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Moving from Brantford to Kitchener

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    Moving from Brantford to Kitchener to live in front of fountain

    Moving from Brantford to Kitchener could be the best decision you ever made. There are hundreds of reasons to fall in love with Kitchener. Therefore,  you won’t have a problem finding one after your move. Kitchener is a beautiful city located near Ontario that will win you over with its festival nature and small city feel. Additionally, this city stayed fateful to its German ruts. For this reason,  you will be able to experience a new culture, great education, and natural beauty. However, before you can enjoy yourself in your new city, you have a move to prepare. For the best moving experience, you should hire Number 1 Movers Canada for your relocation to Kitchener. Here is what you need to know about Kitchener before your relocation to this city.  

    Why moving from Brantford to Kitchener is a good decision?   

    No one can’t deny that Brantford is a great place for living. It is a relatively smaller city with a population around of 100 000. Brantford has gone through tremendous commercial, residential, and industrial developments in the last few years. The result of these developments can be seen in recent popularity among foreign investments and young people looking for job opportunities. You can also search for a good job after you book Brantford movers.

    However, Brantford could be a little bit too small for you. Therefore, Kitchen can be the perfect step forward to big city life. The distance between Brantford and Kitchener is not big with only 45 min car ride. But this distance can feel twice the size when you need to transport your whole household. For this reason, you should hire Kitchener movers to help you with your relocation.  

    empty street
    You might be better suited for Kitchener

    What do you need to know about Kitchener?  

    Kitchener can be described as a big city with a population of over 230 000. It’s located about 100km from Toronto and it’s a great combination of a big city with a small-town feel. This makes Kitchener a great city for raising a family and you will have an easier time preparing your kids for moving to a new home. The things that make Kitchener a great place for a living are the following.

    • Lovely continental climate  
    • Festivals  
    • Education  
    • Nature  

    The lovely continental climate gives you a great opportunity to explore all of nature’s beauty, landscapes, and parks in Kitchener. You should start with Victoria Park which is located only a short walk from Kitchener. This Park is one of the oldest known parks in Canada founded in 1896 with a few original features still existing like the iron bridge, trees, and flower beds.  

    a lake during the day
    You can visit Victoria Park often

    The cost of life in Kitchener  

    Even if Kitchener is about 100 km away from Toronto, the cost of living doesn’t differ much from Toronto. The cost of living in Kitchener is quite high with the average renting cost for a family of 4 is $3200. You still have the cost of food, transportation, and other activities to add. The median after-tax salary is $2300 which could be enough if you have salaries in the family. For this reason, if you don’t have a steady job in Kitchener, you should consider if moving from Brantford to Kitchener is a good choice for you.