one of the most important ones in the Greater Toronto Area. Oakville is also a great place to raise a family, so it has experienced a 10.3% growth in population since 2016. Keeping that in mind, movers in Oakville Ontario had their hands full moving people to this lively community.

Plan for moving from Oshawa to Oakville
Moving from Oshawa to Oakville will be easier if you know more about the town and make a plan!

If you also decided it’s time to become a resident of Oakville, luckily, you won’t be moving too far. Oshawa and Oakville are on the opposite sides of Toronto, with some 84 km between them. Driving here would only take about an hour, so you can always organize a road trip between two cities. 

Organize your move properly

Even though you are only moving a small distance away, you still need to prepare for this trip adequately. After all, you don’t want to have to return any items you may have forgotten in Oshawa! There is a lot to consider, from needing expert services of reliable movers in Oshawa, to finding suitable packing materials. For example, if you have a large home in Oshawa, you’ll need more time to prepare for the move. 

You’ll also need to deal with packing and make a moving budget, activities timeline, and an inventory list. All that is easier with the help of professional movers who can handle some relocation tasks instead of you! They have the knowledge and experience so they can pack even the largest furniture with ease. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the security of your possessions on the way to Oakville.

Compare the costs of living before moving from Oshawa to Oakville

Before you make a big decision to relocate, you should know that the real estate market in Oakville is less affordable. The properties in Oshawa, on average, cost $779,862, and the prices are slowly increasing. However, to buy a house in Oakville, you’d have to spend almost double that amount. That being said, the average house price in Oakville in March 2023 was around $1,500,000. Rent prices are also 20% – 50% higher in comparison to Oshawa.

A couple discussing the costs of living in Oakville
Make sure you’re aware of the costs of living in Oakville before relocating from Oshawa

A family of four would need around $3100 per month to get by in Oshawa, including the rent. On the other hand, the same family would spend around $5200 monthly living in Oakville. Adding the moving costs Ontario to that budget, it’s easy to see why having a good financial plan is necessary for relocation.

Explore the Oakville job market

For those working in the automotive industry, moving from Oshawa to Oakville won’t be a big change of career. While Oshawa is the headquarters of General Motor Company, one of the biggest employers in Oakville is Ford Motor Company. In Oakville, you could also easily find a job in management, finance, sales, social sciences, and education

It’s also good to know that the average household median income in Oakville is around $198,600. Meanwhile, households in Oshawa, on average, earn $102,000, so moving to Oakville might be a good financial decision. Finally, Oakville residents can also benefit from easy access to Toronto’s booming job market and competitive salaries. 

Entertainment options and things to do after moving from Oshawa to Oakville

It’s good to know that everyone can find something to do in Oakville all year long. For example, you can enjoy the Oakville Children’s Festival in the summer or the Maple Syrup Festival in March. If you love art, stroll through the old downtown streets between galleries or stop by the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. For history lovers, there’s the Oakville Museum or a narrated walking tour of Oakville’s historic neighborhoods. On top of that, the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts offers a wide selection of comedy, dance, music, and theater performances.

A couple looking at the map
From hiking to strolling down the historical Okaville, you’ll never run out of things to do in this town!

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts will also have plenty of things to do in Oakville. If anything, you can just enjoy the lake view at one of three harbors in Oakville. And if you’re a golfer, you’ll enjoy spending time at one of the many golf courses in this town, like Glen Abby Golf Course. In fact, in Oakville, they love golf so much that the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame is located here!

Final thoughts

It is never that simple to move from one city to another, even if there’s not much of a distance between them. Nonetheless, we’re confident you’re making the right choice if you’re set on moving from Oshawa to Oakville. After all, here, you’ll likely have a better-paying job, and with so many things to do in Oakville, you’ll quickly get used to living in this beautiful town. Whatever the situation is, hopefully, this information will help you find what you’re looking for and settle in Oakville soon.


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