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Moving from Markham to Oakville

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Fountain at the front with lake, a sail boat and hills on the back.

When people are moving, they always have a good reason for that. They move for a new job, to join family members, join a partner, or for some other personal reason. Whatever the reason, every move is demanding. And especially when you are moving for the first time. Distance between Markham and Oakville is only about one hour drive. So, you would expect that moving from Markham to Oakville is easy. Still, you have to organize and pack everything. That is a huge burden for some people. In such a case, hiring movers Markham ON will solve all your preparation and relocation issues.

A scene of Toronto, with its famous tower and high buildings on the back and a marine with boats to the front, you can visit after moving from Markham to Oakville.
Oakville has excellent commuting possibilities for those having jobs in Toronto, a reason for many moving from Markham to Oakville.

What do you have to do before calling the moving company for your relocation from Markham to Oakville?

As the preparation process is so overwhelming, you hired the Number 1 Movers to hire will help you with organizing, packing supplies, and packing. They will also load, drive, and unload your belongings when you are moving from Markham to Oakville. Still, there is some work you will have to do. In one word – purging! You are the only one who can check your belongings and decide what you want to take along. And what to do with the rest of the things: sell, throw away or donate.

Markham and Oakville are not far away but they are completely different towns

Although Markham and Oakville are not far away, these two towns are very different.

About Markham

Markham is in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, about 30 km northeast of Toronto. It is a mixture of an urban area with towering skyscrapers and homes dating back to the 19th century. It is also a  high-tech center, with an excellent job market. Markham is a place where culture and art are highly appreciated.

About Oakville

Oakville is in southern Ontario, in the Region of Lake Ontario. It is about 30 km away from Toronto, and not far from the US border. The famous Niagara Falls is just between the Oakville and US border. This is a peaceful, small town, with very affordable real estate prices. And it has excellent commuting possibilities for those having jobs in Toronto. Therefore, many people are lately moving to Oakville, and this is making the Oakville movers were busy. If you are moving too, make sure to book them on time.

A tranquil lake water with greenery and hills on the other side.
One of many tranquil parks.

What to enjoy after moving from Markham to Oakville?

This beautiful town on the shore of Ontario Lake has a lot to offer to new residents. We already said that commuting to Toronto is excellent. So, for people working in Toronto, and who want to enjoy peaceful living surroundings, Oakville is a perfect place. Besides the Lake, there are many parks, offering a relaxing atmosphere. Some of them are:

  • Provincial Park Bronte Creek
  • Waterfront Park Bronte Heritage
  • Relaxing Coronation Park
  • Interesting Shell Park
  • Tranquil Lakeside Park

So, after local moving from Markham to Oakville, you will have an excellent work/rest balance.

Consider hiring the moving organizer

If you are still feeling uncomfortable about the whole moving process, consider hiring the moving organizer. He will help you with moving from Markham to Oakville. The moving organizer will liaise with the moving company, and make the checklist, and moving plan. Make your relocation to Oakville easy, and fully enjoy yourself in your new homeplace.